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Magi: The Adventures of (Fem!)Sinbad!

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“Papa!” A purple-haired girl yelled as she was pulled back by numerous people; her dad was being taken to fight in the war, against his will. It wasn’t fair! Her father started to yell at the others of the village; the girl wasn’t listening. Her mind ran at incredible speeds as she resisted the urge to cry. Suddenly, she heard her name called.


“Esra, Sin-” Badr was cut off by a bystanders loathing whisper of ‘get out of here’ before she spoke up, louder this time, “Get out now!”


“That’s right! Traitor!” The man next to her agreed, “You let that spy come here!”


“Right!” Another shouted. “Traitor. Get out of this village!”


Sinbad gripped her under robes tightly as she got a hold of herself. They didn’t know who her father was! How dare they call him a traitor! He was just being nice! “Stop… Stop it! Don’t say bad things about Papa!”


“Shut up!” One of the mean men said.


“The kid of the traitor…” Another growled. Sinbad took a step back as the scary men approached her. Tears started to fill her eyes as she covered her head in a weak attempt of defence.


“Don’t harm her!” Badr’s call erupted just as the man was about to grab Sinbad’s head. She turned around, and there was her dad; standing shakily with his head bowed. “Don’t harm my daughter. Don’t harm my family!”


Even a young girl like Sinbad could tell that her father’s voice was raw with a wave of protective anger. “Papa…”


“Listen, guys. I’m going to war now,” Sinbad realised that he was now addressing their village. “However, I want you to remember… What that means! Look. This is…” Badr moved his hand to his chest and grabbed his shirt before yanking it off.


Golden eyes widened in horror as they traced down her father’s chest. So many scars, each of them looking more painful than the last. How had Sinbad never noticed them? Why hasn’t Papa ever said anything about them? Did he not trust us before now? Sinbad couldn’t help the small ball of betrayal that weighed in her chest now that she saw this. Her father’s scars. Her father’s secrets .


“What war is,” Badr finished. She knew that he was missing a leg, but now she knew what it was from she fell to the ground in shock as tears streamed down her eyes. “On the battlefield, I watched millions of people get hurt and die . Do you still want to send your families to war!?”


Esra hugged onto Sinbad, her too having tears run down her cheeks like waterfalls in horror. It was understandable; Badr’s body looks like it’d been through Hell and back.


“Hey… Do you think war is a good thing?” Badr asked the people of the village, a lot quieter, his voice now filled with an almost hollow sadness.


“Damn! Take him away now!” A guard yelled. Other guards snapped into action and began leading Badr towards the camels. Hearing his daughters cries, he turned back to look at her over his shoulder. “Sinbad. Fight like a brave woman. Take care of your mom for me.”


Sinbad froze momentarily before wiping her eyes and nodding confidently, despite the reoccurring flow of tears rolling down her cheeks.


A few months after Badr was sent to war… Sinbad and Ersa were notified of his death. In the casket that was sent to them laid his sword, but was void of his body. Nine years later, and the young girl is now 14.


She is the Child of Destiny.