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Born to Mine

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Born to mine with yer good old pickaxe in yer hand

Headin' down to the caves going to find some diamonds!

50 fermented spider eyes, 13 bones from skelly guys

Is that creeper gone? *boom* I'll see you back at spawn!


I'll mine tomorrow but for now I'll just let night fade away

Mobs evaporate, dissipate, so I survive and wait, til night is day

Until I kill those pigs dumb legs just waddle on

Cows have udders and we milk them

The moment we spawn we're mining, this seeds a perfect sight


We have the picks

We have the armor

These reasons why

We are born to mine


These damn rocks can't appreciate the fury of my pick

The weak sense of security when we have coal and sticks

This here void is so filled to the brim with

Diamond ore that you helped dig, I'll testify, nothings wrong

Don't ya know we all mine the day we spawn


We have no mods

We're on hardcore mode

All reasons why

We're born to mine


[Instrumental Solo]


We have the picks

We have the armor

These reasons why

We're born to mine


Gone to bed, Notch's dead

Got an arrow stuck in my head

Your gold, redstone, and Lazuli

All the ores, they're underneath

Digging,it's what we do

It's what we take, snow or ice

The team all mines, chests are full, the picks all break

all our squad, we're the future


Our reasons why

We're born to mine

We're born to mine


[Drum solo fades out]