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Every step of the way

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Hannibal lay on the floor next to his bed. Francis had grabbed him by the hair and punched him until his lip  was torned before throwing him to the ground. Now he was walking a few steps from him.

- "All this time you knew it ... and you didn't tell anyone about my call  ... hahaha ... You self-centered. It's good for you to bite the dust from time to time."

Hannibal gasped. His teeth stained with blood. He replied with a voice that denoted  restrained anger.

- ".. I knew it was you. However, there is something that intrigues me. Your father never spoke well of you in our sessions. He did not love your mother ... proof of that is the number of women he raped and killed. You think that placing the blame for  your mother suicide and the death of your father in jail on my shoulders redeems them ..? .. " 
-" SHUT UP! .. 
- "Ughmnn!"

Hannibal squirmed from the kick to his stomach. The doctor smiled when he saw Francis  turned his back on him for a moment, while taking breaths to calm himself. Francis probably wanted to take his sweet time killing him. Those precious seconds allowed him to pull a crutch out from under his bed.


Francis screamed at the top of his lungs. So loud that Hannibal doubted anyone wouldn't hear him in the building. Blood spurted from the man's injured eye. Hannibal had thrust the tip of the crutch into his eye. Francis was so furious that he snatched the crutch from him and started hitting him with it.Two blows to his head and Hannibal was already dizzy.

This time he managed to take the end of the crutch and pull it. Francis fell to his knees and they immediately began to fight.

The door slammed open against the wall. Hannibal glanced toward the door and Francis punched him on the temple. The doctor fell knocked out to the floor.

- "STOP !! .. Hands in the air! .. Turn slowly ... any movement and I  am gonna shoot .."

Francis rose slowly with his hands up. He turned around very slowly and smirked. He pounced on the young officer. Will fired.


Will was on the ground. They had fought and although at first he managed to dominate  Francis, when he tried to handcuff him the man hit him hard, grabbing him by the head and slamming it against the floor. 

His head hurt a lot. His vision was blurred and a cold substance stained his right eye. He was bleeding. He lifted his head and then had to lay down again. Everything was spinning. He faintly remembered being hit with the butt of his gun just after looking at the ground closely from his head being slammed against it. 

Francis was panting, holding his side. Will had managed to shoot him in the side and shoulder before they fought and he could take the gun from the officer. Will was stronger than he looked despite his small size. Francis face still ached from Will's fists.

Francis knelt in front of Will. Both legs on both sides of the young man. He began to feel him down for his cell phone or identification. He had to make sure that he had not called anyone before entering.His fingers felt a very particular softness on the young man's chest. Francis was surprised, but then he chuckled. He could not believe it. He looked at Hannibal who was still on the ground a few feet away.

Hannibal didn't sit up, but blinked in daze as he watched them. Francis smiled sinisterly. With his hand he wiped blood that flowed from his own nose. He spoke in a low, somewhat hoarse voice.

- "I'm going to do to your girlfriend as my father did to those women .. and then I'm going to tie her up on the pier next to the corpse of that bastard Marlow .. Like two lovers with their hands tied. Hahaha .. She'll drown when the tide rises. Don't worry .. I'll kill you after I make her mine. You won't have to watch her die .. "

Hannibal was still panting, but his eyes were now focused on Dollarhyde. His lower lip and teeth  covered in blood. He showed him his teeth, but said nothing.

Francis looked at Will. He started unbuttoning his shirt and when the last button was free he sighed a little. His hands slowly traveled over the young man's belly and then went up to his breasts and squeezed them in the palms of his hands.Francis was beginning to pant. He licked his blood-covered lower lip.

His thumbs squeezed Will's nipples to harden them. Will  shook his head from side to side in and out of unconsciousness. Francis wasn't going to wait any longer. He released his small breasts and without taking his eyes off the young man, he began to unbutton his pants. He got up on his knees and lowered his  zipper.

Bloody fingers appeared on Francis's head. His eyes widened and a second later a sick sound of bones breaking was heard in the silence of the place.

Hannibal had broken his neck.

Dollarhyde's body fell sideways to the floor.Hannibal had crept to his feet. The sight of the open zipper brought bile to the doctor's throat. Will whimpered and Hannibal was on his knees beside him in a second.

Hannibal took Will's cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Jack's number.

- "Hannibal.?." 
- "Will. You have a concussion .. Help will come soon, don't worry ... But why did you come back?

Hannibal stroked the curls on Will's forehead. The tones of the call being connected from the cell phone were very loud for the  officer. Will stared at him for a second and closed his eyes again as he replied in a weak tone.

-"I wanted to be with you..."

Hannibal smiled .. The call was connected at that moment and  Jack voice leaked into the silence of the apartment ...