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Heroes and Hive Magic

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Izuku awoke to nausea in his stomach.


He was needing to sleep less and less these days due to the power he had been amassing, but he hadn’t reached the point where he could go without it forever. 


It wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy sleeping, but he had so many things he would rather be doing than resting, even if it was important. He had so many plans, so many things to do.


But he had never woken up like this before. He could feel his a pressure building all around him, rising from the floor and through the roof, making him shiver as it passed through him.


He grabbed some clothes, just a basic outfit consisting of black pants, red boots, a white shirt, and a blue hoodie, before running outside to see a gathering of Guardians in the courtyard of the Tower.


And then he saw what was making him feel nauseous. Looking up into the sky, it was almost like the Traveller, the source of the Guardian’s powers, was glowing with life. Izuku could feel the strings in between the giant white Orb and the Guardians, flooding everyone in the courtyard with energy.


And then he saw the stage at the front of the crowd, where the Vanguard was standing, alongside a group of six Guardians. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd, finding it surprisingly easy, as many of the Guardians seemed distracted.


It seemed like Zavala was happy with the number of people gathered in front of him, because he fired a shot into the air, gaining their attention. “Greetings, to both Guardians and the Lightless!”


“Today is a momentous day! One that we shall keep in our history books as the first time we scored a proper victory against the enemies of the Traveller! Today, The Vex mind, Atheon of the Vault of Glass, has fallen!”


At this, the crowd gathered in front of Zavala went wild . Even Izuku was stunned. From the scouting reports that he had gotten to look at, the Vault of Glass was a major stronghold for a race known as the Vex, which were basically Issac Asimov’s nightmare.


This ‘Atheon’ apparently had the ability to control time inside the vault and had used it to try and restore something called the Black Heart, an odd force of the darkness that had been dampening the Traveller’s power.


Izuku didn’t know everything about the other enemies that the Guardians faced, his speciality was the Hive and their magics of course, but even he knew how momentous an occasion this was.


The group of six guardians stepped forward and pulled their ghosts out, letting them hover over their shoulders. Zavala clapped the one closest to him, a Titan, on the shoulder as he continued his speech. 


“And we have these six Guardians to thank! They raided the Vault of Glass and succeeded where many others have failed! Introduce yourselves, our champions of the hour!”


The group consisted of two of each of the classes. There were two Titans, one in pure black armour with green highlights, the other in armour with Hakke camo on it. Izuku could feel Void energy coming off of the one in the green and black armour, and Solar energy from the Hakke one. They both seemed powerful and full of light.


The two Hunters were both dressed in identical sets of armour, but one had a pink cloak while the other had a brown one. From what Izuku could tell, they were both female, the slight curve in their armours tipping him off. The brown-cloaked one emanated Void energy, while the Pink cloaked one let off the occasional spark of Arc energy.


The two Warlocks seemed to vary on how interested they were in this ceremony. One of them, the female Warlock, who had some of the most expensive-looking gear on he had seen on a Guardian, seemed to be soaking up the cheers, while the male Warlock, who was in red-and-white crucible gear seemed to just want to leave already.


The one in the black and green armour seemingly noticed how uncomfortable the red-and-white Warlock was, so he waved him up first. The Warlock visibly sighed and stepped forward taking off his helmet.


The first thing that Izuku noticed was the man’s heterochromia, one eye being vibrant blue, while the other was a dull grey. He bowed to the group, putting on a shaky smile. “Uh, Hello. My name is Shoto Towairatio, Solar Warlock.”


He then stepped back quickly and almost hid behind the black and green Titan, who laughed, waving the next person forward. Apparently he wanted to be last. 


The pink-cloaked Hunter stepped up first, taking off her helmet with a flourish, revealing her fluffy brown hair. “Hey everyone! The name’s Mina Sando! I’m a Bladedancer! If any of y’all wanna learn some of my moves I’d be happy to teach you!”


The other Hunter stepped forward and took her helmet off, placing her hand on Mina’s shoulder. She had short brown hair in a bob-cut, and Izuku could see her blush even from where he stood. “Alright, chill Mina. Hello everyone! My name is Yuu Uraraka! But feel free to call my Yuura, everyone does.”


The black and green Titan waved the only other member of the fire team forward after Yuu stepped back, taking Mina with her. The cream-coloured helmet hissed as it came off, revealing a head of spiky blonde hair, and crimson eyes.


Izuku’s entire world stopped as he saw the Titan’s face. Could… could it really be him? Izuku hadn’t even considered the possibility of this happening. He had never anticipated that something like even could happen.


But he should have. He should have expected something like this.


The blonde smirked as he let Solar fire coat his body, raising his arms into a victory stance. “Sup, fuckers! The names Katsuki Furea! Don’t you fucking forget it! I’m gonna beat everyone else and become the next Titan Vanguard once the smurf bites the dust!”


Izuku barely heard the cheering from the crowd as he took a step forward unconsciously. Guardians, too distracted by the loud, abrasive blond to care, moved out of his way as he reached the front.  Zavalla saw him and smiled, nodding towards him, before noticing the blank look on Izuku’s face as he stared at Katsuki. 


The Titan in question had seemed to notice Izuku as well, eyeing the boy as he slowly approached the stage.



Katsuki was a little surprised, not that he would show it.


The kid that had just pushed his way through the crowd and was now staring at him was a dead ringer for his fireteam leader if he was less buff and like fucking twelve years old. 


He nudged the green and black Titan, nodding his head at the kid, who still hadn’t taken his eyes off of Katsuki. “Heads up, dumbass. The little twerp at the front won’t stop staring at me. Is that the one Zavala told us about? The Hellmouth kid?”


The green and black Titan hummed before placing his hand on Katsuki’s shoulder. “I think it is. I hadn’t seen him before. He looks just like me. You thinking what I’m thinking?”


Katuski grunted and nodded, taking a step back after rearing the crowd up again. The green and black Titan stepped forward, taking off his helmet.


He noticed that the Hellmouth Kid’s eyes immediately left Katuski and jumped to him, the kid’s mouth falling open as he stared at him. He raised his fist into the air and smiled at the crowd, blowing a piece of his fluffy black hair out of his eyes.


“Greetings everyone! It is an honour to stand before you and be able to proclaim success! My name is Akatani Mikumo, and I am the fireteam leader for the Mighty Hydras!”


Flashing a smile to the crowd, his vision eventually landed on the boy again, who was staring up at him with sparkling eyes, even if the rest of his face was blank. “Tonight, we will be hosting party to celebrate this victory, complete with a mighty feast, fit for the kings of the golden ages!”


The cheers that erupted did nothing to distract him from the look that the boy that could well be his younger self gave him.


Full of curiosity, concern, and excitement.