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Every step of the way

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After a few minutes, Hannibal's hands moved up his torso caressing his chest. He took one of his nipples into his mouth and sucked gently, then biting around it. His teeth nibbled gently down to the arch near the ribs. Will sighed ecstatically. The doctor moved to the other nipple and did the same, but this time he sucked hard on the delicate bulb finally.

Will tensed up. He could feel wetness between his legs. Hannibal's hands helped him peel off his ruined pants and underwear. The doctor contemplated him for a few seconds. His heated gaze full of desire traveled every part of his body.Will smiled and then helped him with his clothes.

Both naked, Hannibal's hands covered Will's buttocks, who was kissing him again. The doctor's hands went up to his hips and down to his thighs, repeating the path several times. Caressing and squeezing according to the passion of their kisses.

Suddenly Hannibal gasped in surprise. Will took him in his hands. The young officer stared at him, as he rose to his knees and slowly introduced the doctor's penis into his body. Hannibal closed his eyes for a few seconds as he fully penetrated his warm body.

When he was fully situated, he opened his eyes.Will's eyes were closed and he was breathing through his mouth. Hannibal's fingers tightened on his hips. The young officer moaned and opened his eyes. They looked at each other for a few seconds in silence. Will bit his lip and began to rise and fall rapidly. He was riding him ..

Warm inner walls were squeezing the doctor's member causing softs sounds to escape from his throat. Will's curls clung to his own forehead and neck.Hannibal's nails left half moons on the other's hips.

Hannibal was looking at him ecstatically. Will moving on top of him. The strength of his muscles. The sheen of sweat on the flushed skin of his chest and neck. The prominent muscles of his arms. The tension in his thighs he could feel under his arms .. He was sublime .. beautiful .. Hannibal wished he was his.

Will picked up his speed. He was panting and tilted his head back with the first signs of his impending orgasm. Hannibal was clenching his teeth from the power of the sensation.

At one point they looked at each other and held hands. They propped them up on the pillows behind the doctor. Hannibal whispered the young officer's name.

- "Will ..."

- "Nngghh..Haa..Hanibaaal .."

Will frowned and tilted his head forward. His hair fell to his forehead covering his eyes. Hannibal felt the first contractions. He squeezed the young man's hips harder. It would leave bruises that would bloom tomorrow.

They came at the same time. Together, in an explosion of pleasure that left them trembling  and a little tired. At least until  next time, hours later ...



The dawn light touched the boy's face. His wild curls covered one of his eyes. He wrinkled his nose. It was weird to him that his alarm didn't go off even if it was Saturday. He used  to go for a morning run. 

He felt warmth on his back and tried to turn around, but couldn't. He opened his eyes and was surprised.

The sun was rising on the far horizon and its faint morning rays colored the clouds. It was the beginning of dawn. He could see it through the floor-to-ceiling windows of Hannibal's apartment. 

He smiled and felt pleasantly sore in his sex. They had done it again several times during the night.After those sweet memories, a bit of panic infiltrated his thoughts without permission: "Oh shit! .. I slept with Dr. Lecter .. If Jack finds out .. oh .. no !. And if it was only a one time only to the doctor? .. God, Will what were you thinking? .. "

He felt the weight on the bed shifting and he was able to move. He turned around. Hannibal was leaning on his elbows to settle on his back. He smiled at him and, before lying down on the pillows, he stole a kiss from him.

Will blushed. He cleared his throat to wished him a good morning.

- "Good morning ... Will."

Said the doctor, while he stroked the curls on the other's forehead with his fingers. 

At that moment a cell phone began to ring in the room. Will recognized the ringtone and jumped out of bed completely naked to search his pants pockets, which had ended up on the floor overnight.

He straightened up and looked at the incoming caller ID. It was Jack. He answered and started walking to the floor-to-ceiling window and then back to where the bookshelves were.

Hannibal watched him with rapt attention. His eyes scanning once more, but this time with the help of daylight, the curves of his hips, the muscles in his arms and legs, the length of his neck. Everything about Will was perfect. He smiled unconsciously.