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The Brothers Ravencroft

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Sally McKnight looked upon Ben Ravencroft's house and shuddered. As her dad pulled their vehicle into the dead author's driveway, she couldn't help but remember all the hell that he had put her and her friends through when Mystery Inc. had came to Oakhaven with the popular horror writer, unaware (as they all had been) that he would turn out to be a mad, power-hungry warlock who wanted to be just like his villainous relative, who was a witch and also deceased.

"You don't have to go in, Sally," Mr. McKnight assured her.

Sally smiled at her father. He was old, and had very little grey hair on his head. His face, however, was still firm and caring, reminding her who was still boss even though she was a teenaged lead singer in an all-girls Gothic rock band.

"I'm going in, Daddy." Sally planted her hands on her hips. "Old Ben might've been a horror writer but he wasn't that scary."

Mr. McKnight chuckled. "You always were as hard-headed as your mother," he remarked before following her inside the house, which was dark, cold, and empty, just like its owner had been.

"Looks like the mayor cleaned everything out," Mr. McKnight noted as he and his daughter strolled about the house, seeing no sign of the typewriter or the posters that had littered the walls of the author's liar at the time he had still been alive. It was all bare.

"Oh yeah, he said that he was putting all that stuff in a new museum." Sally actually felt sorry for herself. The last time that the mayor had come up with a money scheme it had nearly destroyed the entire town. To makes matters worse, her father had played a part in the scheme and she didn't know what she would do if she was involved in another destructive incident like that again.

"See anything you want?" Mr. McKnight asked. Sally swallowed.

"The bathroom," she gasped, and sprinted off, leaving her father to stand in Ben's studio alone.

 Standing in the bathroom, Sally peered into the only mirror that still remained in the house and studied her self in it. Instead of having the usual, gothic-white face staring back at her in the glass, Sally was now seeing the expression of a lost, confused girl who had dark, brown hair and was only looking for a place to live.

"I wonder if this is it," she mused, looking around the place and not really seeing her self living here at all. It brought back too many sore memories of the time that she had been forced to battle Ben and his sister, Sarah Ravencroft, and was required to reawaken the Wicca powers that been hidden within her ever since her mother had died…

"That's over now." She blew a strand of dark hair out of her face and beginning to turn away from her reflection when she felt a cold breath trailing down her neck. A smooth, seductive voice emitted from the mirror.

"Hello, Sally, we meet again!"

Sally screamed. That was Ben's voice! His ghost was still here, haunting his own house.

Afraid to turn around, Sally tore out of the bathroom, Ben's evil laughter following her all the way out the door as she ran.