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Every step of the way

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Will turned around in a moment and looked at him as he spoke. He looked down at his body and then back to Hannibal. He blushed from neck to ears and stuttered into the cell phone.

Then he hung up and started lifting his clothes off the floor and his shoes.

- "It was Jack. They checked 3 possible places where the boy could be. He thinks they found it, but there is no trace of the boy. The place is surrounded but they are waiting for me. Umm.. He wants me to use the googles from the last time." 

- "Will ..." 
- "Mmm .."

Hannibal pointed to a camouflaged door in one of the walls.

- "You can take what you need.  There are clothes that will fit you at the back of the walk-in closet.Take a bath and you can go from here to the scene. I'm sure you will find suitable clothing."

Will hesitated for a few seconds. He left his rumpled clothes on a chair and his shoes next to it. He opened the door slowly and his jaw nearly dropped in amazement. It wasn't a closet, it was a room the size of his apartment with rows and rows of clothes and shoes.

He entered and headed to the back of the room. Hannibal watched him until he disappeared deep inside the closet. Walking naked. As he passed, his fingers caressed the row of suits of different textures and colors. He got to the back. Indeed the clothes there seemed to be smaller . He grabbed a blue shirt that looked his size and a pair of black dress pants. It was too much to expect Hannibal to owned jeans, he thought.

In one corner he found an antique wooden cabinet with underwear and white T-shirts. He took what was necessary and left  to enter the bathroom.

When he was ready, he came out already dressed and putting on his shoes. Hannibal was not in bed.

Will was surprised, but thought maybe Reeba had come early and helped him to the kitchen. He went to look at the kitchen and what he saw made him smile.

Hannibal was filling two mugs with delicious-scented coffee. He was dressed in a red sweater and a pair of pajama bottoms. He was using crutches. 

Will put his clothes from the day before on an armchair and approached him smiling.

- "Do you have another surprise up your sleeve? .." 
- "Maybe ... coffee? 
-" Yes, please..mmm it smells delicious. So ... you can walk on crutches, but Jack doesn't know because..? .. "

Hannibal took a sip and handed him a plate of toasts. They were topped with procciutto, a cheese that looked like goat's cheese, and thinly sliced fresh tomatoes dusted with spices. It looked delicious. Will sat down on one of the bar stools that surrounded the central granite table.

- "A few years ago a patient attacked me as you already know. Shortly after I received a call to the  telephone of my previous home. It was his son. He promised revenge and said he was closer than anyone expected. Since then I have been cautious and I have not told anyone that I can walk on my own with the help of crutches and ... I have been .. practicing .. "

Will tilted his head to the side questioningly as he chewed on his toast.

Hannibal left the crutches leaning against the granite table and began to walk shakily and slowly toward the refrigerator. Will stopped eating.

- "Oh God! .. Hannibal ..!."

A wide smile lit up his face.

The doctor leaned back against the refrigerator to rest. He smiled and after a few seconds returned to the young officer's side.

They both smiled and continued eating.

- "How long ago was that call? .." 
- "Two years ago." 
- "You haven't told anyone .. Do you suspect  it could be someone close to Jack? .."

Hannibal didn't answer him, he just nodded, but the truth was that he had a clear idea of who it could be. He was just waiting for them to attack him first. He didn't say any of this to Will so as not to involve him.

Jack called Will once more insisting that he hurry.They  braced himself, and several minutes later Will said his goodbyes to Hannibal with a quick kiss and left.