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Plot Bunnies Go Hop Hop

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After sacrificing my living form to purify the silver-haired girl, I was no more.

Despite what the demon fox told me, she looks just like Kallen.

Maybe that's why.

Why I chose to end my wandering to cure a Kallen look-alike from Herrscher poison.

There was nothing for a while. Then a bright light.

When I came to, my body was walking after someone.

"Sasuke-kun! Come back to the village, it's not too late!" She said.


"I need more power to kill that man and that power can be only found outside this village!" Sasuke(?) gritted out.

Village (?) is it like Yae Village before my possession?

My vision shows me her head looking side to side as if in response to the boy's statement.

"No!" Is what she shouted before we were promptly knocked out.

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Where am I? Didn't we enter a door? Is this another bubble universe?

No, this doesn't feel like another bubble world.

You're right, my host, this world appears to not be like one of those other worlds

.So you don't care about Bronya onee-chan, I guess

No! Of course I care about her! She was the only one... the only one... the only one.

?The only one who what

Why are we the only ones here?

Ah, so you've finally noticed and here I was hopping I could tease you a little more

Ignoring her for now, I can know see we are stranded in the middle of a desert.

.Stranded insinuates that we have nowhere to go

But we don't have anywhere to go?

"Look up into the sky and See-le"

Why is there a carpet floating in the air, Veliona? A huge, white carpet floated along the breeze towards a distant location.

?Why are you calling me Veliona

I don't know, it feels right. We can't call each other Seele all the time. It would get too confusing with how we address ourselves as Seele, both of us do it.

.So, you're finally paying attention to me, my host

What are you-

Saule we must follow that flying carpet

Y-yes! Let's go find Bronya onee-chan!

First, we've got to go after the flying carpet to find people, Then, we need to gather information about where we are in order to find where Bronya onee-chan is

O-okay. And with Veliona's urging I followed the flying carpet to a town.