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Heroes and Hive Magic

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Our story starts with two young boys.


Izuku Midoriya, a small, green haired boy with a seemingly weak Quirk, immunity to mental influences. It made him immune to mind control and telepathy, but had no other uses.


Soma Eichiro, a lanky redhead who’s Quirk seemingly made things vanish from existence. He would touch an object, there would be a flash, and then the object would be gone.


Both boys attended the same primary school, but hadn’t interacted before. The first time they had even spoken to each other was at a school camp when they were around 8 years old.


It was on that camping trip that Izuku Midoriya vanished, disappearing from the world.





Everywhere around Izuku was black, no light whatsoever. He seemed to be standing in some sort of liquid, but he couldn’t tell what kind.


Last thing he remembered, he had bumped into one of his classmates while they were bragging about their Quirk…


Did he get zapped by it or something? Was he dead? Or was he teleported somewhere?


He fumbled around in the dark until he found his backpack, the small bag filled with things like a torch, notebooks, and a Swiss Army knife his mum had given him as a gift for the camp. Flicking the torch on, he found himself in a small cavern, looking naturally formed by the water flowing through it.


But that wasn’t all. The cavern continued forward for a bit, leading away from where he had appeared. He swept his torch around the room some more and saw something move along the floor. Taking a step towards it, he became intrigued when he saw it was a worm, but white, and larger than any worm he had ever seen before.


Now that he had walked forward a bit, he could see a soft green glow coming from a crack in the wall in front of him. Taking a rock from the floor, he smacked the cracked wall a few times, letting out a little cheer as it collapsed open. The gap was only just big enough for him to crawl through, and he dragged his bag through after him.


He gasped as he turned away from the wall. 


He was in a large, arena like room, the architecture looking alien in nature. There were short pillars dotted on the ground in front of what looked like a stage at the back of the area. But what made him gasp was the enormous light green, glowing orb that was floating behind the area, and the creature that was standing on the stage.


As tall as a building, with 3 eyes glowing the same green as the orb and wielding a sword the size of a school bus, Izuku knew that this creature was powerful. Every instinct in his body was screaming at him to go back into the wall and never come out, so that he would never have to see this monstrous creature ever again.


Thankfully, it seemed like he hadn’t been noticed by the creature. It’s head drooped slightly, as if it was sleeping while standing. Spotting a doorway to his right, he scurried towards it, wanting to get as far away from the being as possible. Something that big, something that… powerful.


It shouldn’t exist.



Eris Morn was not having a good day.


Nor was she having a good week, or month, or even year. Her entire being, every resurrection she had, was focused on making sure that the Hive were exterminated from the moon.


And she couldn’t even say honestly that she knew it was working. They had been on the offensive against the Hive for almost an entire year now, and they just never stopped coming. That was why her fire team was descending into The Hellmouth. To find Crota, the Hive knight they suspected was in charge of the Hive.


There were six of them. Herself, Eriana-3, Vell Tarlowe, Sai Mota, Toland and Omar Agah, all capable and powerful guardians, but even they were falling.


“Eris! We need to move, now! We can’t stay pinned up here, or we’re done for!” Eris snapped out of her musings as Eriana-3 yelled at her, the sounds of gunshots and hive magic coming back into her awareness.


She ducked under a fireball and fired her hand cannon at the acolyte that threw it, downing it in one shot.


Thrusting her hand out in front of her, she let solar light fill her hand as she threw a fusion grenade into a crowd of thralls, changing targets as she saw them burn.


They were in a bad spot. Toland had gone missing about halfway down, Omar had died his final death after a pile of thrall had ripped apart his ghost, and Sai and Vell were wounded.


She didn’t know how much longer they could last like this.



Izuku was startled when he heard it at first.


The screeching and the gunshots and the explosions (which he was very familiar with thanks to Kachaan).


He started to shiver as he heard shuffling around him, but he continued on upwards, towards the gunfire. If there was. weapon being fired, it meant that someone was here, and they might be able to help him.


He was about to round a corner when he heard someone, a woman he thought, screaming as a loud buzzing noise started. Hugging the wall, he peeked around the corner and saw the strangest thing he had seen in his life.


One of those creatures, with a crown-like head made from bone, was floating in the air with what looked like a humanoid robot in its right hand. The left hand was over its face as the creature chanted something in a language that made Izuku’s skin crawl.


He felt his Quirk activate unconsciously, meaning that this chanting had some sort of telepathic aspect to it.


Never before in his life had he been more thankful for his Quirk than when the creature finished its chanting, and the robot dissolved into blue dust, before even that vanished. Holding in a scream to avoid being the creature's next victim, he scurried over to the nearest wall, searching for another hole. 


Finding one that looked safe, he dove in and curled up against the wall, trying his best to hold in his sobs.



Right before her eyes, Eris saw her best friend die.


She saw the Hive wizard sing a song of death and destruction at Eriana-3 and her ghost, and watched her dissolve before her eyes as she stuffed her fingers even further into her ears to block out the damned magic.


And as the last remaining guardian of her fire team, with her own light and ghost gone, she ran. She had no destination, she was just running. She felt her prized hand cannon fall from its tattered holster, but didn’t care. It wasn’t worth going back for.


In her panic, she thought she saw a young boy dive into a gap in the walls, but that wasn’t possible.


Was it?