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guess cautious just isn't my game

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"...who're you?"

the words burn your throat, and sara is staring at you wide-eyed and hysterical. but that blond guy looked super suspicious and you trusted your intuition more than anything... except maybe sara. you can't let him know sara's name, at the very least. can't let him know you know her. 

(even if he had carried her all the way over to this wide central hall and placed her on the big cushion thing, he hoped he just passed off as someone just concerned for a person he'd just lived through a death trap with, nothing more, nothing less.)

"what are you saying?! i'm sara!" sara yells and those are tears in her eyes. not the kind of tears like when you were younger and all you ever had to worry were shallow scrapes on your knees or the burning in your eyes when you flip your test paper upwards and see your very, very average score. "did you forget your own friend's face?!"

friend. that puts a stop to your thoughts for a bit, trying hard not to smile. friends, it took a while before sara could say that without a blush marring her cheeks. 

"..." you huff softly. this was all moot point anyway, sara's called you by your name and practically told the rest of the world her own. 

you fidget your fingers a while longer before saying with a grin, "could you be the sara who's a terrible swimmer?"

"whuh..." says sara, mouth agape and you're surprised this actually works. "j... joe! this is not the time for jokes!!" her lips curved into a pout and joe can't help the chortle that escapes him.

"my bad, my bad! hahaha!"

now this was a better look on sara, not the teary-eyed and betrayed and terrified expression from earlier. 

(no thanks to him, but sue him for actually trying to think for once.

he briefly glances to his left and sees a blank, blank face and badly rendered jpeg red hot flames. he shakes his head.

afterall, for all they knew, there was a traitor in their midst.)