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Untitled Kurokano Trash

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The sounds echoing within the room were delicious. 

Wailing, the queen sat in a pool of blood surrounding her and her beloved friends. Her red-stained hands gripped tightly, desperately onto another that still held warmth. If one listened closely enough, they could hear the labored breathing of the two other beings strewn out before her. One of them was the thief, whose hand the queen clutched. He was slowly stripped of his pathetic life as the puddle of blood surrounding him grew. His brother, the deceiver, lay next to him, two bullets embedded in his leg and tears falling from his eyes.

Sneering, the snake silently observed the turmoil within the final survivors. After all, it was always entertaining to see them in their final moments, lost in their despair. 

"Seto... Seto!" the girl cried, clutching tightly onto the dying thief's stiff hand. "Please, get up! Seto.... Don't leave...." 

Her sounds quieted to a horrified whimper as the boy's hazel eyes slowly closed. The sounds of her grief poisoned the air as the blond, Kano, stared as if dazed. 

"Ah, this is too pitiful a sight," the snake began, feigning remorse. He waved the point of his gun between the three, as if contemplating who to shoot next. "What do you say, my queen? How about we put one of these poor souls out of their misery? Even better, I'll let you choose! So, who will it be?" 

"No...." she averted her eyes from him as she leaned closer to Seto's face. "Please don't kill them.... I don't want them to die anymore."

"Eh? That's no fun," the snake responded. "How about a numbers game? How did it go... ah, right! Choose a number between one and ten, hm?" 

"No!" the albino screamed now as the thief's breathing turned slow. Her hands balled into fists as tears fell from her face and splashed on the tiled ground.

"This timeline is no fun," the murderer muttered, twirling the gun carelessly in his hand. "Very well, I'll just kill the weaker one."

The queen's red eyes widened and the deceiver quickly turned away as the barrel of the gun was directed at Seto's forehead. A deafening bang sounded and rebounded against the wall as a shot was fired into his head. The snake felt his smile widen as the jumpsuit wearing teen's labored breathing came to a stop and his body grew still. The pitiful queen (Mary was her name?) screamed louder. Even more blood stained the floor. 

"Kano... he's not moving!" she sharply turned to cry at the other wide-eyed boy. "Why won't he...." 

Mary ducked her head and curled in on herself as the other refused to respond. The snake took a moment to observe the beautiful carnage. The telltale metallic smell of blood and the painting of dark red was truly a sight behold. It almost made sense now why that girl had loved the color so much.

"What a shame," the black clad teen restarted breezily. "Now there's only two mice left to hunt."

He kicked Seto's limp body aside as he stood before Kano, who was kneeling on the ground with tears running down his face. Mary's sniffles reverberated throughout the corpse littered room as the boy breathed heavily and raggedly. The blond's eyes were filled with cold betrayal as he locked gazes with the snake. Truly, the glare was a gorgeous sight.

"I'm feeling rather nice this time around," the snake drawled, his yellow eyes locked on the liar. "So I'll give you a choice... how would you like to die? A shot to the head, suffocation, me breaking your neck, crushing, what will it be? I'll have you know this is quite the privilege, so you should be honored to have a choice! Let's call it your reward for being the second to last left alive." 

He could feel the red eyes of the queen focused on him as he waited patiently by the wordless blond. Kano remained silent as he stared, rather forcefully, at the gun in the snake's hand, rather than his eyes.

After a few moments, the dark haired teen let an exasperated sound escape him. 

"You really are no fun this time," he sighed, running a finger over the trigger of the gun. "I might as well just kill you now and hope that the next loop will be more entertaining."

"W-Wait," Mary hiccuped as her shaky voice rang out behind the snake. "I-" 

"Oh? Do you have a request?" the smiling figure responded. "Please, you are welcome to present any ideas you have. After all, this poor morsel seems to be dry of any inspiration. How boring...." 

"C-Can you..." the girl's face slowly grew red as if reflecting the bloodied ground before her. She looked like she was in deep thought, as if she had to carefully select her next words or she would be killed. (Though that would never be able to happen.)

"Spill it, I don't have all day," the snake suddenly spat as he felt his patience suddenly grow short. This part of the process was already taking too long, and though it was fun sometimes, there was no point in dragging on the timeline to last longer than it needed to be.

"Can you two just kiss already?!" she finally burst out. "I've been waiting timelines for this and yet- just...." 

She trailed off as the color red finally took over her face. Impressive, the snake thought for a moment. She almost matches the floor. 

As the poor girl's voice died down into small embarrassed mutters, an amused smile spread across the snake's features. Maybe adding a small twist to this otherwise disappointing timeline wouldn't be too bad of an idea, after all. 

"Well, since our poor deceiver here is out of ideas," he began as he eyed the, now also red-faced, blond. "Then I suppose this could make for a rather entertaining change. Just this once, though, since I'm in a rather decent mood." 

The liar finally caught on, and made rather pitiful attempts to back out and escape from his fate. He pathetically squirmed as he tried, and failed, to drag his injured leg. The effort only resulted in more blood oozing from the wound, causing winces of pain to escape from him. His amber eyes grew wide and fearful as the taller towered over him. His failed attempts to move away proved to be futile as he was easily pulled over by the collar. 

The snake saw Mary's eager expression from the corner of his eye as he slunk closer. Kano locked his weak grip on the snake's arm as he tried to pry the other off. Once he saw it was useless, he simply whimpered and looked away, shutting his eyes tightly. So weak. A sneer was plastered on the murderer's face as he yanked the other even closer up to him. 

Slowly, the raven haired male knelt and ducked his head down to meet the deceiver's. He pressed his lips to his forehead, just below Kano's messy bangs. He stayed in that position for a moment, drinking in the liar's soft gasp. Then, he pulled away, feeling Kano's blond locks brush against his nose. The snake beamed a triumphant smirk down at Kano, then at Mary, who sat in disbelief.

"Wait no-" Mary began, an unreadable expression taking over her face as she curled her fists tightly. 

"Ah, well, that was rather enjoyable!" the snake smiled, pointing his gun at a stunned Kano. "But unfortunately, that's the curtain call for this timeline. I hope you found that as entertaining as I, deceiver."

"Stop-" the fujoshi began, reaching her hand out, as if that could stop what was to come.

A loud shot resonated, and the blond fell to the ground, lifeless. A shocked expression was imprinted on his still features. His lifeless eyes were still directed on the snake. Meanwhile, Mary screamed in equal rage and grief. As her tearful laments were cried out, the cycle was once again completed. The wish was made and granted again, and time was turned back to the very beginning.