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Every step of the way

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The alarm went off once, it was one of those old alarm clocks that had a chicken and chics around it on the screen, a hand hit it off. Will got up immediately and walked, completely naked, to the bathroom door of the small apartment. 

It was a perfect apartment for him, but so small that it always sparked arguments with Frederick about when he was going to move in with him. Will did not want to. He would not give up his independence. Also, Chilton was one of those guys who liked to synchronize schedules and even clothes with his partner. Will would still be authentic even if no one else cared. 

He showered and started dressing in his uniform. Chilton's cell phone began to vibrate as soon as he put on the police cap. He took it to see if he should wake him up or not, since he still slept in bed. Lorna was his secretary. He answered to tell her that he was running late, but  he would be arriving at the office soon. Lorna was a kind old lady who had worked as Chilton's father's secretary and one of the few people to congratulate him on their relationship a year ago.

Before he could say good mornings a male voice screamed in his ear in annoyance.

-Frederick, where the hell did you sleep last night? .. I was waiting for you to come to take me to the theater  .. what the hell is wrong with you? ..
.. it is our anniversary .. i am sick of this .. did you hear me ?. .

Will remained silent.
-Frederick? ...

-He ... is sleeping ...
-What? ... who's talking? ...

Will ended the call. Frederick watched him sitting on the bed with his eyes wide with panic. Ready to go to work, the officer only took his  weapon and his belongings that were on the night table. Without looking at his partner for a year, he said dryly.

-When I come back I don't want you to be here ... or I'll throw your things out the window myself ...

Will left, slamming the door on his way out.


Mr. Marlow opened the door of the taxi so that his wife and son could get in. Once inside, while the vehicle navigated the streets of the city, the family discussed their plans after a well-deserved vacation.

The taxi driver looked from time to time in the rearview mirror at the family. 

The man was in his forties. Medium complexion, it would not be a problem for him. The woman had a nice body and her pale calves stood out in the black skirt that tightened her legs to below her knee. He stared at them for a second and then looked back at the traffic, his tongue wetting his bottom lip. His cleft lip was  more noticeable by the gesture. 

In the middle of the couple was the boy. He appeared to be 8 years old. Quiet. Aware the holidays had only caused more tension between his parents. Each immersed in their phones after talking for 3 minutes. It was obvious the little one would be in the middle of a divorce soon.

The taxi driver felt compassion for him. It reminded him of his own childhood just before he fell into the hands of his paternal grandmother. He would kill him fast and painlessly ... maybe ..


Will was leaving the coffee shop with a coffee in his hand. He was walking towards his motorcycle. The weather was cool. It wasn't as cold as yesterday, but he still felt a bit of sweat  on the edge of his binder. He wanted to scratch there.

He was next to his motorcycle and was almost finishing his coffee when two visibly alarmed teenagers approached him .


Minutes before...

-We shouldn't be here ... this place stinks ... let's go.
-Don't be a chicken ... this place is abandoned. No one will bother us here ..
-But I don't like it ..

The tallest black teenager wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist. A few rays of light light that entered through the collapsed ceiling allowed him to see  the beautiful freckles that covered the redhead's nose. They started kissing.

As the kisses grew more intense, the young black boy began to arrange them so that they lay down on the dirt floor of the building in disgrace.

The redhead looked to the side as his boyfriend left marks on his neck. His eyes widened in terror ..

He screamed.