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Hearts of Storm

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Air rushed out of her lungs as her back hit the mattress none too gently. She heard the rustling of clothes as the man towering over her shrugged off his jacket and threw it haphazardly on the floor.

Yui stared into his amber eyes as he covered her with his body, leaning his weight onto her. He was muscular and heavy, but she welcomed it. She found that she liked it when he crushed her with his body, even though he would normally brace himself on his forearm to make sure he wasn’t putting his full weight on her.

She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, wanting to feel him even closer to her. Dipping his head, he lapped at her sensitive neck with his tongue and nipped at her delicate flesh. She shivered at the sensation as she felt herself already dampening.

Angling her neck, she mimicked his movements. Yui darted out her tongue to lick at the spot just behind his earlobe and heard his breathing became heavier.

He shoved his fingers through her hair, took a fistful and wrench her head back, further exposing her neck to him. His mouth found her pulse and sucked hard as his tongue made slow circles on the spot at the same time.

She couldn’t help but dig her nails into his back as she moaned out loud.

His large hand moved to cover her breast, kneading it roughly over her clothes, and his fingers found her hardened nipple. Pinching it between his fingers, he heard her gasp as she arched her back.

“You’re a sensitive little thing, aren’t you?” She heard him say in a slightly mocking tone.

Mocking? Yui shook her head. She must have heard wrong. Gavin would have never spoken to her mockingly, especially not in bed. Her mind must have been playing tricks on her.

She raised her hands to cup his cheeks and have him face her, wanting to take a better look at him, to reassure herself that this was Gavin, the person she had been dreaming of seeing and holding all these days. And when those eyes of molten gold met hers, she smiled.

Of course, this was her Gavin, who else could he be? Although those eyes lacked the gentleness she was so familiar with and there was a hint of unfamiliar coldness within them, she was sure they belonged to the only man she ever loved.

She heard him tut before he lifted the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. His rough hands shoved her bra up to expose her naked breasts. Lowering his head, he took one of her nipples in his mouth and closed his teeth around it.

Yui let out a small yelp at the sudden pain. She had the strangest feeling that he was mad at her. For what, she didn’t know.

He continued the rough treatment, sucking hard at her nipples and kneading her breasts as if he wanted to punish her for something.

“Please, don’t be mad.” She pleaded with him breathlessly, her body reacting to this pleasure-pain he was inflicting on her.

He didn’t answer, but after a small pause, his touch became slightly gentler than before. As he licked the spots he bitten on, she began to mewl for him again. Her womb clenched at his every touch as small currents coursed through her body.

He ran his hand up her thigh, hiking up her skirt in the process, before hooking a finger on the band of her panties. With a little force, he yanked it off of her, leaving her core exposed to him.

“You’re so wet already.” He teased as he slid his fingers over her slick folds before he inserted a digit into her.

Yui could feel her muscles clamped onto his finger as it entered her, slowly thrusting in and out. It had been so long since the last time she was together with Gavin, she could feel a slight discomfort as her muscles stretched around his fingers. But that did not stop her from wanting more.

Raising her arms, she gently pulled him towards her and pressed her soft lips against his. She could feel his lips curved up into a smile as she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck pulling him even closer. Encouraged, she closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of this kiss. When she timidly darted her tongue out to caress his bottom lip, he opened his mouth to allow her access. Responding to his invitation, she boldly deepened the kiss, slowly stroking the tip of his tongue with hers.

His breath quickened and she could hear his irregular breathing between their sensual kisses. Slowly, he inserted another digit into her and she couldn't help but moan into his mouth. Wanting to be even closer to him, Yui pressed her sensitive breasts against his muscular chest as he spread his fingers inside her, stretching her wet core. She could feel the evidence of her arousal slowly rolling down her skin dripping onto the bed sheets.

Normally, this would have made her blush, flustered at her own body's reaction to his touch, but tonight was different. The long period of time away from Gavin had made her bold. It was impossible for her to put into words how much she desired him tonight, to be one with him, to feel that he belonged to her again. Just like how he promised her during their vacation at the islands. And she wanted him to know how much she yearned for him.

Breaking the kiss, she looked deep into his amber eyes that had turned into molten gold just as they always did when Gavin desired for her deeply. Yui placed her hands on his cheeks, holding him gently above her and whispered, "I want you."

He paused, a bit surprised at her assertiveness. "So impatient," he tutted, one side of his mouth kicked up in a lopsided smile as he slid his fingers out of her.

"N-no?" Feeling the sudden emptiness at his withdrawal, Yui whispered nervously. His earlier rejection of her on the rooftop still fresh on her mind.

Her concerns were quickly eased when she heard the soft sounds of metal clinking as he reached his hands to unfasten his belt. Slowly, he straightened his upper body as he pulled the belt out of the belt loops of his jeans before he casually threw it on the floor where his leather jacket lied, all while still kneeling between her naked exposed thighs.

As he reached for the zipper of his jeans, Yui sat up. Pushing the bra that slipped off her arms aside, she gingerly reached up her hands to him. Her ginkgo bracelet dangled from her wrists as her fingers trembled. She slowly undid the buttons on his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders as he watched her with amusement in his eyes.

Yui’s brows knitted when she saw the dark sleeveless shirt he was wearing underneath. Her muddled brain was slightly confused at the sight, but her desire for him clouded her thoughts. At this moment, she was not interested in why he wore a sleeveless shirt underneath. The only thing she could think of right now was to feel him, skin to skin.

Wanting to kiss that sensitive scar on his collarbone like she so often did before, she reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled up, revealing his well-defined abs, but before she reached his chest, she felt a strong grip on her wrists. Puzzled, she looked up at his amber eyes.

Abruptly, she was shoved back onto the bed, the air in her lungs rushed out of her in an oomf. She didn’t have a chance to take another breath in before he stripped her of her skirt and was on top of her again. This time, completely naked beneath him, she could feel his hard length pressing directly against her entrance.

Yui gazed upon his face as he towered over her and for a moment, the moonlight seemed to turn his hair silver. She frowned in confusion. Narrowing her eyes, she wanted to take a better look, but all coherent thoughts vanished as he buried himself completely in her slick core with one powerful thrust of his hips.

“Damn, you’re tight,” he grunted.

Her brows furrowed as she dug her nails into his biceps. Biting down on her lip, she stifled a moan of discomfort. It had been too long since the last time Gavin was inside her, her muscles struggling to stretch to accommodate the sudden entrance.

As she closed her eyes and attempted to take several deep breaths, she felt his large hand gently brushed the loose strands of her hair off her face. With both forearms resting on the sides of her head encircling her, he leaned down to press his lips on her forehead.

"I'm ok. It's just because it's been a while since…" She trailed off as she lowered her eyes, cheeks slightly flushed.

"So that's why your pussy is gripping me so hard, huh?" He teased as he slowly pulled himself out from her.

"That's not-" Blushing at his words, she began to deny it but was cut off when he suddenly slammed back inside her thrusting his hips.

She yelped in surprise. As he repeated the action over and over again, she couldn't help but mewl every time he buried himself back inside her.

He chuckled softly at her reaction.

“You like this, don’t you?” Hooking her legs on the crook of his arms, each of his powerful thrusts had his hard length buried even deeper inside her. “Don’t you?”

Yui couldn’t control her voice as her mewling got louder each time he pushed into her with such force that she could feel a tinge of pain along with the intense pleasure.

Gavin had never been so rough before. He had always been a gentle lover, always careful not to cause her discomfort. But tonight, he was different. He seemed like a wild and untamed animal, taking from her whatever he pleased.

She wasn't sure what to make of this new side of him, but having him back in her arms, touching her, wanting her, being inside of her made her so incredibly happy that he can take her life right now for all she cared. She simply wanted to be together with him like this forever.

"Yes, I love it." she replied, smiling breathlessly as a drop of tear rolled down her temple. "I love you, Gavin."

For a brief second, she felt him pause, his hard length still buried deep inside her. She heard his irritated tut again, an unfamiliar sound that he had made several times already tonight. Yui was just about to open her mouth to call his name again before he leaned down, his mouth crashed against hers.

Legs spread wide and knees pushed against her chest, her breath rushed out of her as his hot wet tongue invaded her mouth. She could barely breathe as he began to thrust in and out of her with increasing speed while covering her mouth with his.

If she wasn’t sure if he was mad at her before, she was sure of it now. She wanted to know why, wanted to know what she had done to upset him. But the way he was pinning her to the mattress, his forceful kisses covering her mouth, taking away her every breath and the bruising force he was using to drive himself in and out of her sensitive core left her unable to speak.

The only noise left in the room were her muffled whimpers, his occasional grunts, and the rhythmic slapping sounds made every time he plunged into her.

Truth be told, he scared her a little today. True, Gavin could sulk, but he never took it out on her, especially in bed. So when his thrusts became forceful, for a moment, she was unsure how to respond. But even in her hazy alcohol-intoxicated mind, she trusted Gavin wholeheartedly. She trusted that he would not hurt her.

So when she placed her hands on his shoulders, it was to pull him even closer to her. She couldn’t figure out why he was upset, but she knew she couldn’t push him away. She did the only thing she could think of to do. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and held him tight against her, as if she was telling him with her body that she was opening herself to receive him completely, regardless of what he was willing to give.

But after a few more powerful thrusts, everything stopped. With his cock still buried deep inside her, he broke off the kiss and lifted himself slightly off of her.

"Shouldn't you be pushing me away?" He asked, breathing heavily.

Smiling gently at his question, Yui slowly shook her head. "You'll never hurt me," she declared as she gazed at his beautiful amber eyes.

Yes, Gavin is with her now. The memory of the metal of his handcuffs digging into her delicate wrists must have been a thing from a bad dream. He will never purposefully hurt her. Never had, never will.

He let out a small laugh at her answer. "Is that so?"

She could hear a tinge of disdain in his tone, but there was something about the way he said it that made her wonder if that was directed to her or to himself. She wanted to ask, but it seemed like everything she said tonight upset him. She hesitated.

Her internal debate was cut short when he lowered himself onto her again, and she realized they were no longer separated by his t-shirt. He had taken it off while she was distracted.

Finally, she could feel his bare chest against her naked breasts. Not wanting to think of anything else, letting out a small sigh, she closed her eyes and savored the feeling of the contact. And then, slowly, he began to move inside her again. This time a bit more gently.

With each thrust, he buried himself again and again in her welcoming tightness. Soon, pleasure returned to her again. Wrapping her slender legs around his powerful hips, Yui mewled every time he ground his pelvis when he burrowed deep inside her, rubbing against her sensitive clit.

But his gentleness didn't last very long. Soon, his rhythm increased again as the force of him driving himself into her became more and more powerful. This time, however, there was no anger. He was simply losing his control to their passion.

He no longer chuckled at her when she lost control of her voice and moaned out loud, no longer teased her when she involuntarily bucked her hips, silently begging him to give her even more pleasure. Instead, his breath grew more ragged and his occasional groans grew more frequent.

Yui couldn’t help but dug her nails into his muscular back while pleasure kept building inside her, screaming for release as he drove into her faster and faster. Then ecstasy scorched through her like a bolt of lightning. She held on tightly as she came apart beneath him, back arched as her release rippled through her trembling body.

Her core pulsed around him as he continued several more powerful thrusts inside her before he pulled back his hips at the very last second, just as his shaft jerked while lines of his hot stickiness marked her inner thighs.

Still holding onto him a tight embrace, Yui closed her eyes as he kissed her softly on her eyelid, the tip of her nose and finally her lips. He rolled on his back bringing her with him, panting, trying to catch his breath. She closed her eyes, resting her head against his chest, listening to his thundering heartbeat, savoring the moment.

Finally, she was back in the safety of Gavin’s arms, she thought.