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Shouta’s weirdly omniscient class.

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When Aizawa Shouta walked into his new class and saw everybody calmly seated and chatting, as if they'd done this a million times already, he just knew this year was gonna be long.

"Oi, sensei's here!" one kid, Jirou, said not even a second after he entered the room in stealth mode , and everyone quieted down instantly.

Shouta blinked, but ultimately didn't comment on it. Jirou had a hearing quirk, so it wasn't really impossible for her to have heard him coming, and maybe he just had a bunch of well-behaved kids for once?

Considering his luck, he doubted it.

"My name is Aizawa Shouta, and I'll be your homeroom teacher this year."


As he watched his class during the tests, Shouta noticed something was off. The kids were… just a bit too good with their quirks.

There were always one or two students who had trained their quirks before coming to UA, most of the time it was those recommended. But never had he seen a whole class knowing how to adapt their quirks for different situations before.

Aoyama knew exactly for how long and how many times he should use his quirk to not be incapacitated by its drawbacks.

Uraraka managed two infinities somehow; one in ball throw and the other in long jump, by making herself float.

Shinsou managed to take advantage of literally almost all of his classmates’ quirks for the tests.

Todoroki freezing the floor to slide on it while melting it behind him with his fire during the endurance and speed tests was methodical and definitely not something Shouta thought Endeavor capable of ever achieving, let alone teach to his child.

Midoriya, the kid who had broken both arm and legs during the entrance exam, suddenly learned how to Not Break His Bones™ and didn't even look tired as he used his quirk in every single one of the tests .

And so on.

By the end of the test, these kids had better scores than some third years, and Shouta honestly didn't know what to make of it.


"So, who'll deal with Mr. Handy McFuckFace this round?"

"Wasn't it Denki's turn?"

"Nah, I did it last time. It's Uraraka's."

"Uh, no? I'm sure it was Deku-kun's."

"Iida, do you remember whose turn it is?"

“It’s Izuku-kun’s, if my memory doesn’t betray me.”

"Yeah, and Shou and Shouji-kun take care of the Bird, while Kacchan, Kirishima, and Hitoshi do the Bartender."

"You got it, bro!"

"Whatever. You better do a good fucking job, Deku."

"And you better do your job quick, angry pomeranian."

"The fuck did you call me, Eyebags?!"

"You heard me, Explodo Boy."

"Now that I think about it, this is like the Original."

"Nah, Shouji-kun was with Koda-kun in that one, Hitoshi was with Shou instead."

"Yeah, and I like it better if I stay the hell away from that bird."

"Agreed," and a few more heads nodded along.

Shouta mentally sighed, not even attempting to make sense of his students' conversation as they made their way to the USJ.


Villains showed up. Because of course they did.

Shouta didn't even have time to yell at his students to run when he saw half of them jump in to fight the massive group of villains in the plaza. Midoriya, Todoroki, and Shouji leading the way. The green haired child drop-kicked a villain with hands covering all his body that seemed to be the leader, while the other two dealt with a huge black monster whose brain was exposed.

He didn't hesitate to jump in after them. His orders to run away from the fight falling in deaf ears.

He allowed himself to glance at those who stayed behind for a moment. Bakugou, Kirishima, and Shinsou were swiftly dealing with a mist guy with probably a warp quirk that had tried to warp them away, while Thirteen evacuated those few students who weren't fighting. Iida was nowhere to be seen, and Shouta wondered if he had managed to escape and seek for help.

He turned his attention back to the battle at hand, knocking out a villain that Asui had kicked towards him.

How do these kids know how to fight so well?

Almost as fast as the villains appeared, they were defeated, and honestly? Shouta was just too overwhelmed to even scold his students right now. So he settled for making sure they were uninjured. Which they basically were. After surviving a villain attack. On their first week of school.

What. The. Fuck.

Sero had taped the villain leader's mouth after Midoriya basically punched him to sleep, and after that the black creature had been apprehended very easily by Todoroki and Shouji. The rest of the villains were all out of commision and being tied up by various students.

"Are you alright, sensei?" Midoriya asked him in that tone Shouta himself usually used on scared civilians, and he could only stare at the child while trying to digest what just happened in the span of a few minutes.

"I think we broke him, kero."

" Hey, guys! " came Kaminari's voice from the speakers around the place. " We restored the communications, you should be able to use your phones now! "

" Also, we already notified the school and police, so they're on their way, " Jirou added.

"Oh, that's good," one of the kids sighed at his side, as if they hadn't just stopped a coordinated villain attack by themselves.

"Oi, extras!" Bakugou yelled from upstairs, and Shouta tiredly turned towards him. The child had a foot pressed over what seemed to be an out-of-commision mass of black mist while Kirishima stretched behind him and Shinshou yawned boredly. "Glasses fucking ran to campus again!"

"That's so Iida-like," Sero chuckled.

"He's the only one with enough common sense to go back for backup," Ashido commented amused. "That's why he's our class rep."

"So true."


Shouta quickly decided he wasn't paid enough to deal with this bullshit and went to check on Thirteen.


"Oh, here comes the scolding," Shouta heard right before opening the door to his class, as if he wasn't already in a bad mood.


When he announced the approaching Sports Festival, he expected his students to cheer, be excited, or something along those lines, because these were children that had just lived something traumatic and a school event should be a relief.

What he got instead was eighteen heads turning to look at Midoriya with an intensity that had the kid shrinking in his seat.

"I'll tone it down," the child muttered, completely unprompted.

"That's what you always say, dude," Kaminari accused.

"Well, I can't tone it down too much if Shou doesn't tone it down at all !" Midoriya defended, and suddenly all eighteen heads turned to the quiet student at the back of the class.

Todoroki looked up, face as passive as usual, and just shrugged.

"Plus ultra."

Shouta watched as eighteen faces looked in some degree of horror at Todoroki, and he could only wonder what the hell was happening now.


Midoriya won the first event by jumping over a bunch of mines and causing a massive explosion that took many precious years off Shouta’s life. The kid was followed swiftly by Todoroki, Bakugou, and another ten from their class.

Some class 1-B students were fuming, as well as their homeroom teacher, and to add salt to the injury, Midoriya hadn't even used his quirk to win.


The third round was bound to be interesting, what with the matches they made and considering all of them but two were from 1-A.

Shiozaki and Kamakiri didn't last long though.


" I'll tone it down , my ass," Shouta muttered to himself as he watched Todoroki and Midoriya try to murder each other on live television.


Everybody was holding their breath for the final match, Bakugou vs Midoriya, Shouta himself included, because he knew exactly how bruthal they both could be (he had seen it first hand during the USJ attack, after all).

And then those two idiots went and played rock scissors paper , and Midoriya got to kick Bakugou out of the ring without any kind of resistance aside from a few curses from the blonde.



"Oi, Aizawa!" Kan called, looking an odd mix of mad, desperate, and confused. "Just what are you teaching your kids?! They completely obliterated mine!"

"Honestly, Kan? I’d like to know as well."


“Hey, Shou! Look at this!”

He looked up from his paperwork at the phone his husband was practically shoving in his face. On the screen, he could read a news article about the capture of the Hero Killer the night before the Sports Festival. And how, apparently, the villain had been found unconscious and tied up in wrapper paper right outside the police station, so it was most likely a vigilante’s work.

To be honest, Shouta didn’t care who did it. The picture of this serial killer that had all the hero community in constant fear of being the next target, wrapped up in pink and white paper with a pretty red bow on top, was taking all of his attention.

“Some people are just insane,” Hizashi said, shaking his lightly, but he looked a second away from laughing at the disturbing image as well. “Whoever did this, I both respect and fear simultaneously.”


Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogiri escaped. Or rather, they were warped out by someone else.

Shouta didn't want to be the one to tell his class, not after they had apprehended the villains themselves during the USJ, but he did anyway because they were entitled to know.

The reactions were… Not what Shouta had expected.

"I regret not killing my father when I had the chance," Midoriya lamented with a tired sigh, and Shouta could see Todoroki nodding in agreement from the back of the class.

"Don't worry, Deku-kun!" Uraraka exclaimed happily, as if her classmate hadn’t just mention patricide. "Your Dad will take care of that later."

"And if All Might doesn't, then I'll fucking do it myself," Bakugou proclaimed.

"You've been saying that for ages, Kacchan, yet you never do."

"Shut the fuck up, Deku!"

"You’re still bitter over the Original, aren’t ‘cha?"

"You too, Pikachu!"

"What," Shouta growled, completely done with not understanding, "are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just Midoriya's supervillain sperm donor raising the wrong child for fifteen years," Kaminari explained casually, and there was just so much to unpack from that phrase alone that Shouta dropped the subject altogether.


For the first time in UA history, the principal decided to make the first years —more specifically, class 1-A— take the Provicional Hero License Exam right after the Sports Festival.

Apparently, not even Nezu knew what to do with Shouta’s class and wanted to throw them in internships to keep his school from being destroyed.

Wisely, Shouta didn’t comment on how they were only one month and a half deep into the school year.


All twenty students passed with flying colors and got their licenses in their first try after only one month of training.

Shouta couldn’t say he was surprised, not really. Kan, on the other hand, was losing it.

Somehow, the press had gotten word of it and now UA was in the spotlight for teaching kids to well that they managed such incredible feat so soon.

If only they knew that Shouta had no idea what was going on with his class.


Hosu was attacked by Nomus just when three of his students decided to do internships there. Because of course .

He would later find out that Midoriya and Iida somehow managed to defeat three of those monsters by themselves —a green haired child apparently punched one into the moon, or so witnesses said, and Shouta knew it couldn't not be Midoriya—, while Todoroki trapped one in a glacier and cremated another alive.


When the subject of the practical exams for first years was brought up during the faculty meeting, various pro heroes swallowed loudly at the prospect of confronting 1-A, specially after the Hosu incident.

And that was saying something, considering almost all of them had at some point been forced to confront villains well over their capacities and that these were just children .


Never in his life had Shouta appreciated the Wild Wild Pussycats as much as he did during this year's training camp.

Specially considering that no one in his class had failed their Midterm Exam and therefore he could have a few glorious relatively-free days.


The Test of Courage was meant to release some stress off the students, yet for some reason, 1-A looked even more restless and nervous as days went by after that.

That was a bad omen if Shouta’s ever seen one.

The last day of the camp finally arrived and he could hear the hushed questions and feel the nervous air around them.

Why didn’t they come?

What’s going on?

What if they are planning something bigger and worse?

Maybe we scared them too much this time?

Shit, what do we do now?

Dad Might can’t kill the Big Bad Potato if the man doesn’t even show up!

“Alright, what’s going on?” Shouta finally asked his class as they waited for their bus to shop up, Kan and class B already on their way back to campus at this point.

Iida opened his mouth to answer but Ashido beat him to it, “We have no idea, sensei.”

He resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose as everybody nodded along. Instead, he decided to try again, “And why are you all so nervous?”

“Because we have no idea what’s going on, sensei,” Uraraka said this time, and Shouta sighed.

“Why do I even try?” he muttered to himself, watching as the students filled into the bus that had just arrived. Ragdoll, who was joining them with Pixie Bob for the ride to Musutafu by Nezu’s insistence, patted his back with a sympathetic smile that did nothing to soothe Shouta’s already forming headache.


When the bus came to a sudden stop with a loud screech in the middle of nowhere, there was absolutely no one on board that didn’t instantly prepare for a fight.

Ragdoll quickly announced the presence of various enemies, and it wasn’t long before some sort of purple gas started filling the vehicule. They all jumped out, trying their best not to breath it, and they were soon surrounded by villains.

Shouta sent an alert with his phone, knowing full well that unless the fight drew out for too long, no backup would reach them in time. It didn’t seem to bother the students as much, seeming that all the nervous energy they had been building up over the past few days was now completely gone and replaced with an eerie calm.

One of the villains, a black haired guy with burned skin, had started to give some sort of monologue that Shouta didn’t give a damn about, when Todoroki suddenly interrupted him as stone-faced as ever.

“You know, you should visit mom if you’ve got this much free time, brother.”

And then the villain was suddenly pierced in the stomach by some pretty sharp spears of ice. As he started to melt into a black puddle, Todoroki created another spear and stabbed the guy’s chest with it, for good measure.

“Tell her I say hi.”

That was all Shouta managed to see before the real attack started and everything blurred into fighting.


By the time the police and paramedics arrived, all villains except one had been apprehended.

And all students except one were present at the scene.


Not even twenty-four hours after the attack, all heroes and police available were called to the police station urgently. Apparently, they had received an anonymous tip on Midoriya Izuku and the villains’ bases’ locations, and they were going to raid both places tonight.

After having to witness Mrs. Midoriya crying her eyes out the day before as he told her her son had been kidnapped, Shouta was extremely grateful and completely focused on the mission.

So focused, in fact, that he failed to notice the odd calmness that surrounded his students. As if they already knew what the outcome of this raid would be and were not extremely worried about it.


The Big Bad™ they have been warned about, All For One, came into vision in the now destroyed warehouse Shouta was positioned at, and he had to admit that the man’s sole presence was incredibly imposing and disturbing.

But even more disturbing was the fact that Midoriya looked bored while being held hostage by this centuries-old supervillain that could kill him in an instant.

He didn’t allow himself to dwell too much on that, lest he got someone killed, and instead erased the villain’s quirk and let the other pros fight him. Or, well— try to fight him. The bastard didn’t even look interested in what was happening around him as he managed to keep all pro heroes at a two kilometer ratio away from him.

Shouta noticed Midoriya struggling in the villains grasp and squinted his eyes to try to make out the situation a little better… Only to realize the kid wasn’t struggling, he was shrugging , while apparently holding a conversation with the enemy.

What the hell, Problem Child.

The dust and dirt in the air finally forced him to blink, and the moment he did, everything exploded around them.


Shouta slowly got up from where he was sent flying to and tried to make sense of his surroundings. He, and all other pros present, had ended up buried in the debris. And when he looked back at the center of the disaster, he noticed three things.

Firstly, Midoriya wasn’t obviously injured, yet he still was in the villains grasp, which wasn’t exactly good news.

Secondly, Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogiri had been warped there, although the latter seemed to be unconscious at the moment.

And finally, All Might arrived at the scene.

After that, Shouta made a point of erasing the villain’s quirk for as long as he could as All Might fought him while trying to keep Midoriya as safe as possible, which was quite the feat.

After what seemed like an eternity to probably everybody involved, Midoriya did something that took way too many years off Shouta’s life yet made him Very Proud™ at the same time.

He kicked the supervillain in the crotch with his quirk activated at full force.

And then the child ran like the devil was chasing him, which would probably be the case if said devil wasn’t currently regretting all his life choices that led him to this moment, and he managed to take the other two out-of-commision villains (Shigaraki had literally just fainted the moment he laid eyes on Midoriya) with him on his way out.


By the time the sun shone on Kamino again, All For One had been captured.

Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogiri were arrested.

A whole Nomu factory had been destroyed.

All Might left a great message for the world as he retired for good.

And Midoriya Izuku was reunited safely with his mother.

All things considered, Shouta thought this was a Very Good™ result and that dealing with the parents of his twenty students afterwards was the universe’s way of restoring the delicate balance of good-things-bad-things happening to him.


“...legendary, man! Seriously!” Shouta heard Kaminari yell as he walked closer to where his students were waiting for his arrival.

A chuckle had him stopping in his track, curious.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all my life!” Midoriya happily exclaimed. “It was very satisfactory, I have to say. Therapeutic, even.”

“Really? Maybe I should try it too…” Todoroki mused aloud. “What do you think, Zu?”

“I think that kicking Endeavour in the nuts is a little too risky, even for you.”

“Natsuo’s tried before, but he didn’t succeed. And it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.”

“Maybe, but I prefer you out of jail.”

That’s the moment when Shouta decided the conversation wasn’t as interesting as he thought and stepped out, making himself known to show them their new dorm.

As per usual, none of them reacted the way Shouta would have expected.

Yes, they were excited. But they weren’t even paying attention to the new building, almost as if they already had visited the place before.

“Yey! I missed this!” Uraraka exclaimed, letting herself fall in one of the couches in the common room.

“Me too,” Todoroki surprisingly agreed, and not so subtly glanced at Midoriya, who smiled back and pointed upwards. The dual haired boy nodded and they both started walking towards the stairs.

“You two please tone it down a little,” Hitoshi asked with an amused grin. “I’m in the next room over and I hear things .”

Both Midoriya and Todoroki blushed, one considerably more than the other. “Sorry,” the green haired boy squeaked, speeding up a little more.

“Wait a minute, Shouto-kun! Izuku-kun!” Iida yelled after the boys in question, moving his arms frantically. “We still have to hear Aizawa-sensei’s speech! It’s disrespectful to just skip it like that! And you two stop as well, Bakugou-kun! Kirishima-kun!”

“Shut up, Glasses! I’ve got a room to build from scratch and no time to waste on some speech,” Bakugou barked as he walked past Iida, already making his way to the elevator without even checking which room was supposed to be his. To be fair, the other two hadn’t checked either before disappearing.

“Oh, Brotsuki! If I help you with yours, you’ll help me with mine?” Kirishima excitedly proposed, tagging behind the blonde with a wide grin.

“Whatever, just don’t slow me down.”

“Sure thing, bro!”

“You worry too much, Tenya-kun,” Uraraka commented, also walking away followed swiftly by the other girls. “It’s just the dorms, relax.”

Soon enough, all the students except for the class rep had filled out of the room, and Shouta felt a bit of sympathy towards the boy. With a sigh, he dismissed Iida and started to make his way out.

He really should have expected this, what with his kids always knowing stuff beforehand. On the positive side, he saved himself a speech, and if their weird omniscience continued, maybe he would save himself quite a few explanations in the future.

Shouta had known since Day One that this year was gonna be long, but damn, they hadn’t even started the second term yet and he could feel his hair going grey already.