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A Friend in the Hand

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"Enkidu?" Gilgamesh peered into another bush. "Enkidu! I bid you return to the field of battle—ah, there you are!"

Freed from the bush, the green chicken waddled into the light. "Wark," said the chicken.

Gilgamesh blinked. ""

The chicken bobbed its head. "Cluck," it corrected.

Gilgamesh peered closer. "Friend Enkidu?" he asked, hopefully.

The chicken spread its wings and, with a mighty flap, transformed into a slender humanoid figure. "Not yours," they said, cocking their head to examine him.

Gilgamesh fiddled with his swords, almost shyly. "Would you...would you like to duel?"

Enkidu grinned, wild and eager. "Always."