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Highest Peak

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Peak stood outside the cave entrance. She'd never been around this many dragons before. Her mother had raised her away from the palace, to keep her far away from Ex-Queen Scarlet. Queen Ruby had sent her to school to take Flame's place. Her mother hadn't wanted her to go, considering what happened with a certain giant NightWing animus that should've been dead for two thousand years. She'd only agreed to let her go when Peak promised to write every other day and to come home if there seemed like there was any danger.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Sunrise asked her, with a note of concern in her voice.

"Yes, Mother, I'm sure." Peak tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice. She and Sunrise were watching the other dragonets arrive. It seemed like everyone already knew each other. I feel like such an outsider, at least for right now. I've always made friends easily, so I won't be an outsider for long. Hopefully.

"I'm just worried for you, that's all." Her mother wrapped her wing around Peak. "I don't want you to be overwhelmed or stressed by this."

She wriggled under Sunrise's wing. "I'll be fine, Mother."

Sunrise started talking about how Peak could come home whenever she wanted, but she had stopped paying attention. Peak was busy watching a group of Seawings that were going inside the cave. A small, wiry male was darting around, checking the shadows.

"It's all safe, Princess," he reported, coming back to stand in front of a small, grayish-pink dragonet.

"Why wouldn't it be?" she said with an eye roll. "You're acting so weird, Pike." She pushed past him and walked into the cave.

"But Princess! Remember what happened last time?" he protested, following her into a cave.

The princess winced, "Darkstalker is dead. I have nothing to worry about."

"That's not entirely true, Anemone," an emerald green dragonet spoke up. "There are still other things that can hurt you."

"I know that, Turtle. But not at school. Tsunami made sure this place was completely safe before Mother would even consider letting me come back," Anemone shot back.

"Are you even listening to me?" Sunrise jolted her back to where she was.

"Huh? Oh yeah, of course I was." Peak absentmindedly picked at the grass.

Sunrise followed her gaze to the Seawings, who were finally walking into the cave, as Pike had found it up to code.

"Why don't go you go talk to them? Make some new friends?" her mother asked as she nudged Peak's wings.

"Why would they want to be friends with a Skywing? They probably hate us, remember, Queen Ruby bombed their secret palace," she sighed, staring at her talons.

"That was a while ago, plus I'm sure they've forgiven the Skywings, otherwise they wouldn't be at school," she said dismissively. "Go on. I can't keep you under my wings forever. I'll see you later, ok?" Sunrise wrapped her wing around Peak for a moment before letting her go. "Goodbye my little sunbeam." Sunrise unfurled her wings and then flew off.