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Every step of the way

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- "Hannibal ..".

The young man gasped. The urgency in his voice was obvious. Hannibal helped him up by taking him by the hips. Will got carried away. He was still amazed by the strength of Hannibal's arms ... and aroused by that at the same time. He rose to his knees and took hold in  his right hand  the doctor's erect member. Hannibal gasped in surprise and momentarily closed his eyes.

Will began to slowly lower himself onto his member. When he began to be breached, they both groaned at the sensation. He kept going down, feeling his insides being  deliciously estimulated .The doctor's dick pulsed. He could feel their hearts pounding inside. One day he would make Hannibal feel the same, he thought ecstatically as he descended lower and lower until he was completely seated on his lover's lap.

He gasped for a few seconds, as he settled into the intrusion. When he opened his eyes, Hannibal was watching him with such admiration and love in his gaze that Will felt overwhelmed and looked down.The older man's index and middle fingers touched his chin and gently lifted it so that Will looked into his eyes.

- "Will..I..".

Will cut him off. He knew what he would say, but it was too early for him. Feeling so much in such a short time was strange to the young man and it scared him a bit. So he intercepted his words with his mouth and began to kiss him hotly. Hannibal returned the kiss with equal force. After a few long seconds they parted. Will rested his forehead on Hannibal's and without opening his eyes began to move.

They both groaned at the same time. Hannibal's fingers dug into Wil's hips. They would leave marks that would bloom the next morning. Will bit his lip as he moved up and down on the doctor's member.Hannibal hugged him around the waist and began whispering sweet words to him in his native language. Maybe Will wasn't ready to hear him say I love you, but the sweet cadence of Hannibal's voice in his ear clearly conveyed what he felt.

Will hugged him loosely by the shoulders, as he moved up and down. Going after the first signs of one of several orgasms to come. Hannibal sensed it. He smiled felinely and stopped whispering in his ear to nibble on the young man's pale shoulder. His nails scratched gently from Will's shoulders to his lower back, leaving in their wake the sensation of small charges of electricity coursing through his body. Then his fingers began to play with the young man's pinkish nipples. Will increased the speed of his movements.

Hannibal latched onto his neck and began to suck and bite leaving reddish marks above the line where  should be covered by  his collar shirt. Will was panting harder. Hannibal stopped marking him to help him up and down powerfully. Will moaned more and more, he sounded more needy.The volume of his moans indicating the closeness of him orgasm. Hannibal whispered:

- "Good boy .. Let me see you come .. come for me, sweet William ..".

Will groaned once more before coming. He tilted his head back and then rested it on his own forearm. His arms encircled Hannibal's shoulders crossing behind his head. He felt the doctor clenching his jaw and exhaling forcefully through his teeth.Warm liquid filled his insides a second later. Hannibal ad come inside him. 

They rested for a few seconds. They helped each other clean and dry themselves and then went back to bed. An hour later they were mapping their bodies with lips and hands. Freely exploring each part of their bodies until they were satisfied. 

The second time Will came was on Hannibal's deft fingers. He climaxed arching his body to the sky.Sweat stuck his hair around his neck and made his skin glow. The third time was when he had Hannibal in his mouth. For long minutes he led the older man to the edge  until at the last second a fit of selfishness made him think that he did not want to see a drop of his semen between his sheets. He rode him at the exact moment he was coming only to feel it once again warming up his insides. At least this time he wanted it all just for himself.

They snuggled up after cleaning each other.Hannibal whispered into his tousled hair: 

- "Stay ..." 
- "Hannibal .. I .. I wanted to ask you if I could .. just a couple of days. The case of the" lost children "has been ... umm ... difficult for me. And I ... " 
-" I beg you .. "

Hannibal said, as he kissed his shoulder. Will felt tickled:

- "Hehe, you are incorrigible ..." 
- "And .. being..incorrigible ...  works?

Punctuating each word with a kiss from Will's neck to his breast. Will sighed with his eyes closed.

- "No ... but  this time ... I came prepared just in case ...".

They both smiled. Hannibal turned him to place Will on his side. The young officer's back against his chest and without warning, with one hand on Will's belly pushing him towards him and the other lifting his knee slightly, he penetrated him again.Will groaned sweetly at the intrusion.

                                        THE   END