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Storm Of Emotions

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Sol groaned in pain when he slowly got up on his feet, his head still hurting from the blow he had taken. Vata had appeared out of nowhere once more and given him a hard time. He still didn't understand what the Hell the Avalonian general wanted of him. It seemed like Vata was different from the three other generals in quite some respects. He was more playful, in a way, and seemed to want to avoid causing the group extensive harm. And that was something which just didn't make any sense at all.

Sol gazed up at the sneering man, panting and groaning still. "What the Hell do you want, Vata? Why did you come back here?"

"I'm just going with the wind." Vata smirked, approaching Sol and trapping him against the wall. "You should be thankful for all that stuff I'm doing for you and your friends. I'm different from the other generals. That's what's kept you alive all this time, if I may claim so."

"Yeah, sure." Sol would have loved to punch Vata, but he felt too tired to lift his sword and shield again. The fight had demanded quite something of him. It had been made worse by the fact that Vata had used his dragoon powers to give the group an even harder time. That still begged the question why the crystal had reacted to Vata, too.

While Sol was trying his best not to collapse from the strain on his body, Vata was slowly removing Sol's paladin armor, bit by bit. It was a relief to get rid of the heavy plated armor, but it also brought about a feeling of exposure. Sol tried to look annoyed, but so far, he was only succeeding in making Vata chuckle with a playful tone. This damnable smug bastard was getting on his nerves.

Sol's knees began to buckle, and when he almost sank into Vata's arms, the other male kissed him. Sol's eyes widened in surprise, but he was too ambushed to react. Instead, he gripped Vata's coat as tightly as his sore muscles allowed, and tried to pull the man off of him. At least until Vata breathed a healing breeze into his body, which had come with the dragoon powers.

"Better now?" Vata still was holding him upright, but at least, Sol didn't have to fully depend on the other any longer. "I'm sorry for the beating I gave you. It was necessary."

"Necessary my ass." Sol grunted, still leaning against Vata, his lips only so little away from another kiss. His right hand gripped Vata's hair, and this time, the kiss happened because Sol wanted it. "You're a pain, that's all."

Vata gave a small growl, then gripped Sol tightly and lifted him off his feet, to make Sol cling to him. The slightly smaller male reacted immediately with a rather tight grip, shuddering in both surprise and mild anger. Vata knew that he was confusing and provoking Sol with his actions, and that was just what he was aiming for.

It was addictive to have such control over the other's body. Vata teased Sol with his fingertips, and found it both amusing and satisfying that Sol didn't seem to be against all of his touches. That, in return, embarrassed and infuriated Sol, since he had sworn to not let Vata get to him. But as things were at that moment, he might as well have tried to withstand the surge of a tidal wave, or the howling of a hurricane.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Sol didn't sound as angry as he would have wanted to. Amidst anger, there was slight defeat. From the grin on Vata's face, it was easy to guess that he had picked that up. "Is this giving you some kind of kick?"

"Maybe." Vata snickered, biting on Sol's chin lightly. "Mmm, you are just delicious."

Sol panted, closing his eyes and gripping Vata tightly. To Hell with all of it. He had tried to resist for a long time, and now he was just slipping into this mad storm of confusing emotions. But he still vowed that he would show Vata that he was not to be taken lightly...