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Every step of the way

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The light of the dying sun was reflected on the murky waters of the pier. The sunset with its sadder colors than usual in the bay. Agents and forensics moved around him without Will noticing. His eyes fixed on the corpse of Mr. Marlow. The body was beginning to swell and the skin was of a sickly gray color. Green and brown bruises showed where the dragon had struck the man to dominate him. The fish had preyed on his eyes and tongue.

Will put his hand to his head. It hurt a bit. A bandage surrounded his head. It was too early to leave medical care, but the young officer could not bear to be in hospitals. After this he would go to Hannibal's. At his request, he would spend a few days there. The doctor wanted to look after him. He was concerned about the psychological consequences of the attack. Will didn't really remember much, but Hannibal was visibly upset.They had talked about what happened. Will was grateful to him for saving him at the last minute.

At that moment Jack arrived and stood beside him. He looked at the removal of the body with a frown. In a deep voice that reflected the exhaustion of two sleepless days, he asked no one in particular.

- "Will cruelty stop one day? .."

Will replied without looking at him. It was getting late and he was tired. He just wanted to eat something solid and sleep through the weekend.

- "As long as the human being exists ... there will be cruelty ..., but there will also be people who want to remedy it."

Jack smiled at Will, patted him on the shoulder and told him to go rest. In a few days he would contact him.


Soft music played coming from the master bedroom. Soft light from aesthetic lighting reflected off the marbled surfaces of the antique tub. Multi-colored glass bottles with fancy labels were lined up on the luxurious shelves.

The water was warm and scented with fragrances Hannibal had chosen. The doctor's hands roamed the expanse of Will's bare back. His gaze focused on the drops of water that ran down Will's skin.

The floor near the tub was wet from the small waves  caused by Will's movements. He moaned the doctor's name. His hands clung to both pristine sides of the white tub that ended in golden lion paws. Without a doubt an antique.

From the first day he had accompanied Hannibal on his move back to his old home, Will had fallen in love with the house. From its dark corners and eccentric art. Its antique furniture and Hannibal's collection of books. He was particularly struck by the painting of Leda and the swan in the dining room. He couldn't  forgot about it. The image was imprinted on his memory as his gaze had been fixed on it when he mounted Hannibal in one of the dining room chairs, just after dinner. It had been quick and incredibly sexy to make love half dressed. Their pants  below their thighs, just enough to allow them to move without restriction. Hannibal had loved it. So much so that he made sure to take Will home to dinner at least once a week. Those dinners always ended the same to  the pleasure of both ...

In the present Will rose and fell gently. He tried to control himself so as not to make a mess of the beautiful floors, but it was difficult. With his back to Hannibal and his legs tense in a limited space, Will did his best not to came so soon to the sensation of Hannibal's member being squeezed by the walls of his sex. He bit his lip.

The doctor's hands ran possessively over his skin.From his neck to his thighs, leaving in his wake the feeling of being branded with fire. Will had discovered that he enjoyed a slight pressure around his neck from  and Hannibal had noticed. The large, veined hands, incredibly soft and delicate in their treatment around the column of his pale neck.

Hannibal's hands began to go down. Caressing Will's clavicles and sternum. They briefly perched on his chest and played with his erect nipples. They continued on their way, gently clawing at the young officer's ribs until they reached his hips where they positioned themselves tightly. Perhaps his fingers would leave bruises in the morning.Hannibal was helping him up.

Will moaned his name as he was lifted up and then lowered to impale himself on the hard member. they were at this for a while. Both taking it easy. Every time Will got dangerously close to the precipice of orgasm, his movements slowed down. 

But then suddenly Hannibal grabbed him by the neck and bit his shoulder. Wil was panting erratically. Hannibal whispered in his ear seductively. His voice deep with desire:

- "Beloved .. turn around. I want to see you come..".

Will letout  needy whimper. He didn't want to part, but he had to get up if he wanted to see him face to face. So he did. He stood up and turned around.Hannibal was sitting with his back resting on one end of the tub. Will was standing in front of him, in all his glory, damp and his hair tousled and glued to the back of his neck. Drops of water ran down his body and Hannibal wanted with all his might to chased after them with his tongue. He looked imposing, strong,  sublime androgynous beauty . Will smiled, noticing the scrutiny.

He knelt down to sit on Hannibal's lap. The doctor took advantage of the moment to attack his neck. Sucking and licking the water from the soft skin.Then he took his earlobe in his mouth and sucked. Will groaned.His nails dug into Hannibal's shoulders. Gasping he said his name. The doctor's hands ran down his damp flanks and back to rest on him buttocks, where they squeezed lasciviously.

Will broke off the sweet attack to kiss him. For long minutes their tongues communicated mutual desire. The urge to be together beyond their skin .Hannibal sucked Will's lower lip into his mouth and then licked the corners of his lips, driving  the young officer even more crazy from desire.

- "Hannibal ..".