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The Power of Love!

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‘I do not own RWBY. It was created by Monty Oum, and is owned by Roosterteeth.’

~The font ‘Cambria’ is recommended, for your viewing pleasure.~


Note: This story is being created for a variety of reasons. One is that it is a sign of life from me. While (at the time of writing this author’s note) I have not updated a story in 375 days, I have been doing writing in this time, and more importantly, have been growing as a person.

The second reason is that I always thought this would be a neat setting, in a neat genre. The third reason is that I need a new excuse for writing smut that I could use to more organically get all the characters into one connected universe that I actually have a plot idea for. 

Here we go. (Full character profiles for his sisters & mother at the end.)

The Power of Love!

Chapter I


Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

Rolling in bed, a lanky man’s long arm reached out from the covers and slapped onto the nightstand. Pounding around several times, it messily found the different feeling texture and raised surface that he knew was the back of his phone. 

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

Vibrations running up his hand, the phone left a sensory impression that was unique, and would have been memorable had he not then decided to throw it across the room with a grunt. Landing in a pile of laundry, it continued it’s incessant vibrating, penetrating even the pillow shield before he rolled onto the cool surface of the floor.

“Uuuuuuuuugh why can’t I have five more minutes?!”

And so, in a way that at this point was so utterly predictable it could’ve had a handbook written about it, Jaune went about his daily routine. He proceeded to roll off the floor, retrieve his phone, toss his blankets back onto his bed, grab his robe, and make the daily rush to the bathroom. 

Dodging two zombie-walking-slow sisters on the way, he stuck his tongue out in triumph slipping in the door and locking it behind him. Pounding ensued, fists large and small acting like a miniature earthquake before the now fully awakened hoard of blondes scrambling for the other bathrooms. 

Slipping into the shower under the hot water he eased back into the world without dreams, soaping his loofa before cleaning the places on his body the sun didn’t shine upon. Mind idly thinking about the day ahead, Jaune had a bright smile on his face, even as shampoo ran down said face and into his eyes.

The last day of the school year. 

Every school had one, and today was his. A crazy year had finally come to an end. He’d lost his job, battled bullies, experienced minor troubles within his group of friends, barely passed exams, broke an arm, got rejected by his dream girl, got a new job, won a radio contest, got stuck under quarantine, and managed to get together enough extra-credit to fix his grades.

It was a crazy year of ups and downs, but it was finally over. The hard work was over, the crazy-but-somehow-still-day-in-day-out monotony of his life would be broken for just a few months to relax and recharge for the next one’s shit, and absolutely no one could be upset on a day that good.

Outta the shower and drying off, he popped on some deodorant, carefully combed and parted his hair, before tossing on his robe and making his way back to his room. Checking his phone, he swiped open the group chat to check for messages before tossing it unceremoniously onto the bed.

Pulling on some jeans, socks, comfy shoes, shirt and hoodie, he admired himself for a moment in the mirror. His hair was back to its usual scraggliness from the pulling on of his shirt, and he was looking the same way he usually did. 

This morning, he was feeling good . No, scratch that, great . Fantastic, lovely, amazing, free.

He couldn’t help himself from having a smile break out on his face as he walked back down the hallway and down the steps into the well-lit living room. Spotting his family scrambling around for the final day, shouting about shoes and bags, he made his way to the kitchen where a select few sisters were eating breakfast.

“‘Mornin Clair, Violet, Lacy!”  


Clair. At nineteen years old, she was the middle daughter of the household, having three sisters both older and younger than herself. Carving out an identity was difficult for her, but she had forged one nonetheless! Though it had never been quite clear what major she was currently going to university for.

“How’s it going?”

Violet. Seventeen years old and one half of a set of twins, her identity crisis came more in the form of differentiating herself from her twin and had resulted in beautiful purple streaks mixed into her Arc-blonde hair. Always polite and kind but somewhat restrained, she was a steady, positive presence.


“What was that last one there Lacy? Because it sounds to me like you have a mouthful of food in your mouth while you’re talking.” He gave his youngest sister a menacing pat on the head as she blushed in embarrassment and swallowed her cereal.

Lacy. Jaune’s youngest sister was sixteen and had just obtained that newfound shot of confidence obtained with a driver’s learning licence. Part of the school debate team she was witty and charming, leaving rooms better, or significantly worse than she left them. She was unwilling to pull her punches and would mangle the hell out of anyone that mentioned her height, or tits. (Or lack thereof.)

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Lacy said, pouting, her assumedly somewhat witty comment at his arrival having now been lost to time forever. “Excited for the last day of school!? I know I am! This year has suuuuuuuucked!

“Definitely am not going to miss school while it’s out. Jeez, is it just me or has this year just been the worst for everyone? I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s had a bad time!” Jaune said, exasperated as seemingly no one’s year was quite as bad as his. 

“Okay, well, regardless, it’s over!” Snatching his toast as it popped out of the toaster, he spun around his stool-sat sisters. “It’s over, and I’m out the door! See you guys later!~”

Hustling to the garage, he grabbed his bike off the wall, not bothering with a helmet before exiting out the side door and walking down the driveway. Hopping on, he began his daily journey to school, pedals beneath his feet and wind in his hair! 

Tires spinning beneath him, he tilted to avoid a driver who honked at his presence, rolling through the beautiful small-ish town that was his home. 

Vale was a small-ish place, but it had everything you could need. Schools, supermarkets, arcades, just enough industry and growth to employ people, small shops and a newly built urban-planning project that would serve as a hang-out spot for people from all over town. Just an hour and a half from the beach, it had fields, forests, hills, everything one would need for modern-day outdoor activities.

It was beautiful. 

Jaune loved living in Vale, and sometimes it felt like Vale loved having him in it. A neighbour behind a literal white picket fence waved at him with a smile, and he waved back. An ice cream truck came out of a side road, turning on the musical siren for the primary school kids already outta school. 

Fifteen minutes later he was at school and off his bike, locking it down before heading to the front courtyard where he already saw a very distinct group of friends. Colourful and bright, they were Beacon Secondary’s soon to be seniors, finishing as of that day the second to last year needed to graduate and finally move into more interesting areas of study - whether it be academic or otherwise.

Blake, Yang, Ruby, Pyrrha, Ren and Nora were already there and waved him over with smiles. 

Blake did not smile, instead choosing to have a small upturn of the lips, while Ruby beamed and bounced, lunging forward to tug him to the group where he met an equally radiant Pyrrha. Nora continued her story, describing another dream with excitement while Ren’s face absorbed the heat of the sun with a small smile. Yang punched him in the shoulder, and he smiled, happy to have found a group that accepted him all those years ago.

A gust of wind blew through the trees, and the conversations came to a natural lull as the bell rang. Heading to class, they spent the next few hours with lame, but slightly cool class parties with lame movies, before being dismissed into the sunny open air of summer following a quick forward from the principal and vice-principal.

School was now considered officially closed for Summer vacation.

“You guys hear about that meteor shower tonight?” Ruby asked as they reconvened on the walk to the bike shed. Everyone rode in the town, as they were broke students, cars were expensive, and they didn’t live that far anyways. “It’s supposed to be the first time in eight years since we’ve had an event like this!”

“Definitely not something you see every day.” Weiss chimed in. “Though I have seen an eclipse before.”

“Ahem.” Coughing for attention, Ruby continued. “Anyways, because it doesn’t happen all that often, and it’s the last day of school, and we don’t have any plans for tonight, we were going to have a barbeque at my house tonight!”

“I’m going to assume you’re telling us this because we’re invited, and not because you just want to brag, right?” Yang said, trapping the smaller struggling girls’ head under her arm and giving her a rub. “Because doing something that nefarious would be totally not cool.”

Obviously you guys are invited! You guys are my best friends, and my mother simply wouldn’t stand for it if you guys didn’t come over!” Ruby said with happiness before quickly mumbling something else with a blush.

“Sorry, I missed that last part. Anyone catch that?” Blake said, breaking her usual silence before looking around. Nobody else had caught onto her mumbling, so Ruby repeated herself and Jaune raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, what?”

“You guys also kinda need to come with food because we don’t have enough for so many people!” Cutely doing the puppy dog eyes she knew none could resist she watched everyone bowl over like so many pins at her efforts. “Great, so Jaune you bring a bunch because, you know, you’ve got eight plus ones.”

“Ren and Nora, bring whatever’s lovable by large quantities of people, Blake, a veggie tray or something, sushi? Was that racist? Nah. Yang, you can bring whatever you deem appropriate - not beer again, mum is still mad from last time. Pyrrha, consider some, I-don’t-know, cereal , ah, I’m just kidding, chips & dips are cool.”

Weiss looked intently at the younger girl. “And me? What exactly am I meant to bring! Because if you’re trying to imply that I am not competent enough to bri-”

“Ice. Yup, Weiss on ice duty. Bring ice and cups! Sorry, I know how being left out is a touchy subject for you.” The short one said, her reddish-black hair bouncing with a giggle. “Everyone understands what they’re bringing? Good!”

Laughing together, the group hopped onto their bikes and rode out together, hitting the pavement with a little bit of well deserved reckless abandon. They were finally going to have a full summer of fun, and hopefully leave the drama behind!

Peeling off at their respective turns to get home, the group promised to meet later at the Rose-Xiao-Long abode and drifted off until there were only two, and then one. Riding home, Jaune could feel the wind in his hair.

There was a new feeling in the air. Like something was going to change. The sun was warm on his back and the wind cool on his skin. His sisters were happy, his friends were happy, he was happy, everything was working out. 

The upcoming year would be different.

It would be a good year, and it would all start with a banger party.

~oOo~ The Power of Love! ~oOo~


Life was in full swing, music blaring from the speakers brought outside. The sun was on the verge of beginning to set, and it was around eight o’clock’. The sky was becoming a beautiful hue of orange, light purple and blue, as the daylight faded away.

There were some small party games going on and chatting amongst parents about the best way to cook meat, as well as who in the neighbourhood outside of their group was sleeping with who else.

Ruby’s backyard was a wide grassy space, with plenty of room, a mid-sized pool that had seen some earlier use, a patio with chairs and benches that thankfully had cushions. Earlier festivities had somewhat declined, and already people were moving around to relax and chill with their friends around the outdoor firepit.

There were blondes everywhere, most of Jaune’s family had come with him, now interspersed with their friends. Kali had come with her daughter, Blake, but the woman’s husband hadn’t appeared as he was deployed at the time. Yang’s mother had even decided to show up, which wasn’t often for social functions such as this but from what everyone could tell she was trying to get more involved and was having a good time.

Weiss’ younger brother had been there but had gone home early citing stomach issues, and was taken home by their mother, who it seems had finally gotten her alcoholism under control after the divorce and subsequent self-bettering spree.

And so it would be here that we found our hero, Jaune Arc sitting on a couch. 

“Man, I’m so tired,” Ruby said slumping into the seat next to him as Yang flopped into the couch opposite him and Nora, Ren and Pyrrha showed up occupying some space nearby. “At the same time as I’m tired, it’s only eight! We’ve gotta do more than this!”

“How about the park!?” Nora asked, shooting upwards with newfound energy (which never quite seemed to drain away). “They’ve got swings and monkey bars, and it’s only like two blocks away!” 

“Well, nobody’s arguing, so let’s go!” Yang said, rolling off the couch. Jaune noticed her lack of a shirt, wearing only a bikini top. Her tits were briefly distracting, but he made sure to control himself and stop himself from admiring her tone body too much.

Leaving whoever hadn’t been informed behind, they walked the small while to the park. When the swings came into sight, there was the natural race to see who would be the first to get there. Eating a fist to the face from Nora, Jaune stumbled and pulled Pyrrha onto the grass with him as he got back to his feet. Outpacing Ruby’s quick, but small strides, he ran but didn’t get there before either the cutthroat Nora or the cheating Ren. 

“Haha!~ Suck it, Jauney boy! Now go play on the slide or something.” The only orange-haired one in the group said as she swung herself higher with a hilarious laugh. 

Giving a needlessly exasperated sigh, he climbed up the structure definitely not built for so many heavy people. It wobbled but did not fall, standing tall. Spotting Pyrrha on top of the monkey-bars, he made his way up before plonking himself down behind his long-time best friend.

“The name’s Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, and the ladies love it.” He must admit his heart did a small flutter as she laughed. It was a beautiful, full thing, ringing around and joining the now darkened playground. 

Misguided by his mother, years ago, that was the first thing he had ever said to her.

“Jaune, do you think you’re ever going to give up that line?” She said, giving him a radiant smile. The red-haired athlete had always put up with his antics, and even now he knew she wasn’t really being serious.

“Not if it continues getting such lovely laughs as those.” He responded noting her blush - being complimented was always something that did that to her. “How are you doing, Pyrrha? Been a while since you and I have just gotten together and just talked , you know?”

She fidgeted with her sleeve. “I absolutely understand! I feel like we’re not alone as often as before, but that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Best-friendships are all good and well, but I think we’re both happy with Ruby, Blake, Weiss and Yang around, aren’t we?”

“That we are.” He said, looking behind him to said friends that were there. Yang, still without a proper top, was pushing Ruby up a fireman’s pole. “Doesn’t mean we still can’t feel free to be alone and talk without them though.”

Pyrrha hummed in agreement, a smile once more finding its way to her beautiful features. 

Perhaps it was the day having gone so perfect, so well, that he finally took notice of Pyrrha’s true beauty. As though she was carved by a master mason, her facial features were clear, well defined, and free from blemishes. Skin he knew was soft, oh so soft, and yet, her cheekbones were sharp.  

Her eyes, usually a sparkling bright green were a darker, deeper, and more intimate shade than usual in the day’s already dead light - they carried within them the same mirth she so often provided everyone with. Her hair was long, and a bright, unapologetic red that screamed: “look at me, I demand your attention and you will not regret giving it to me!”

It was at that moment that Jaune realized he liked his best friend Pyrrha Nikos.

Jaune wasn’t entirely sure how he’d missed it before. He loved spending time with her - just being in the same room typically brought a small smile to his face. Their senses of humour were similar, and he loved her laugh, every part of her voice and thoughts and mind and soul. He loved her body and how she treated others, the effort she put in to be the best without caring what others thought, the loyalty she paid him knowing it would be repaid.

That deep trust, that bond, that was something that couldn’t have been broken by a single fucked up moment. That was something that even if he failed here, couldn’t be destroyed. He knew now, that he would confess, tonight, and there would be no better way to do it.

He didn’t see the importance of waiting, the thoughts of doubt, the possibility of failure because everything was unknown, and on that day, at that park, he was in the moment. He wasn’t in the future or trapped in his mind.

He was in the moment.

… And yet, he couldn’t quite bring himself to say anything with the rest of their friends around. Not because of shame, but because of what an intimate moment it was - he would lay himself bare, emotionally raw, and undisguised. 

People don’t show that to just anyone, oftentimes regardless of how close a friend they are.

So instead he sat there on the monkey bars two feet away from his best friend, watching the wind blow through the trees surrounding the field the park was within. They enjoyed a comfortable silence, which turned back into small talk, then active chatting, then conversations, and jokes.

During that day alone, they had reconnected so deeply - the year had been such a wild ride to move them apart the first time, but now they were strong again, and as the time ticked on and the others grew tired and bored, and the day grew old and dark, they continued talking.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

Turning at the sound of vibration with an accompanied ringtone of some female singer that sounded vaguely familiar, Jaune watched Yang take out her phone, the screen illuminating her skin and face in the now night time.

Answering, eventually all the other members there climbed off their respective play-thing and crowded around her, assuming that she was getting a call to go home. He noted that this could be his chance if he only wanted to take it.

“Mum is telling me that the radio says the shower will start soon, so we should probably start heading back.” The boisterous blonde said. Everyone agreed with her, understanding the reasoning behind that, but Jaune looked around, then upwards, clearly making a show of it.

There was a clear, unobstructed view of the sky for yards and yards around, little to no light pollution. The park itself would be the perfect spot to watch the meteor shower.

“I don’t know, Yang. I might just stay here and watch it.” Jaune continued, looking around at the group. Hopefully at least one of them would be bright enough. “Anyone to care to stay behind? Pyrrha?” 

“I agree. Here would be a lovely place to watch.”

Nora made to say something before a hand quickly clamped onto her shoulder with an ominous, titanium strength grip. (And I know something about a titanium strength grip, believe me!) Ren stood next to her, emotionless as ever and Yang gave a thumbs up which turned into her pointing over her left shoulder with the same thumbs.

“Sounds cool, but I think we’re going to head back, right guys?”

Getting nods of agreement all around, four members began walking off and Pyrrha got a bit closer as they left. “I think I spotted a bench just a little over there. Sitting on the monkey bars and staring straight up would probably be dangerous after a while.”

Making their way towards said bench, the two of them enjoyed the quiet of the night, taking in the grass between their flip flops, the wind, kicking up once more, in their hair. While before they were alone in the sense of isolation within a group, now they were truly alone with one another.

Coming to their previously mentioned seat, the two of them began looking upwards, the cool surface of the wood beneath them. 

“You know, in Mistral, you would never be able to see the stars as they are now.” Pyrrha said, pulling her hair over one shoulder. “The light pollution is so bad that in the city, or even the suburbs you can only see the very brightest stars.”

“It’s kind of sad, really. Because looking at this now, I am seeing what hundreds of thousands of people are missing out on… And we can see this any night we want. Maybe we don’t consider how lucky we are sometimes.” She continued, looking upwards.

He hummed in agreement.

Above them was a spectacular series of stars and what must’ve been distant galaxies and nebulas. Explosions that occurred millions of years ago were only now having their light meet the Earth, in a sense a form of time travel. They were watching history happen, millions of years after it happened in many hues of purple, blue, the occasional yellow, and white, all stationary, yet moving faster than they could believe in the grand scheme of things.

Jaune briefly felt it. The nothingness that you got sometimes when you realized that you truly were insignificant. He was tiny, nothing but a cosmic spark in the infinite darkness. His actions would never compare with a majesty such as that, and in the end, if they couldn’t, he had only one reason to try… He had to try to make himself happy because if he can’t be remembered, like so many stars, and would eventually be lost within time, he would have to make the most of the time he had right then.



The two gave a soft laugh and looked away from one another, where they had been previously looking up. Funny, how two could be such friends, and yet at times it could be difficult just to look the other person in the face.

“Pyrrha, I have something I want to say to you.” He said, looking at her, finding the courage to make full eye contact. Her green eyes sparkled, reflecting, just a bit, the night sky. He saw her lips, delicate, perfectly formed. Her nose, perhaps slightly too sharp, but he loved it all the same. “Provided you’ll let me, of course.”

“Be my guest…”

His throat closed, for a moment, and he felt his heart beating in his ears, heard the steady drum of the muscle keeping him alive. “Pyrrha… I don’t really know how I’m meant to say this, and I’m not sure if it’ll be quite what you deserve, but I think I have to say it today, or else I’ll regret it.”

The girls’ mouth opened and closed for a moment, though it seemed she drew no breath. 

“We’ve known one another for a long time, at this point… We’ve done basically everything: crazy adventures, quiet afternoons, arguments, agreements, deep conversations and unimportant small talk. We’ve done the movie theatres, the restaurants, our parents have met, we’ve slept in the same room, we’ve done so much together.”

“You and I have done so much together, it’s almost like the list never ends… And I think - no I know , that I think I’ve realized something; and perhaps I’m kinda stupid, or dense, or maybe just a little oblivious, or perhaps I’m as big a twit as some people make me out to be, but Pyrrha - ” 

Moments in time flashed before his eyes. He’s seen her in every state: mad, angry, annoyed, but also euphorically happy, pleased, content, sad, competitive, worn down. He’s seen her in every situation: clothed, accidentally naked, winning, losing (albeit rarely), close to others, and trying to break in. He’s seen the best and the worst sides of her, and they were two sides to the same coin that made up Pyrrha Nikos.

“- I think that the only person I would really want to do that sort of stuff with for the foreseeable future is you . I want to be there on the bad hair days, the day your metaphorical dog dies, but also the day you graduate, and the day you accomplish your  goals, and make your dreams come true.”

Every second rushed through his mind, and he forgot about his beating heart, flicking by. The shared laughs, the awkward silences, the moments in between - every second they were together made itself known, going faster and faster until he was here. 

So, he looked upwards into the face of the girl he lik- no, loved , and saw her tears, and at that moment, he too realized maybe he didn’t know her just as well as he thought he did.

“And I can see I’ve made you upset, so if you’ll just let me finish, I feel like it’s important I say this now-” She weakly shook her head, but he continued on, scooching closer to her on the bench and taking one strong, yet unbelievably soft hand in both of his. Her eyes glistened, the same as her cheeks. “But I love you, Pyrrha Nikos.”

“Now, I’m sorry th-” 

He was promptly shut up by her closing the gap and kissing him. Between them, he could feel her smile, her soft hot lips, and her hands run up his chest and shoulders before settling around his neck. His hands, now free, settled around her waist, making their way up her back, rubbing the soft shirt and skin beneath.

To call it magical was a disparage to the kiss itself.

It was more than magical, it was amazing, stupendous, all those words he could barely remember at that moment. It was all that and more, really there was only one word that could describe it, and it was a possible impossibility: perfect . And so like a moment stretched on forever under the stars, they kissed.

Soon, they broke apart, breath needing to be had but they kissed again. And again. And again. Each and every time was as good as the last, if not better. Her legs had swung so they laid across his lap, and they had closed the distance between them, becoming less two people and more one single pile of limbs on a bench. 

After a few more it became more than innocent. From lip on lip to tongues entwining in hot passion, the two of them pulled the other closer, finding the clothes they wore to be the only thing keeping one another apart. He felt her breasts against his chest, the soft pillows of flesh containing two hardened nipples rubbing against him.

One hand found its way into her luscious soft hair and he took in her scent, her feel, her heat, her taste, her everything . The other ran up her long, smooth legs, and he admired the toned muscle beneath the feminine form.

 Jaune had already decided the day to be one of the best of his life, and this had certainly topped it as the greatest. Their tongues continued duelling, instinct driving them more than skill, and saliva mixed. 

His phone fell out of his pocket and onto the grass but he didn’t care - he was only focussed on her. Neither could believe how good it felt, and Jaune wondered why he had taken so long to realize he loved this woman. 

Finally pulling apart from the ecstasy giving, life-changing kiss the two of them had just shared, a thin trail of saliva between them, Jaune looked at her face. She wasn’t crying anymore, face instead flushed, a bright red matching her hair - hair which was slightly in disarray from where his fingers still hung, now moved around the side, thumbs resting on the front of her face. 

Only imagining he looked much the same, Jaune tried to catch his breath and smiled as he did so, before giving a little, joy-filled laugh. He watched her smile and felt the urge to kiss her again, but just continued holding her close.

“Mmm.” Humming in contentedness, she pulled his hands from her face and instead around her shoulders, placing herself essentially sitting under his arm and in his lap at once. “I don’t need to say what I was going to say, anymore.”

“Hmm? I’m still interested in hearing it.”

The girl so used to winning blushed, new red somehow being distinct against her still burning face. “I-I was going to tell you that I loved you, tonight, too… But it looks like you won this round, Jaune.”

“I wouldn’t quite describe us professing our love for one another as a game of winning or losing…” He said, looking at her sparkling green eyes. “But if it means that much to you, I’m willing to accept a tie.”

She laughed again. He couldn’t quite get enough of it. The two sat there. 

“You know, after tonight this is going to sound kind of silly, but I’ve actually liked you for a long time,” Pyrrha said, stroking the back of his hand. “I guess I was just so afraid that you wouldn’t feel the same - and after all the times I tried and you misunderstood, or the times I basically asked you out and you just didn’t get it.”

Pyrrha sighed, and his still racing mind began going through memories, fast as his heartbeat.

“Everyone thought you were even trolling me sometimes, but we eventually decided you weren’t that mean, and that you really were just that dense.” She said, giving a little sigh, but doing so with a smile. “But, I love you nonetheless, Jaune. Just as I’m sure you accept me for me, I’ll accept you too - even if it means accepting you being as dense as a neutron star.”

“W-wait. So you’re telling me that two years ago when we went out to karaoke just the two of us, we were on a date? And that time you said you loved me in truth or dare you weren’t doing it just to avoid having to give a real answer? And that time you left the door open while you showered and I fixed your computer was a way to seduce me? How about that time you gave me those chocolates for Valentine's Day?”

A soft hand patted his chest. “All of that and so much more you just didn’t notice .”

Long peals of laughter escaped him now. Here he was, not realizing after all this time that he loved her, while at the same time having missed all that time just how desperately she loved him. He truly was dense as a neutron star… 

Looking upwards, Jaune followed her gaze to the still clear heavens. Now the event was starting, streaks occurring randomly in their line of sight, bright white and beautiful, burning with heat as the passion between them had just minutes before. 

They were everywhere and soon began coming in different colours. From all directions there was bright, bright light blues shining, and yellows as quick as a flicker of light in the darkness. Beautiful streaks, time and time again they came, each seemingly more intriguing than the last, and he held Pyrrha’s hand, wondering if they were alone in the universe.

Wondering if they were the only form of life that could appreciate an event such as this - such a spectacular meteor shower was rare, usually, they were simple, infrequent. But this was something more, there was always one in the sky, if not two, or five, or ten at once. He almost didn’t know where to look, instead taking up the moments to admire the cosmic symphony, singing in a language he didn’t understand, showing him images that he wouldn’t remember by the end.

So, there they sat, together, watching it until she shivered in his arms.

“If you’re cold we can head back. I’m sure it’ll still be going on… Then we can sit by the fire-pit with everyone, and relax in warmth if you’d prefer.” He chuckled to himself. “To be honest, I wanted us alone just so I could confess to you, but now that I suppose we’ve decided we’re a couple there’s nothing wrong with returning to the others.”

“Mmmh… Let’s just sit here for a few minutes longer.”

Pyrrha wanted it that way, and so it was, the two of them remaining unseparated for the next five minutes until she tapped his arm and he retracted it. She got up, dusting herself a bit. Jaune’s eyes wandered, looking at her now not as his friend, but as his girlfriend.

He could understand why she’d been cold earlier. His girlfriend wore a navy blue t-shirt with a v-neck neckline, exposing some cleavage that he just began to see in a different light. While before he wasn’t a perfect guy and looked away, growing up with seven sisters had somewhat desensitized him to the magic that was breasts .

Yet, he looked nonetheless, now feeling within himself a hunger for her body, becoming intimate with her. They were perfectly round, and he could remember the soft feeling from earlier. They were large and were barely contained by the neckline - perfect white skin showing. 

Blue eyes trailed down her body to the bottom, down her long exposed legs, strong and fit as she was an athlete. Then his eyes wandered up once more and settled on her behind, the perfect ass contained in some jean shorts. Not the kind that was too high and too tight that no mother would let her daughter out in them, but pleasant enough that she looked absolutely stunning under the starlight. 

“Admiring the view?”

Jaune raised his hands in surrender. “You caught me - take me away o’girlfriend mine.”

Turning she offered him her hand and pulled him up off the bench, entwining her long slender fingers in his as they began the walk back. She entwined herself around his left arm, and once more he felt her tits against him. They were walking for a minute under the still falling meteorites, burning in orbit as Jaune smacked his other palm into his face.

“My phone fell out earlier, actually. You can keep going, I’ll catch up!” He said, detaching and giving her a kiss once more that made him melt, before hustling back to the bench to retrieve his phone.

Running as opposed to walking, he was much quicker, and bent down, reaching through the bench to grab his phone. Turning it over in his hands he considered trying to record the meteor shower for a moment before realizing there was no way his phone camera would have a great enough amount of exposure to do it justice.

So, accepting what was, he began his jog back to his girlfriend, when he felt something different.

Wind which had before been going through the trees surrounding the clearing had picked up, which in itself was not unusual… But it came with an intensity, a gale-force as opposed to a summer’s breeze - a wind more like that of a hurricane, than a desk-top fan. 


So too did the grass change - where before it was soft around his feet, dark around his flip flop, it was now… Almost covered in light? A dark yellow, like that of a fluorescent street lamp, seemed to be shining on it, and he heard a whoosh of more displaced air.

Turning, he felt a scorching heat on his back, then his front. Jaune did not realize what was happening until it was too late. He looked up and saw that there was a meteorite coming right for him before the world went dark.

~oOo~ The Power of Love! ~oOo~


Beep! … Beep! … Beep! … Beep! … Beep! … Beep! … Beep!

It was the only thing he noticed anymore. The Beeping (as he would later call it) would occupy his every waking moment, every thought, every sense, beeping. All of it, occurring in a steady interval which seemed oddly familiar - just after every one Mississippi there it would be, again and again.

Consuming his thoughts, his heart, his everything for those first few moments of being awake again, those beeps were - quite literally - his lifeline. Or, to be more accurate, it was a heart rate monitor, spiking each and every time his heart pumped more blood and oxygen through his body. 

His throat was scratchy, soar, and dry, so unforgivably dry. His tongue felt too big, and Jaune could suddenly locate each and every one of his teeth simply by thinking about it. His eyes felt crusty and just as dry as his tongue. The hair on his head was suddenly too heavy, and the sheets on top of him suddenly too rough.

So, he opened his eyes.

What Jaune was met with was essentially what was expected. A hospital room which was thankfully private, complete with not curtains, but four full walls. There was a wooden door to his left, past some machinery like the infamous heart rate monitor and IV-drip. In front of him, a hospital door, complete with a small window and all. The wall to his right was undecorated save for an empty pair of hospital seats.  A nightstand was to his right, against the wall behind him, on it a glass of water sitting on a coaster, and what looked to be a vast series of cards. 

Also sitting there was a single vase, which appeared handmade, imperfect as it was, containing seemingly randomly selected flowers from the route whoever had brought the vase had taken to the hospital.

Looking down, he spotted the IV in his arm and looked away with a wince.

To say he was afraid of needles wasn’t quite accurate, but the thought that this had been inside of him for who knows how long did have a way of making him feel viscerally uncomfortable. 

Giving a deep sigh, he watched the curtains on the window to his right blow with the wind, as though occupied by ghosts. He saw the sunlight glancing off of the white lace, a beautiful moment for what was clearly not his greatest.

He had to admit, it was somewhat disappointing that there had been nobody else in the room, ready to leap to his side the moment he woke. That was always what was seen in films and shows - always someone who cared enough to sleep at the hospital, to make their very lives revolve around him waking up.

But that would be selfish. No time should be wasted just to watch him sleep.

Mind beginning to turn, Jaune was becoming more alert every second, and he had come to several key conclusions: if he was awake and didn’t remember getting here, and there was time for many cards to be put on his bedside table, he was there longer than one night. 

So too, he inspected his person, and it seemed as though he wore no casts. He was stiff, but not broken. Tired, but not dead. This led him to believe that it had been time enough for any wounds from impact to have mostly healed, or at least enough that there was no point in wearing a cast.

Lastly, was the heart monitor.

There was no reason to give a heart monitor to someone with a broken leg or other limb. There was no reason to give a heart monitor to someone with a concussion, who was simply sleeping overnight at the hospital. No, for there to be a heart monitor involved at all, that must have meant that currently, or at some point in the past, his condition had been quite dire. 

Breathing in once, deep, then again, deep, Jaune noticed his heart monitor’s pace change, ever so slightly as he did so. Looking down to his left hand, he saw where they had attached the monitors, and pulled them off. 

Weak at first, then stronger, it took him a few tries, but by the end of it, he felt enough strength and control over his arms again to brave removing the IV. Swinging up into a sitting position, he noticed truly just how sore and stiff he was. His back hurt, his legs hurt, his arms hurt. 

Giving the floor a few cursory taps, he turned onto his stomach, lowering himself off of the bed until his feet were both firmly planted. Standing, he felt wobbly, but not unable to. His strength hadn’t totally left. 

Heading towards the door to the left of his bed, he stumbled in, shutting the wooden door behind him. Spotting a toilet, he sat down with a deep and heavy sigh, before doing his business. Thankfully he was wearing a hospital gown, with no back.

Finding himself eventually standing at the sink, he looked into the mirror.

Clearly, someone had been taking care of him. He was shaved, not too recently or fantastically well, and it was slightly uneven on the sides. Noticing that, he looked at his nails: those too were maintained, cut short some time ago. But, the hair on his head was long, blonde bangs falling over his face, and down his neck.

Jaune saw little scaring, or any signs of injury on the surface at all. 

Drinking from the tap to hand, he gulped down the cool liquid, taking enough so that he felt like he would burst briefly before resurfacing. He washed his face, cooling his neck. He stretched, twisting his back, working his arms, legs, slowly working more heat into the muscles.

Spazzing out for a second, he limped closer with a cramp for a moment before hearing a banging on the door outside. Instinct took over - he knew not why he did it but every sense told him he was in danger. Taking cover behind the sink and opening a small drawer, he pulled out the floss, unravelling it in his hands like a garrote.

There was some shouting, then a wail, and what sounded like people crying from behind the door. It took him a moment, but he would remember that weeping anywhere. Instead of fear, it was affection and care that took hold of his heart, and he opened the door and returned back to his hospital room.

Crowded in the center of the room in what looked a bit like a massive blob of humanity, was eight blonde women, holding on to each other for strength and support, some wailing, others seemingly looking straight into nothingness in front of their very eyes. They hugged and cried, and there was some cursing coming from somewhere in there.

Following suit, he joined in the hug, wrapping his long lanky arms around what sisters he could manage coming in from the side for a hug like that. There was some poking, but they continued hugging, accepting his embrace in the group hug as one of his sisters, Amethyst (who would later identify herself to be) curled into his chest, grasping at the hospital down as he placed his chin on her head.

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay… You’ll be okay. Now, what’s wrong?” He goaded, hoping for any reason as to why his family would be so upset. 

“I-I-It’s Jau-” She burst into wailing tears again, face scrunching up in pain. It was undignified, a bit, sure, but by the way, her mascara was running without care she was clearly too hurt to give a shit. “He-He’s dead! They t-told us he flatlined twenty minutes ago!”

Wailing once more, she clutched at him and he just pulled his family closer towards him. Still, they struggled but generally seemed to be migrating in his direction. “A-and now they’ve moved his dead body! W-while he was still w-warm!”

“You’ll be okay…” He kissed the top of her head, letting her occupy all the space beneath his chin. She fit perfectly, five-foot-eight inches tall, to his six foot one. “Now who’s dead? Because if they aren’t I’ll beat them to death for distressing you like this.”

Jaune ! He’s dead! Dead! Deeeea- Wai-” His sister looked up at him, eyes still pooled with tears, snot coming out of her nose, makeup ruined and hair in a mess. Even as she hicked and wept, something dawned on her.

“You son of a bitch!”

He found that suddenly he was looking at a different part of the room than he had previously been. Pain erupted in his neck, and spots danced before his vision. Suddenly his vision truly was changing, giving him all sorts of new perspectives to be seen, like the underside of his hospital be-

~oOo~ The Power of Love! ~oOo~


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