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If It Means a Lot to You

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It was a very nice day for Yashiro and Satoru.

Somehow, Satoru had ended up stopping Yashiro from killing little children, and was now a hero. Yashiro was still Yashiro except he didn’t kill children. Thank you.

Anyways, they lived in a house in the countryside because that’s where all of the sheep live.

The day was nice because they got to see all of the sheep.

Yashiro approached one of them and started petting it.

“The wool is soft” (Yashiro want the wool for himself)

Yashiro plunged his hand straight through the sheep’s rib cage and into its heart. He killed it. Then he shaved off all of its wool and put it on himself.

“Mmmm nice and toast”
Yashiro happy and warm.

Satoru had witness the whole thing and watched in horror.


He thought Yashiro was past his old killing ways. He was wrong
Satoru became very mad at Yashiro for killing the sheep and decided he needed a punishment



“Get in the house”

Yashiro happily got inside of the house with his warm wool.

“Do not think I will let you off the hook”

“What do you mean”

“I do not like you killing things and you know better”

“But I wanted it’s wool”

“You can get wool without killing it”


Satoru felt kind of bad for Yashiro because of how stupid he was but he still needed to be disciplined and he told him such.

“Get on top of the fridge”

Yashiro did not want to get on top of the fridge and he started aggressively ba’ing like a sheep



Yashiro started screaming as Satoru advanced towards him



“Oh yeah”

Tears were streaming down Yashiros face as he was fearing for his life. In his time of need he pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and put it in his mouth for comfort.

Satoru was still mad at him.

“I hope you choke on that lollipop you bitch”

Satoru yeeted Yashiro on top of the fridge where he belonged.

“Please no I’m too pretty to die”
Yashiro begged to be taken down from the fridge.

Satoru said ._.

“How are you gonna die you’re just on top of the fridge”

Yashiro held onto his knees and started rocking back and forth.

“There’s a monster up here!”


He wordlessly pointed at Satoru

“Hey! I’m not even on top of the fridge with you”

“Yeah but you’re always so mean to me like a monster”

“I wouldn’t have to be mean to you if you acted like a normal person”

Yashiro mulled this statement over in his head. He decided that Satoru was full of shit and he was tired of being treated so cruelly.

He hopped down from the fridge and got in Satorus face

“I AM a normal person, Satoru! If you looked up the word normal in a textbook it would have me as an example!”

Satoru was shocked that Yashiro could get down from the fridge and was still wondering how he was able to. Using this distraction as an advantage, Yashiro ran outside. Shortly after, Satoru raced after him, but he was too late. He watched as Yashiro tripped and fell down the 20 feet steps that led to their house and broke his skull open on the pavement in horror. A blue butterfly took him back to before he put Yashiro on the fridge.

Satoru knew that his mistake was putting Yashiro on the fridge. Yashiro did not like the fridge. Satoru quickly thought of a new way to punish Yashiro.

Satoru turned to Yashiro and said “if you do not stop killing the animals I’m going to have to give you a bath time”

Yashiro screamed in horror. “NnOOOO you’re gonna get my wool all wet!!!”

“Don’t care”

Satoru dragged the screaming Yashiro into the bathroom and locked the door. Yashiro clawed at the door and try to escape. He was too dumb to unlock the door on his own.

Satoru turned on the bathtub. As it filled up with water, he could not help but to feel pity for his former elementary school teacher. He was very stupid. Ever since the accident, Yashiro had received brain damage and began to lose all of his brain cells.

The bathtub was now full and Yashiro was a crying mess, pounding on the door to the bathroom.

“I don’t wanna take a baAaath!”

Satoru had no idea where Yashiro’s fear of having a bath came from, but he knew that he could use it against him.

“It’s just a bath. Why are you so afraid of it anyways?”

Yashiro sniffled and wailed.

“When I was younger, my brother always used to try to drown me in the bathtub”

Satoru now understood. Yashiro was traumatized and giving him a bath time would only make it worse. He went over to Yashiro and comforted him. He gave him a hug and patted him on the head.

“Im sorry for trying to give you a bath. I had no idea.”

“It’s okay”

Satoru picked up Yashiro and threw him into the bathtub.


Yashiro screamed and thrashed.


Satoru just watched him in silence. This was payback for dumping him into the river.

It was then that Yashiro calmed. He sat up in the bath, and was reminded of his hamster, Spice. If Spice could survive, then so could he. There was only one problem though. There’s were no corpses on which he could step on. He turned to Satoru.

Satoru was startled at Yashiro’s behavior. Why was he looking at him like that?

“Satoru,” Yashiro said in a low voice. “Won’t you join me in the bath?”

“Uh sure”

Satoru climbed into the bathtub and sat across from Yashiro.

He was not expecting what happened next.

Yashiro lunged forward and tackled Satoru. He used his whole body to press Satoru down into the bath, and under the water. Satoru kicked out his legs and arms, trying to get away from Yashiro. It was no use, Yashiro had had one too many lollipops. His body went slack under his former teacher’s.

Satoru’s last thoughts were, ‘Yashiro... you bastard’

Yashiro finally sat up, and off of Satoru. He pulled him out of the water and caressed his face.

“I’m sorry, Spice.” He whispered to the corpse.

All he could feel was glee and triumph. He had finally beaten him.