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Every step of the way

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- "Thank you .." 
- "What for?" 
- "For allowing me to bother you during your free time ... and at this hour. Sorry." 
- "It's not a bother. Your company is a pleasure. Do you feel better?"

Will smiled and took a sip of the whiskey Hannibal had offered him. At first it felt a bit strange opening the doctor's liquor cabinet. After a short conversation, his discomfort turned to anxiety at the memory of the woman's face begging for his help. He snapped out of his trance to a delicate brush of fingers over his knuckles. 

- "If you follow this path you will see even more things that will disturb your sleep and peace of mind ..., but I am certain that you have such a strength that does not compare to that of the officers who were present at the scene today ..."

Will rubbed his eyes after the last drink of whiskey. He rested his head on the comfortable back of the chair. It was late, but at least tomorrow will be a day off.

- "I knew it would be like that when I tried to get into the academy ... Does watching becomes easier with time? .." 
- "Sometimes .., but time makes it affect you less .."

Will sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. He felt fingers caressing his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes. Hannibal was looking at him smiling. Will sat up abruptly.

- "Oh! .. I'm sorry .. did I fall asleep? .." 
- "Mhmm."

The young officer got up to take his things.Hannibal was looking at him peacefully.

They looked at each other for a few seconds. Will's hands caressing his own jacket and he was playing with his keys. Hannibal tilted his head to one side and smiled at him.

- "It's late to travel by motorcycle .. you could stay if you want." 
- "No. I have to go. I already bothered you enough."

Hannibal nodded. Even after a few seconds of being immobile Will did not leave. He shook his head and said quietly to himself.

-"God damn it !.."

He leaned over the doctor and kissed him.Hannibal was a little surprised. For a few seconds their lips connected languidly. When Will began to separate, Hannibal grabbed him by both wrists. 

His tongue teasing the corners of the young officer's mouth. Will couldn't resist any longer and gave him entry. The kiss deepened . A small moan from Will ignited the flame of desire inside the doctor, capturing the delicate lips over and over again.

Will's jacket fell to the ground. The kiss became more intense. The desire was mutual. Will moaned again. One of Hannibal's arms went around Will's waist, pulling him closer. The young man lean his forearm on the pillow where Hannibal rested his head and slowly raised his knee to the bed.

Hannibal grabbed him around the waist with both hands and pulled him hard onto the bed so that Will was sitting on the doctor's lap, legs bent on either side of the doctor's body. They stopped kissing to looked at each other for a few seconds.

They were both exited. The doctor   hair was wild and his clothes disheveled. He was looking with dilated pupils at the young man above him. His reddened, parted lips were a temptation to Will. He gave him one last peck and put all his weight on the doctor's lap. 

Without taking his eyes off him, he began  unbuttoning his flannel shirt. The doctor's hands ran up the officer's legs. Shirt and binder fell to the floor. Will was starting to unzip his pants when Hannibal attacked his neck with kisses.

Will's hands gripped the doctor's shoulders.Hannibal sucked, leaving reddish marks on the young man's neck, while his hands went up, caressing the soft and delicate skin of his hips to then slowly traveled the entire expanse of his bare back. Will recaptured the doctor's mouth in kisses interrupted only by his attempts to remove the doctor's shirt.

Both of them stripped of their shirts, Hannibal latched onto his neck. Will tilted his head to the side to give him more access. Hannibal's teeth left marks on the pale neck that his tongue caressed tenderly. Will knew he would leave marks, but he didn't care. He wanted him. It had been so long since he felt like this: Wanted ... And the doctor  desperately wanted him . He could feel it through his empathy. Admiration mixed with a burning desire.