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Far Unseen I Know

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She kneels. And she prays. She no longer knows who she is praying too, but she knows that if she stops, she might never remember that she was praying in the first place. Her words whisper up into a sky with no sun. If they had any meaning, she lost it long ago. If there was ever some god they were directed to, they have not heard her.

She will not give in. Her voice bleeds out into the mists over and over and over again and she does not stop (she will never stop).

One day (one moment? one eon?) a voice trickles back. It is shaky, as though it has been crying (she cannot cry, she thinks, but she could once). It is singing.

"The raven offers sweet relief, far from this lonesome way"

She recognizes the voice! She recognizes the song! She joins in before she even realizes what she’s doing,

“Though some may still have need of me, and so for these I choose to stay”

Her voice rings louder than any of her prayers, like for once, this world has chosen to listen.

The voice pauses, for a moment, then continues. They both sing through it together.

There is silence.

The voice sniffles a bit, then speaks but it’s clipped and it’s fading, “Thanks… I guess being barmy has it’s benefits… how’s about I fix your cape tomorrow instead.”

Then it’s gone.

She lets the silence sit around her for a moment longer. She knows that voice, she knows that song, they are from different places. But from where? She cannot reach it. The mists are leaching things from her so she starts praying once more. (she hasn’t forgotten the words, thank L-)

As everything but the prayer fades, she thinks, while she still can, about the song.

Far unseen I know, daylight is waiting,

There is no daylight here. And no way out. But it gives her hope (something she hadn’t realized she’d lost).

Hope is a dangerous thing in a place like this, it is how this world hurts you. These sunless mists have given her hope so she can lose it once more. She will not give it up, for as long as she can keep it. She will not cave, else her name is not... her name is… well it doesn’t matter really. She will keep hope despite it all. She will keep it because someone must.

She kneels. And she prays. And when she remembers, she sings.