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In the Evening

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Jason remembered.

He remembered living out on the streets as an unruly omega, doing things he could never turn back from to survive. He remembered his foolhardy attempt to steal the tires off of the batmobile, only to be confronted by the Bat himself. He remembered swinging from rooftop to rooftop, giggling as the wind brushed his face. He remembered his stupid little crush on his negligent successor that paid him no mind.

He remembered being pushed into the murky, green waters of the Lazarus Pit, rage consuming every bone in his body.

Just under a year ago, Talia went behind her father's back to heal him. Jason wasn't dumb enough to believe that she did it because she cared for him, or out of the goodness of her heart. He knew that she would do whatever it took to find a way to get to Bruce, and bringing two sons to him would definitely catch his attention.

"Jason, focus," a stern voice pulled him from his thoughts.

Talia was standing before him, radiating elegance and confidence as always. "I believe we are in the clear. My father has not shown any signs of suspicion, but we can never be too sure."

Ah, of course. Talia neglected to tell her father that she threw Jason in the Lazarus Pit. If Ra's even suspected a little that Jason had his memories back, he wouldn't fail to use him as blackmail to Bruce as soon as possible. Jason really wouldn't mind that, since Bruce could go eat fucking shit for all he cared. But of course, that went against Talia's personal agenda, since Bruce would never forgive her if she was involved in such a stunt.

Damian cooed where his face was pressed against Jason's chest, and Jason pulled him a little tighter. "He's not catching on. After I pretended recognize Grayson when he came here with his little posse a few months ago, he thinks that I'm slowly regaining memories. For all he knows, I'm still a brainless, catatonic fucking vegetable."

Talia gave him a look of disdain. Jason rolled his eyes and petted Damian's hair.

"Besides, you could get caught for all I care. The only reason I'm agreeing to play pretend for you is because you agreed to help me in whatever plans I have for Bruce when we get the hell out of here."

Speaking of getting the hell out of dodge, Jason had absolutely no idea when that was going to happen. Talia had been trying to find a way to get her, Jason, and Damian safely away from Ra's, but hadn't figured anything out beyond calling Bruce for help so far. 

Jason threatened to reveal everything if she even spoke a word to Bruce. No fucking way he was going to be saved by the guy who wouldn't even kill his murderer. Jason wanted his revenge, and he needed Bruce to think he was still dead to get it. Even if that meant betraying Talia once the time came.

Jason looked down at Damian, silently promising his pup that he would do whatever he could to get them both to safety.

Talia sighed. "You cannot get your revenge if my father spoils our plans. You must play your part and do as he says until I figure out a plan."

"These weekly meetings that you insist on having really aren't helping us out here on the stealth part," Jason pointed out, leaning back on the wall of Talia's room.

She glared at him. "How else do you want to keep in contact? Morse code?"

Jason smirked at that. His sarcasm was rubbing off on her.

"Whatever, I'm out of here. You go figure something out. It's time for Damian to be fed anyway."

With that, Jason put his mask back on and silently stormed out the door, not bothering to look back at Talia as he walked away. Even though all he wanted to do was curl up in his nest, when he was on his way back, Jason halted at Renegade's door.

Renegade. Jason really didn't know what to think about him. He knew that there was much more to Renegade then he let on, but Jason wasn't about to out him to Ra's or Talia. Honestly, Renegade was the closest thing Jason had to a friend since he arrived on this damned island.

Before he could stop himself, Jason lightly knocked on the door. He heard some rustling on the other end, but eventually was greeted by a maskless, disheveled face.

Jason had mixed feelings about Renegade's appearance. It looked kind of fake, but eerily familiar at the same time. Jason tried not to ruminate over it, since thinking about things like that gave him an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Sorry, I was taking a nap. Come on in." Renegade stepped to the side, a genuine smile on his face. It almost reminded him of Dick's blinding grin that could make nearly anyone feel light on their feet.

It was odd that a guy that was supposed to be the apprentice of the most deadly mercenary in the world was so friendly and sincere.

Renegade hopped on the bed, while Jason awkwardly stood in the middle of the room. "So, whatcha need, Red?"

Jason ticked his head to the side. Red?

"Oh, right! They won't tell me your name, so I have officially dubbed you Red."

Jason held in a snort, but nodded nonetheless. Even if he was allowed to speak, he wouldn't have responded to Renegade's earlier question, since he didn't know the answer himself.

Damian fussed in his arms, and Jason let out a sympathetic noise. He was supposed to be feeding Damian, not talking to mysterious newcomers.

"Can I hold him?"

Jason looked up at Renegade, who seemed surprised with himself for asking the question. Jason knew he should've refused, but something pulled in his gut, and before he knew it, he was handing over the one person that meant most to him in the world over to a complete stranger.

Renegade smiled as he took Damian from Jason's hold, looking down at the pup with a dopey grin that didn't fit in with the rest of his face. Jason observed them silently, ready to pounce if Renegade even attempted to harm Damian in any way.

"You can relax, I'm not going to do anything," Renegade snickered. Jason tried to give him a pointed look, but failed miserably with the mask in the way. Stupid fucking mask.

He stood there for a while, Jason watching as Renegade giggled and bounced the pup, so unlike how he acted during training.

Eventually, Jason knew that he needed to nurse Damian so his pup wouldn't be up all night fussing. He walked over to Renegade, who seemed to take the hint and handed Damian back over. Jason gave a quick wave, soundlessly exiting the room.

When he finally arrived at his nest, Jason removed his scent blockers and took off his tunic. There really was no point in wearing the scent blockers, since he was unpresented when he died. No one would recognize him because of his new omega scent, but Ra's still insisted on it anyway.

Gently pressing Damian to his chest, Jason made a comforting noise. He loved intimate moments like this between him and his pup, and it never failed to make Jason release happy pheromones.

Life was tough, but at least he had Damian to get him through it.