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Best Friends

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“Detective LaMontagne, can I have a word?” Emily asked quietly as she and Will packed up the information from the case. The unsub had been caught and the last victim had been saved. Technically it was a win but Emily couldn’t help but sympathise for the unsub. Sarah had been a victim too, only no one had taken her seriously. It was terrible that she had been pushed to such an extent. But it was over now.

“Sure, everythin’ alright?” Will asked. His dad’s last case had finally been solved. He hoped that offered his dad some peace, as well as Sarah. However, he couldn’t deny that he hadn't been fully focused on the case. He hadn’t meant for it to happen but he had never felt like this before. He could tell, JJ was someone special.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about JJ.” Emily replied, smiling to herself as Will’s body language visibly changed. He was trying to act casual. Sweet. In a cheesy sort of way.

“What about her?” Will asked casually. They had talked about it but it was a lot to think about, a lot to sort out. The fact that they lived hundreds of miles from one another was a big one to consider.

“Look, I’ve not been part of this team for long but they’re not just my colleagues. They’re my family and JJ is the little sister I’ve always wanted. I care about her and I protect the people I care about.” Emily explained as Will gave a wry smile.

“Is this the ‘you hurt her and I hurt you’ speech?” Will asked and Emily laughed, noticing the look JJ shot her from across the room. Subtle, JJ was not.

“No, if you hurt her, she will hurt you. This is the speech where I tell you that best case scenario if you are ever stupid enough to hurt her, will be my boys and I flying down to New Orleans and beating you half to death. Worst case, you will disappear and never be found. I know people. I can make it happen.” Emily explained as Will shook his head.

“Believe me, that won’t be a problem. I would never hurt her.” Will swore as Emily nodded solemnly. Good. She'd hate to have to have him locked up in a top-secret Russian prison, like someone she knew.

“Good. I like you LaMontagne. Takes me a while to trust people but you’ve got potential. Also, I am serious about the guys kicking your ass. Hotch and Morgan treat and love JJ like a little sister and Reid shouldn’t be underestimated plus all three of them have known JJ longer than I have. They would be more than happy to beat up anyone who tried to hurt our girl.” Emily informed Will. She had seen and heard of the different times when Hotch, Morgan and Reid have tried to defend or protect JJ. Of course she could handle herself but it was an instinct to protect one another. They were a team, a family. No one messed with that and lived to tell the tale. The last time she had had this level of trust in a team had been in her Interpol days; days which she would rather forget than remember.

“I’ll keep it in mind. Honestly, if I ever am that stupid; I’ll deserve whatever I get.” Will replied as Emily smiled at him.

“And you’re clever too. Try ditching that accent and we could be friends.” Emily quipped as Will rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I should probably let JJ talk to you, I can feel her glaring at me.”

Emily finished packing the case box and set it with the others, resisting the urge to tease JJ with how obvious she was about her emotions. She would have never pegged JJ for the jealous type but the glares and not-so-subtle looks that JJ had sent in her direction as she spoke to Will had been a dead giveaway. It wasn’t her business to pry into her colleagues’ personal lives. Everyone was entitled to their privacy and to their secrets.

But she couldn’t not tell Garcia about the possible new man in JJ’s life.

Just in case.