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Family First

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"Do you want to go with me to Cuba?"

They keep making out after her question. Enjoying each other's touch and kisses, the warmth that makes the body forget that they are cold, wet, and naked on a beach in Miami.
After a few minutes, he admitted "Noa, I can't just leave my family's bakery for a week on a whim. I'm sorry." This dampens the mood some. "They need my help to keep up with all the new business you've drummed up," he says half smiling, thinking back to the line of customers he saw that morning.
"Oh, ok. Right. She says deflatteningly. "We should start heading back, before the media finds us. Trust me, they always find me." They head back to shore and start redressing.
"Hey," he says while putting his shirt on, "I'm sorry."
"No, I am. " they are facing away from each other so they can get dressed in somewhat private. "I should have figured that" small pause "not everyone can just go wherever they want whenever they want." They get up and start gathering their things. "How about we meet up again when I get back?"
"Yeah, that would be good. We could text while you're there if you want."
"That would be lovely. And Daniel," kisses him again on the beach,
"Think I could get some pastries before I go?"
"Let me see," kiss "I think that can be arranged"