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put your lips close to mine (as long as they don't touch)

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hey, everyone! too head empty to write anything else right now, but i really wanted to make a playlist about these fools. from aster’s point of view, of course, it loosely follows the plot (ie chronologically how she was feeling at one point in time), so listen in order!!

(p.s. i say it’s chronological, but it does go into post-canon that i like to believe happened. check out my other fic on here for an epilogue i wrote.)

so, without further ado:

  1. strangers - the jonas brother
  2. treacherous - taylor swift
  3. dear patience - niall horan
  4. plant life - owl city
  5. open - rhye
  6. slip away - perfume genius
  7. the saltwater room - owl city
  8. heaven is a place on earth - belinda carlisle
  9. she’s not there - the zombies
  10. don’t you - simple minds
  11. miss missing you - fall out boy
  12. storms - fleetwood mac
  13. out of the woods - taylor swift