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Killing Time

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Time stood still, Lena’s attention focused only on Lex. Gone was the abandoned warehouse they were in and gone were Brainy and Rama Khan punching each other. Lena could only see her brother fall. 

Considering she had once been the one who killed him, it really came as a surprise to her how much watching him die hurt. She believed Brainy to be right and that the only person in the world able to stop Leviathan would be her homicidal brother. But he had fallen from a ledge, pushed by an old lady to his death, on the cold concrete floor. Of all the ways he could have died this almost seemed too mundane, but there was no mistaking the painful angle his neck was in, nor the pool of blood that was gathering under him.

Rama Khan was gaining enough ground on Brainy to be able to use his powers. The earth started shaking and the walls started cracking, the sounds it made were deafening. Lena fell onto her knees, she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t look anywhere but at her brother’s broken body. If she had known this would be how it all ended she would have never told Lex when she found out where they were hiding, she would have devised a better plan. It was too late now, Leviathan was too powerful, Gamemnae was coming her way there and they were all going to die. She was going to die.


Lena stood up trying to maintain her balance through the shocks and straightened her back, if she was going to lose today, it wouldn’t be kneeling. Gamemnae was coming straight for her, she was saying something Lena couldn’t hear, she raised her gun and Lena braced for an impact that never came. A red and blue streak had taken Gamemnae away leaving Lena where she stood, in front of her brother’s broken body. Gamemnae had been thrown a few feet away and she was now laying on the ground unconscious.

Supergirl didn’t stop there but continued her flight, in one swift motion she put herself between Brainy and Rama Khan, saving her friend from what could have easily been a deadly hit. She landed and ran towards Rama Khan, shooting lasers from her eyes before she was close enough to hit him with her fists. The earthquakes stopped, but the ringing in Lena’s ears did not.


Lena made her way towards Brainy, he was standing but he had blood coming out of his left eyebrow and by the way he was clutching his arm, Lena could guess it was probably broken. Once she was close enough to him Lena didn’t know what to do. He was hurt, her brother was dead, and Supergirl was now avoiding the large chunks of concrete Rama Khan was throwing her way.

Brainy weakly smiled at her “I called the reinforcements” he said, his breath still short from the battle.

Lena snorted, that much was obvious, Supergirl wouldn’t have had any other way to know where they were. Brainy tried to point to the far end of the warehouse before remembering his arm. Lena followed his gesture in time to see Dreamer, Alex Danvers, and J’onn J’onzz's grand entrance.

Dreamer immediately took off running towards Lex’s killer, while the green martian went on to help Supergirl.

Lena was once again focused on her brother’s body, Alex had run towards him, kneeled by his side and checked his pulse. Lena held her breath. For a moment she wondered if he could still be alive even after the fall and all that blood. He had survived worse after all.

When Alex slowly got up and made eye contact with her Lena knew, without the shadow of a doubt, that her brother was gone. Alex ran towards her sister and joined the fight, even three against one Rama Khan was a formidable foe. 


“I’m sorry Lena he… well he wasn’t a good man, but he was brilliant and he was your brother”. Lena had almost forgotten Brainy was still by her side, she gave him a half smile. “I am, at the same time, sad and relieved” she said, “does that make me a bad person?”

“No, I don’t think so” Brainy looked like he was about to add something when he noticed Dreamer. She had encased the old lady in her dream-energy lasso but she was struggling with it.

“A little help please?” She screamed. Brainy didn’t even look back to Lena before he started running toward the girl, broken arm once again forgotten.

Lena looked around searching for ways to help. Supergirl was distracting Rama Khan while the green martian attacked him from above and Alex from behind. They seemed to have it covered.

With an impressive jump Alex was on his back, blocking his arms against his torso with her legs. J’onn flew in front of him and took his face between his hands, his eyes glowing red. Rama Kahn shook Alex from his shoulders but he couldn’t stop Supergirl from hitting him with full force.


Lena looked back to where Gamemnae's body had been only to find the spot empty. She frantically looked around until she spotted the woman moving a wooden crate and pressing her hand on the panel that was hidden behind it. The wall moved silently revealing a hidden door. Lena didn’t even think before running after her. Everyone else was busy fighting and she wasn’t going to let her leave. She arrived at the door as it was about to close, she squeezed in and found herself in the dark. In the moment it took for her eyes to get used to it the door shut behind her, cutting out all the sound from the battle. Lena didn’t have a gun with her and grimly realized that if she couldn’t hear outside they wouldn’t be able to hear her, if needed. She didn’t care. She took in her surroundings, besides some wiring on the wall the only notable feature of the room was a staircase that seemed to plunge into the depths of the earth. 

Lena started her descent being careful to make as little sound as she could, incredibly grateful she had opted out of wearing heels in favor of some very silent boots. What seemed like an eternity later she arrived in a control room, Gamemnae nowhere to be seen. Lena felt relieved, computers she could handle, an immortal alien, not so much. She decided to stay there instead of continuing to follow the stairs down.

In front of her there was a wall of monitors, all showing the warehouse. The DEO had arrived and the agents seemed to be arguing with Alex and Brainy.

Lena’s breath caught in her throat when she noticed that in the confusion Rama Khan was trying to escape. She wanted to warn them but she didn’t know how, it seemed like everything was happening in slow motion, Lena’s eyes glued to the monitors as she watched Rama Khan free his arm and take a swing at Supergirl. 

At the last moment Kara turned around and easily caught him. Lena could swear she saw a smirk.


She got back to the controls and started fidgeting with them. She put the sound on from the warehouse to be warned in case anything happened up there that needed her attention and she got to work. If only she could stop Gamemnae this would all be over. Lena found a map of the place, the only way out was the staircase. Gamemnae would probably be back soon, Lena had to move fast.

“Where’s Lena?” Lena’s eyes went back to the monitors. Supergirl was looking for her. Lena couldn’t care less.

She had more pressing matters. She knew Gamemnae was the real villain, she was the head of Leviathan and the brains behind the operation. Lena had to find a way to stop her, she went back to typing on the computer, the monitors now showed a lavish room, probably what was waiting for her on the floor below. Gamemnae was collecting files with one hand while the other swung at her side, still holding her gun.

Cold shivers ran through Lena’s back. Gamemnae was going to come back any minute now and Lena was the only one between the woman and freedom. If she were to fail, Gamemnae would have the chance to recreate Leviathan and all of Lena’s sacrifices in the past months, would be for nothing. A crazy plan started forming in the back of her mind. Lena made sure the monitors were showing her the warehouse again, Rama Khan, the old lady, J’onn, and the DEO agents were no longer there. Even her brother’s body was gone. 


The only people still standing there were Brainy, with one arm in a sling and the other one around Dreamer, Alex, and Supergirl.

Dreamer had her eyes closed and a look of deep concentration.

“I’m sorry Kara, I can’t see her” She whispered looking at the ground.

“Is there any way she could have just left?” Alex asked to no one in particular.

“There’s only one way in and out, the DEO would have run into her, we have to find her Alex, please” Supergirl said, walking back and forth in front of the others.

“Please, please do something” She added, tears forming in her eyes, and just like that Lena’s decision was made. She had found the commands for the auto destruction while looking for the floor plan of the warehouse and the bunker beneath it. She had seen the multiple explosives placed inside the stairs. She knew everyone in the warehouse would be safe and the explosion contained. She checked that the door she had come through was sealed and pushed the button.


“30 SECONDS TO AUTO-DESTRUCTION” An automated voice said. So much for stealth, Lena thought.

She looked back up to the monitors, they didn’t seem to have heard the announcement, but Brainy had found the panel and was studying it.

“Can you open it?” Supergirl asked peaking over his shoulder, a deep sense of urgency in her words.

“I don’t think so” He removed the panel with his good hand and looked at the wiring.

“What do you mean you don’t think so?” Supergirl insisted, now openly breathing on his neck.

“It’s advanced technology, it would take me hours” Brainy answered. He attached a small device to some of the wires and hooked it up to a screen. Lena couldn’t see what was on that screen, but her best guess was just a whole lot of code.

“And are you sure Lena is beyond that door?” Alex piped in, she was standing just behind Supergirl, trying to calm her down with a hand over her shoulder.

“She has to be,” Brainy answered matter of factly. He didn’t waste a single moment looking away from his screen.

“Then how did she get there?” Alex's question was met with a few moments of tense silence. 

“She must have followed Gamemnae” Dreamer realized.

“You mean she’s not alone?” Supergirl almost screamed “You have to open this door, Brainy”



“I can’t open it, but I think I can see what’s on the other side. If only you let me work” Brainy scolded. No one dared interrupt his work. 

Lena knew the moment she saw Supergirl’s jaw relax that he probably had been able to open a feed with the bunker. It didn’t last long, Supergirl’s eyes opened wildly looking at something on the screen “Lena, behind you!” she screamed with her eyes turning red, aimed at the door.

Lena knew what was waiting for her once she turned, Gamemnae must have heard the automated voice and found her way back to her. With one last look to the monitors, she turned around. Gamemnae was slowly approaching her, the hand with the gun causally swinging by her side.



“What did you do?” She asked conversationally. Lena was taken aback, she had expected an immediate attack. She quickly went through the possibilities in her head, while keeping at a safe distance from the other woman. Maybe Gamemnae needed her to stop the bunker’s explosion. No, not likely, the woman was a tech wizard. She looked back at the other woman and at the gun swinging on her side. Lena realized that Gamemnae’s arm was moving the same way Brainy’s had just minutes before. The fall must have broken it. As soon as Lena realized this, their eyes met, she must have looked at her arm for too long because Gamemnae dropped the gun and any pretense and just lunged at Lena. Lena took the brunt of the hit, but was able to push back and punch her in the face. Gamemnae staggered back.



“You know, I don’t really like being underestimated, and yet it keeps happening” Lena said, clenching her jaw. Gamemnae tried to make her way towards the stairs. Lena calmly took the gun that was laying on the floor and used it to hit her on the head. Gamemnae went down, clutching her head with her good hand. She looked up to Lena with pure hatred in her eyes.



 “You chose Andrea over me, the multiverse thought only Lex and Brainy could stop you, Supergirl never trusted me.” Lena listed, almost casually, “and yet”



Lena paused, she looked down at the other woman and found she had no pity for her. Gamemnae was directly responsible for thousands of lives ruined, she had it coming. Lena let the silence stretch for a moment.



“It’s me who brings you down,” She said. Just as she closed her mouth all of the explosives hidden in the stairs detonated. Pieces of the ceiling came crashing down while the ground shook. Fire and smoke started to fill the room. Lena could no longer see where Gamemnae was and she didn’t really care.

She dared a last look to the monitors, she could see Alex physically restraining a frantic Supergirl. The last thing Lena heard before the feed interrupted was Kara agonizingly screaming her name.

Almost completely surrounded by flames, Lena closed her eyes, clicked on her watch and thought of home.