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Rean can honestly say that he loathed parties. Or any type of social gathering.

It was bad enough when he was younger, with literally every single alpha and beta hitting on him, and couldn’t seem to understand the word ‘no’.

Back then, Machias and Elliot and even Rean found it quite funny. But as they grew older and slowly grew out of their adolescent years, they then understood what those alphas and betas even wanted from Rean whenever they approached the petite omega.

It then explained a lot of things to the three young teens at that time. Including why Giliath Osborne seems to be so overprotective over his only child to the point that he had Rean take on his adoptive brother’s last name and not his as a further layer of protection. In fact, except for a very small number, most people weren’t even aware that Rean is Giliath Osborne’s son.

Though when Rean went to Thors together with Elliot and Machias, it was then when they realised just how many enemies Giliath Osborne had, especially with the tensions between the Reformist Faction and Noble Alliance at that time, and just how much danger Rean could potentially be in, should anyone find out Rean’s connection with the Chancellor of Erebonia.

After all, Machias got framed with some false crime in Baraehard when they were there for a field study just because he is the Imperial governor’s son. Imagine if Rean’s relationship with Giliath Osborne is made public. It’ll be ten times worst for him.

Though after the whole fiasco that is the civil war and then the whole drama that had nearly led to the end of the world, Rean is honestly hoping to have a normal and peaceful life for once, even if his relationship with Giliath Osborne, and the fact that he is a cousin of the Imperial siblings is made public.

Despite the anxiety and damage that the curse had caused worldwide, and then the whole confusion in the recovery process during the months that followed, Rean still kept in constant contact with their overseas allies—especially Lloyd, Estelle and Joshua.

In fact, Rean get along quite well with Lloyd—with them both often exchanging letters and phone calls with each other, much to Randy’s amusement. The redhead had even stated once that Lloyd and Rean are so similar at times that if Randy hadn’t known that Rean is an only child, he would have questioned if Lloyd isn’t accidentally Rean’s brother.

Last that Rean knew, Crossbell is still trying to get used to their sudden independence, with the SSS currently managing things until they can get a proper system up and running. At the moment however, they are still being supported by the Empire and even Liberl, as Calvard is still a danger to Crossbell. Randy however, for reasons unknown, had still decided to stay on as an instructor for the branch campus in Erebonia, though he had assisted his hometown whenever he could.

Honestly, Rean should have really seen it coming when he had finally given into the two pair of puppy dog eyes that both his older and younger cousins gave him, with an annoyed Schera giving him sympathetic looks when Olivert and Alfin were doing the asking—read: begging.

After all, Olivert’s wedding was kept to a pretty small and simple affair—only attended by Olivert and Schera’s friends, as well as a good number of Thors students. All of Class VII—both old and new, have attended as well. As did Emperor Eugent who is still recovering from his injury.

As there is no way that the Emperor will want to miss his first-born’s wedding, he had insisted on attending, despite protests from the hospital staff of Saint Ursula. He had ended up in a wheelchair whilst being attended to by Empress Priscilla throughout the wedding party.

And because it is such a small and casual affair, only attended by their closest friends, and because Olivert, for all intents and purposes, is still a prince of Erebonia, the Imperial family has to host an official party for the nobles and government officials, if so that they wouldn’t offend anyone.

The feelings of the nobility are still pretty raw, especially the drama that is the curse of Erebonia, and what Euram Cayenne had done. The nobles as a result are slowly losing influence and power, especially with the fiasco that is the civil war, and now this. The Imperial family really can’t afford to offend the nobles at this point, as like it or not, Erebonia still do require the nobility system to be in place. There is after all, a balance that is needed to be kept.

Rean had naturally received an invite to the after mentioned party, but hadn’t wanted to attend, as he knew from experience what a party that mainly comprises of nobles is like. If not for the puppy dog eyes from Olivert and Alfin (seriously, Olivert is way too old to still be able to pull off that expression), Rean will be happy to just toss the invite into the trash.

And thus, this is where Rean found himself on a Saturday night in the same outfit that he’d worn to his cousin’s wedding party not even a month earlier, engaging in conversation with Schera, and trying to ignore all the stares on his back.

Thankfully, Jusis and Laura were in attendance as well, with both of them being nobles, and were present as the representatives of their fathers. Jusis, because Duke Albarea is still in prison thanks to the part that he had played during the civil war. And Laura, because Viscount Arseid isn’t one for formal functions.

Furthermore, last that Class VII had heard from Laura, there is a chance that her father wishes to retire from his duties as the viscount of Legram, thanks to his injuries from duelling McBurn during the civil war, and then when he’d lost his arm during the disaster that is the curse of Erebonia not even six months ago.

Laura had been studying since to prepare herself eventually for the viscount duties that was originally her father’s. Though Fie had been visiting Legram a lot in between her bracer duties to the point that there is talk amongst the original Class VII just who is pursuing whom.

“I can feel a lot of eyes on us.” Schera smiled at the boy that is soon becoming like another younger brother to her, like how Joshua is. “I guess Olivert isn’t kidding when he said you had a lot of issues with alphas and betas.”

Rean sighed. “As sad as it is to say, I am used to it by now,” he muttered. “I have Crow, so you’ll think that they would have given up. But noooo…”

Schera chuckled. “Well, you are very pretty,” she commented, further embarrassing Rean. “Do you want to go and talk with your father or something? It might serve as further deterrent.”

“I think it’ll make things worse.” Rean sighed, seeing one noble after another approach his father who is currently standing with the Emperor and Empress as well as Baron Schwarzer and Marquis Hyarms and Marquis Rogner. “Besides that, I heard from Alfin that you were planning on returning to Liberl for your honeymoon?”

“It’s really Olivert’s idea.” Schera smiled. “Though after hearing his reasoning, I agreed. It’s where we met, after all. And in Liberl, there isn’t many people who knew what he looks like, even in that ridiculous musician getup of his.” She huffed, and Rean giggled. “Though we have plans to stop over at Alster first. He told me he want to introduce me to his birth mother.” She told Rean. Schera then raised an eyebrow as she looked at something or someone over his shoulder. “Heads up, someone’s coming.”

Halfway across the room, Crow’s eye twitched dangerously.

This is not what he was expecting to see the moment that he’d stepped foot into the Esmelas Garden where the wedding party is being held.

Honestly, Crow was surprised to receive a personal invite to this wedding party, given that he’d heard that it’s really only for the nobles and government officials—given that Olivert and Schera both wanted a simple and private affair for their official wedding. And said invite that he’d received had the Emperor’s seal and signature on it even, telling Crow that it is Emperor Eugent himself that had invited Crow, much to his surprise.

Crow didn’t even tell Rean about the invite, planning to appear and give his boyfriend a surprise.

And this is why Crow currently found himself seething silently next to a very amused Jusis and Laura, clenching onto his wine glass so tightly that it looks as if the glass is about to shatter beneath his grip.

“He’s taken, you bastard.” Crow growled and clenched his teeth tightly, scaring away the poor server who is about to approach them to refill their drinks.

“Easy there, Crow.” Laura tried to soothe the angered alpha. “We all know Rean only has eyes for you anyway.”

“Why don’t you hurry up and put a ring on his finger already?” Jusis questioned, with a raised brow. “Then maybe all those nobles will stop trying to throw their sons and daughters at him once you both make it official that you’re engaged.”

“You want me to broadcast our relationship in the Imperial Chronicle?” Crow deadpanned.

Jusis coughed to cover up his laugh whilst Laura chuckled. “Not quite that drastic,” he said simply. “But maybe once you announce an official engagement, they’ll leave him alone. And yes, Crow, members of the Imperial family always announced engagements in the paper, and like it or not, Rean is part of the Imperial family, even if a distant relation.” He added.

Laura agreed. “When Prince Olivert first proposed to Scherazard, it was announced in the Imperial Chronicle,” she pointed out.

“I would have thought that the reputation of the Chancellor would be enough to scare away any potential suitors.” Crow sighed. “The Chancellor really freaked me out the first time I met him in an official capacity. But if anything, it seem to spur them on more.” He said sulkily.

“What do you think the Chancellor is trying to do here?” Jusis smirked, jerking his chin in the initial direction of the Chancellor. Crow followed Jusis’ line of sight only to almost sweat drop when he saw Giliath almost trying to glare holes into the guy now trying to hit on an annoyed Rean. “Though seriously, hurry up and ask Rean to marry you already. How long have you been together? Since our student days, right? What are you waiting for?”

Laura nodded. “Even Gaius and Elliot have announced their engagement,” she pointed out. “Though the wedding will probably be next year at the earliest. They wanted it in Nord, so that Gaius’ family can attend, and also being wedded with Nord traditions.” Laura smiled, sure that that is Elliot’s suggestion.

Last that Class VII heard, the two have decided to head to Nord together after Elliot’s music tour to announce their engagement to Gaius’ family. Elliot’s father had almost burst into happy tears when Gaius had proposed to Elliot in front of Olaf and Fiona at a family dinner at one of Heimdallr’s restaurants, much to the musician’s embarrassment.

“It just never seemed to be the right time.” Crow sighed. “Though now that things have more or less died down, maybe…” He trailed off. Well, he did already ask for Giliath Osborne’s permission. The question now is when.

“Well, if you need recommendations for a ring and how to phrase your proposal, I and the others will be more than happy to help.” Jusis informed Crow. “I got a thousand mira riding on this, so don’t disappoint me.”

“You placed a bet on when I would propose?” Crow cried indignantly. Didn’t his classmates also place a bet on when they would get together during his student days?

“Why are you surprised?” Laura chuckled with Crow’s indignation.

“Angelica started it back when we’re still battling the effects of the curse.” Jusis defended himself. “Machias and I bet that you would propose this year. Some of the others thought differently. I’m pretty sure that Lloyd and the others, and even Schera’s bracer friends from Liberl, have bets riding on this too. Pretty sure that Rean’s students did too. Along with the entire branch campus, I’m sure. Angelica actually thought you would ask Rean to marry you the night before the battle.”

“You guys…” Crow felt very tired. Though inwardly, he was also happy at how much support he had from his friends and classmates, and even his students.

“Besides that, you’d better go and rescue Rean. He looks as if he’s losing patience.”

Crow turned his attention towards Rean just in time to see the unknown man place a hand on his ass, and Crow saw red.

Rean is trying very hard to keep a hold on his temper and not lash out, trying to ignore Alfin’s giggling somewhere behind him.

Seriously, this guy can’t seem to take a hint! Though judging from his breath, he might have taken a little too many drinks.

“Lord Crowley, with all due respect, I realise that I might be repeating myself quite a fair bit.” Rean said with forced politeness, “but I. Have. A. Partner.”

“What? That lowlife commoner of an alpha?” Crowley questioned, leering at Rean, and his eye twitched. “You can do better than a commoner, surely? You’re beautiful, and even related to the Imperial family of Erebonia. Why should you settle for anything lesser than your station?”

Rean swore he could feel Schera bristling behind him. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this man is taking a dig at Olivert and Schera as well.

After all, when Olivert had announced his engagement in the Imperial Chronicle, there were several nobles that had said something about a prince of Erebonia marrying below his station, and to a commoner furthermore. It doesn’t seem to matter to anyone the accomplishments that Schera had under her belt as a bracer, and even her involvement with ending the curse that had nearly ended the entire world. It is part of the reason why Olivert and Schera have both insisted on their official wedding being a private and simple affair.

“Come on…” Crowley leered at Rean, his hand landing on Rean’s back, and he hitched a breath as he felt that hand trailing down his spine and landing on his ass. “I can show you a good time in bed—”

“Take your hand off me—”

“Hey, take that hand off my omega, or I’ll rip it off.” A low and familiar voice growled with all the signs of an angered alpha.

Nearly every single pair of eyes in Esmelas Garden turned towards the speaker, and Rean was very relieved to see that it is Crow. He hid his surprise at seeing him present, since Crow had never mentioned anything about attending this party.


Schera smiled, even as Olivert came up from behind her—having finished exchanging his greetings with the guests. “Just in time,” she commented.

Even as inebriated as Crowley is, he knew better than to anger an alpha, and he raised his hands in surrender. “We were just talking,” he said simply, though anyone with eyes could see the contempt in his eyes as he gazed at Crow. The noble then left the area as fast as he could.

“Quite a gentleman, Crow, coming to the rescue.” Olivert commented with a teasing wink. “Though if you hadn’t stepped in, I would have.” He added with a frown, staring at the group of nobles that Crowley is with.

“I can do with more whip practice.” Schera teased, and Rean and Crow both chuckled, with it ending the tension. “Though good to see that you’ve made it.”

“Well, I am also here to tell you that it’s okay for you both to leave now.” Olivert said, much to the couple’s surprise. “You’ve shown your faces to the nobles and officials—so it’s enough. I doubt you want to put up with nobles all night long anyway. This is our night.” He smiled tenderly at Schera. “I’ve booked a suite for you at Hotel Valar.” Olivert handed Crow the keycard. “You’re welcome to spend the night before returning to Leeves tomorrow. Do take your time.” He winked, with his grin turning perverted.

Schera sighed. “Olivert,” she warned.

Rean cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment. “Well, I guess we’ll take you up on that offer,” he said at last, not knowing what else to say. “Would you tell my dad and uncle as well as Uncle Eugent—”

“We’ll inform them.” Schera waved off his concerns. “Go on. Catch your breath.”

Crow nodded before wrapping his arm around Rean’s shoulders, and they then left Esmelas Garden without making it look like they’re in that big of a hurry.

Schera looked at her new husband’s face. Olivert looked a bit too happy, and she sighed. “Are you really that eager for your cousin to marry?” she questioned. “Or even be an uncle early?” She added as an afterthought. “Rean is only what—twenty now? That’s a bit young.”

“Well, they’ve been together for awhile now, and now that things have stabilised in the Empire and for them, maybe it’s time that they start thinking about taking that next step.” Olivert defended himself.

“And the bet that you had going with the others had nothing to do with it?”

“You wound me, Schera.”


Rean let out a grunt when he was immediately shoved onto the bed the moment they’ve stepped through the door of the suite that Olivert had gotten for them at the hotel.

When he opened his eyes, it is only to see Crow hovering above him in the darkness of the room. And before Rean could do or say anything, Crow had pulled him into a kiss, barely giving him enough time to breathe.

The kiss was almost desperate and possessive at once. Rean clung at Crow’s back even as the alpha deepened the kiss before they then have to break away due to lack of oxygen.

“Damn it. I’m never sending you alone to a gathering or a party alone again.” Crow almost growled, undoing his tie and tossing it to the ground before working at the buttons of his dress shirt. “Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to hold back and not rip that bastard to pieces for touching you? How much self-restraint I have to practice over the years whenever someone touches what is mine?”

Rean cupped Crow’s face with his hands. “I’m yours, Crow,” he breathed. “No one else’s.”

Rean let out a gasp as Crow grabbed him into a searing kiss once more, working at the buttons on Rean’s shirt with expert ease. “That’s right. You’re mine.” Crow said huskily. “And I’m going to show the world who you belong to.” His smirk turned devious. “Be as loud as you want. I’m not sure if this room is soundproof, but if it isn’t…” He trailed off slowly before he fastened his lips to Rean’s throat, sucking on the tender flesh there, even as his hands found itself to Rean’s belt—unfastening it quickly and slipping under his shirt.

“Crow…!” Rean whimpered, hands clenching at the sheets beneath them even as he felt Crow touching and caressing him in his most sensitive areas. The petite omega clenched at the fabric on Crow’s back, moaning and groaning as he felt Crow’s large hands roaming over his body. “I’m yours…! No other! That’s why…!”

Rean felt Crow stop his actions before lifting his head to look down at Rean, with ruby red eyes meeting with lilac ones. There is an almost animalistic look in those eyes before Crow screwed his eyes shut and opened them again.

“You’re…really very bad for my self-control.” Crow said at last, caressing the side of Rean’s face, breathing heavily. He then removed his shirt, tossing it to the ground alongside his tie, pushing back his silver hair before he then pressed his forehead against Rean’s. “…I didn’t bring a condom or lubricant today.”

“…We don’t need it.”

Crow’s eyes widened before he then smirked. “Fine. You asked for it. Don’t complain in the morning.”

Crow then pressed his lips against Rean’s once more, shoving his tongue down his throat, as he worked on Rean’s clothes as he’s kissing the omega. Rean could only squirm and moan into Crow’s mouth as he felt the older boy touch him as each article of clothing was removed and tossed to the ground, leaving him bare.

Despite the numerous times when they had sex, Rean still felt self conscious being naked in front of Crow, and it showed in how he tried to hide from the older boy.

“Don’t hide yourself from me.” Crow said huskily, turning Rean’s face towards him. Red eyes were filled with a type of intensity that Rean had only seen when Crow is serious in battle. “You’re beautiful. Just like the day when we first met.”


Rean gasped as he felt his legs being spread opened and felt the familiar burning, searing pain as Crow entered him slowly. He felt his eyes water from the pain as he dug his nails into Crow’s back, even as the older boy kissed him to take his mind off of the pain.

Then, Rean felt Crow hit something within him that caused him to give out a loud, lewd moan. Crow smirked against his lips. “Found it.”

Rean clung tightly to Crow’s back even as he spread Rean’s legs further apart, as he continued thrusting in and out of his petite body, angling himself in such a way that he hit that same spot every single time—succeeding in making Rean see stars every single time as he moaned and gasped.

“Crow! More!”

“Yeah… I’m not done with you yet.” Crow grunted, quickening his pace, even as the bed beneath them creaked and moaned from their lovemaking. In the back of Crow’s mind, he half-hoped that this room is sound proof, and half hoped that it isn’t. “I love you, Rean. Love you…! I’m not letting anyone take you!”

“I love you too, Crow!” Rean cried out amidst his moans of ecstasy as Crow took him over and over, ravaging his petite body. “Love you…!”

“You’re tight.” Crow grunted, ramming the full length of his cock deep into Rean, causing him to scream. “It’s been awhile since we’ve done it raw, that I’ve forgotten how good this feels.” He moaned, rocking back and forth. Crow could feel that familiar heat enveloping his length, and even Rean’s walls clamping down on him, even as the omega beneath him squirmed and moaned, a layer of sweat covering his body and forehead.

Despite everything, Rean still looks beautiful to him. And Crow knew that he isn’t the only one who thinks that way.

“Who do you belong to, Rean?” Crow grunted, pulling out and thrusting in again and again, causing Rean to scream and moan in ecstasy each time it happened. “Who do you belong to?”

Rean gave a loud moan, his head falling back as his eyes fluttered shut with bliss as Crow fucked him into oblivion. “You, Crow!” he cried. “You!”

“That’s right. And I’m going to show the world who you belong to.”

Rean let out a whimper as Crow slide out of him, and he felt himself being turned over onto his stomach. He then let out another scream as he felt Crow rammed into him again without warning, fingers clenching at the pillows and sheets beneath him.

“Crow…! Please…! I can’t…!”

“I’m at my limit too…” Crow grunted in response to Rean’s cries, moving his hand down Rean’s spine, caressing the soft and smooth skin beneath his palm. “Scream for me, Rean!”

And scream Rean did. He felt as if his throat is going raw with how loud his voice is—he never even knew he could scream that loud as Crow took him from the back repeatedly until he felt the older alpha release his seed deep within him and collapsed atop of Rean, pressing lips against the back of his neck.

For several moments, there was nothing to be heard but loud and harsh breathing as they both tried to come down from the effects of their lovemaking.

Rean turned carefully in Crow’s embrace so that he is facing the older alpha. Crow is breathing heavily, his cheeks flushed from exertion, and with his silver bangs soaked with sweat. Rean gave a small, tired smile as he pushed back Crow’s hair.

“Love you…” he whispered.

“Me too.” Crow murmured, pressing his lips against Rean’s. “We have all night. What do you say we do it again?”

It didn’t take long before the sounds of moans and grunts echoed around the room once more.


Rean tried to stifle a yawn as he squinted at the papers before him, trying to make out what the student whose paper he is marking is trying to tell him. He is highly tempted to just mark a zero and tell the after mentioned student to both improve his penmanship and also to research properly before turning in the paper.

The new school year had begun not even two weeks ago—and it has been nearly a month since the party that he had attended at Esmelas Garden. And last that Rean had heard, Olivert and Schera have gone on their honeymoon, though they sent back postcards at every location that they’ve visited.

Due to the contributions of the entire branch campus that have been their field studies before the whole drama that is the curse, the branch campus had developed quite the reputation to their name since. It doesn’t help that both Rean and Crow were instructors at said academy, even though they no longer have their Divine Knights.

As such, enrolments for the new first years have shot through the roof. The instructors and Principal Aurelia have to rearrange some of the classes around just so that they can handle both the second year classes as well as the new first years.

They will still be holding the monthly field studies, like what Aurelia had informed them, since it is a large part of what makes the branch campus as successful as they are. Though they will be coordinating with the main campus this time around, as there is no point in them going to an area where the main campus had already been, and vice versa.

Last that Rean had heard, Crow had been sent to scout out the areas that Aurelia had in mind for their field studies, establishing first contact, before Towa will then take over the negotiations and arrangements.

Rean then felt bile coming up his throat, and he clasped a hand to his mouth, trying to will down the nauseous feeling. But it didn’t go away.

Randy who was the only other person in the staff room noticed this action, being seated next to Rean. His eyes widened before he grabbed the trashcan next to him, and placed it under Rean’s nose just as the omega emptied the contents of his stomach, heaving and breathing heavily.

“Are you all right, Rean?” Randy was concerned, patting Rean’s back as the omega continued dry heaving and coughing, even when there is nothing coming up. “Did you eat something wrong at lunch? You look kind of pale as well.” He noted.

Rean shook his head only to instantly regret it, as he felt nauseous again. “Didn’t…have lunch,” he coughed, even as Randy handed him a glass of water to wash down the acidic taste. “I don’t have an appetite.”

Randy frowned. “You know, you really don’t look good,” he noted, examining Rean closely. “When’s the last time you even had a proper meal?” He asked, concerned. “I know you’re busy and all, but you can’t be skipping meals. Crow will kill me if you collapse from overwork whilst he’s away.” He almost whined. His fellow alpha could be very intimidating when he wants to be, despite Crow also being younger than Randy.

“I couldn’t really keep anything down for the past few days.” Rean finally admitted, pushing away the trashcan. “Might have eaten something wrong or something. Maybe I should visit Linde.”

Randy frowned as he studied Rean so intently that he felt almost self-conscious. “Hey Rean.” The redhead said at last, sounding a tad bit strange as he looked Rean up and down. “You’re free to slap me if you want to, but…” He trailed off slowly. “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?”

Whatever that Rean is expecting to come out of Randy’s mouth, this most definitely isn’t it.


Randy coughed, trying to fight down his blush. “Just… When is the last time you had sex with Crow?” he asked. “When is your last heat?”

“Uh… Nearly a month ago now, I think. On the night of Olivert’s wedding party.” Rean fought down a blush at the reminder of what he and Crow have done after that. “As for my heat…” Lilac eyes went towards the calendar on his desk where he always marked the dates of his heat, and his eyes widened. “…It’s kinda late.” Rean looked at Randy, panicked. “But I’m on the pill!” He protested.

Sure, the last time they had sex, Crow didn’t use protection. But it was just that one time!

Randy shook his head. “Birth control pills aren’t one hundred percent infallible, Rean. You know that,” he said gravely. “You might want to get yourself tested. If you aren’t pregnant, good. But if you are, best if you know for sure.” He cautioned.

Rean then spent the rest of his marking in a complete daze, doing his marking almost robotically, almost missing Randy’s concerned looks every now and then as the redhead is doing his own marking.

And Rean barely even realised it as he is walking out of the school, only to realise that it’s nearly sundown, and the students are bound to be back in the dormitory by now after their club meetings.

Rean bit on his lower lip as he thought about what Randy had said, his right hand automatically going towards his abdomen.

He can’t be, right?

It was just that one time when they didn’t use protection. They’ve been pretty careful all along whenever they’re having sex. Hell, they had regular sex throughout the civil war, and nothing ever happened!

And then again…

Rean then made a beeline towards Nyo-Sui-An Imports, hoping that Rod wouldn’t ask too many strange questions. He only had one goal in mind—to buy a pregnancy test kit.

Thankfully for Rean, most of the students who were already back in the dormitory were in their own rooms. He could hear the distinct sounds of Celestine preparing some food in the kitchen as he passed by, and he is relatively certain that Tita and maybe even Tatiana might be helping him.

Thus, Rean met no one on the way even as he made his way up the dormitory building and to the top level where the instructors’ rooms are located. The omega then headed straight to the bathroom on the same level, and locked himself inside.

Rean read the instructions carefully as he opened the pregnancy test kit box before following it to the exact letter.

He had never used one of these before, and Rean was almost startled to find that his hands were shaking as he followed the instructions. It also said to wait for a few minutes before the results would show: if positive, it’ll be a cross. If negative, it’ll be a minus sign.

His mind is in a complete whirl as he stared at the white pregnancy test kit in his hands.

What should he do if he tested positive?

Is he pregnant or not?

What will Crow say?

The topic of children had never even been broached before, what with the entire drama that is the civil war and then the curse. And then after that, both Crow and Rean were busy, along with the rest of their classmates, trying to fix the damage that the curse had wrought upon their nation. It is only a few months ago when things were starting to die down, and they could finally take a breather.

Dear Aidios, Rean had never even thought about children before!

He choked when his mind conjured up images of a little boy or little girl with Crow’s hair and his eyes, or even vice versa.

What will this mean for his career? His job? Can he even still teach and lead his students on their field studies if he is pregnant?

More importantly, what is Crow going to say or do?!

Rean gulped when he saw the blank slate on the pregnancy test kit slowly starting to change. He bit his lip, praying hard for it to be negative.

He can’t be that unlucky, right?

But of course, since when were things ever easy whenever it comes to Rean?

Rean gave a hitch of breath when he saw the pink sign appear on the test clutched in his hands.

A cross. Positive.

He’s pregnant.