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Praising And Pleasing

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When Tom met you, he knew you were the one.

It wasn’t hard to see why. You fit him perfectly. Your senses of humor aligned. You were supportive of his work and he of yours. Your laugh made his heart flutter and your smile made him realize that happiness was a truly tangible and real feeling. He loved you, he wanted you, he would do anything for you. When Tom looked at you, he imagined you in a white wedding dress, diamond ring on your left hand, and saying “I do” at an altar covered in gold. In Tom’s mind, you were perfect and he would do anything in his power to spend forever with you.

But there was only one issue: you two disagreed about what happened in bed.

To specify, it wasn’t really an issue. It was just something you two didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with. Tom was naturally a dominant man. He loved control in bed and he wanted to exert that control over you. But the spankings, the commands - it wasn’t what you wanted, it seemed. You wouldn’t call him “Sir”, nor would you kneel when he told you to. 

He brought it up over dinner once, surprising you with the determined look in his eyes.

“Why don’t you like it?” he asked, cheek stuffed with a rare piece of steak. You paused, a piece of meat on the tip of your fork. You frowned and looked at the meat.

“I do like it. A bit too much rosemary for my taste but otherwise it’s perfectly tender and -”

“Not the steak,” Tom said, swallowing and laughing at the same time. His look softened and he placed his utensils down. He wiped his mouth with a long swipe of his napkin before looking back at you. “I mean...what I do in bed. You don’t want to call me Sir. Why is that?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know. I just don’t like it. We’ve tried it a few times and I just can’t really get behind it.”

“Is there a specific reason?” Tom asked.

“Not really. It just seems too...intense. That and everything that comes with it,” you said quietly, poking at the steak. “It’s hard to describe. I just don’t think I can get used to that type of dominance.”

That type of dominance. 

That line stuck with Tom as he continued to eat his steak. Perhaps there was a sort of dominance you were into but it wasn’t exactly the one he had presented to you.

He couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t that he wanted to change you - no, that certainly wasn’t the case - and this wasn’t a deal breaker. Rather, Tom wanted to adapt to you. He wanted to figure out what made you tick and clearly, it was not his form of dominance. 

Ever the stubborn man, Tom refused to ask you what you wanted. He figured out everything else about you, he would figure this out too. He didn’t want you to go unsatisfied. Well, he knew you were satisfied. Your orgasms by his hands, his mouth, and his cock proved that. He stopped being dominant with you until he could figure out what you craved. Yet, he knew there was something more you wanted, that you desired, so he started to pay attention a bit more.

Tom began testing you a bit, trying to figure out if there was anything that set you on edge. It all happened outside of the bed. He would try to find phrases or actions that would make your knees shake and your eyes sparkle.

The first hint came when you arrived home from a long day at your parents’ house. You were very clearly stressed after having to deal with your pain of a mother and her bitching all day. You walked into your house, tossed your keys into their tray and let out a frustrated groan. Tom was at your side immediately. You tried to push him away, saying you needed to make dinner, but Tom wouldn’t let you.

“Stop,” he said firmly. You froze and looked at him. “Let me do it. Go upstairs. Run yourself a bath. I’ll put something together. Let me take care of you, baby.”

You bit your lip and nodded, rushing up the stairs. It did not go unnoticed the way your breath hitched when he said he would take care of you.

The next signal came when he was out at the grocery store with you and you bumped into one of your ex-boyfriends. The man - Richard? Ryan? Ronald? Tom couldn’t remember his name, it didn’t matter - he made you uncomfortable. He kept touching you, sending you flirtatious, greasy looks. Tom saw this and he stepped up beside you, wrapping a tight arm around your waist.

“It’s wonderful to meet you,” Tom said, holding one large hand out. The man - Rocket? Remmy? - held his hand out and grasped Tom’s. Tom smiled politely and squeezed the man’s hand painfully. “Now, I suggest you run along. You’re making my darling very uncomfortable.”

“Dude, what the fuck?” Robert? Ricardo? Whatever. He hissed through his teeth. Tom squeezed his hand harder and the man’s knees buckled.

“She’s mine. Leave her alone and don’t ever think of laying a hand on her again,” Tom said with a growl. Tom pulled both you and him away from the man, leaving him bent over and holding his hand to his chest. When you rounded the aisle, you tugged Tom down and kissed him until he was practically moaning into your mouth and stiff in his jeans.

“Thank you for protecting me and yes, I am yours,” you whispered, patting his chest before admiring a healthy piece of broccoli and tossing it into your basket. Tom had to balance himself on a nearby shelf as he watched you press your thighs together subtly.

The final tell came when you got home from work with a bottle of champagne to celebrate a surprise promotion you got. Tom picked you up and spun you around, holding you close to his body. He kissed you all over your face.

“Congratulations, baby,” Tom said. His hands slid down to your waist and he tugged you a bit closer so his lips could rest over your ear. “You did so good. Such a good girl.”

You whimpered and that was when Tom realized what it was. That was the type of dominance you wanted - protection, praise, rewards, even possessiveness. You didn’t want to be forced to your knees, you wanted to be guided there. The type of dominance you desired was one that had Tom holding your hand along the way, showering you with praise and affection. You wanted to feel loved and safe, and then you could fall into the role of Tom’s submissive.

His cock was hardening at the thought as he held you there, lips still hovering over your ear.

“Tom?” you asked, waiting for him to pull away so you could pop open the bottle of champagne. Tom simply chuckled and bit your ear, tugging on it playfully.

“I’ve figured it out,” he murmured. “I figured out exactly what you want in bed,”

“And what’s that?” You were curious because really, you didn’t even know exactly what you wanted. Tom smirked as he pulled away. He took the bottle of champagne from you and placed it on the table.

“We’ll save that for later,” Tom purred. He took your hand and laced your fingers with his. “Come on, darling. Let me show you just how proud I am of you. Let me take care of you.”

“O-Okay,” you whimpered, following Tom as he led you up the steps. Tom watched the way your neck and breasts - so perfectly displayed by your dress - had flushed a deep red. As he brought you into your room and guided you towards the bed, he watched your eyes flicker around curiously. He placed you in front of the bed, holding onto your hips. You tilted your head with that blush rising to your cheeks. “What are we doing?”

“We are finding out if my theory is correct,” Tom said softly. He pulled you close to him and began kissing your neck. You sighed happily and rolled your head to allow more of your neck to be exposed. Tom gripped your hips a bit tighter and moaned against you. “So perfect, my good girl. I’m so proud of you.”

You shivered.

Tom smirked.

His hands fell to the back of your dress. His fingers scrubbed the material and found it was quite thin. He chuckled knowingly and quickly ripped the fabric, shedding you from your garments.

“Tom!” you gasped, watching the navy fabric pool in pieces at your feet. He just laughed and smoothed his hands up your hips and over your bare breasts.

“I’m terribly sorry, angel. I just couldn’t wait any longer to get to this perfect body,” Tom said as he massaged your breasts. You gasped, watching as he kneaded and pulled at you. He winked and sunk down, sealing his lips over your nipple. He moaned, his hair brushing your chest as he licked and sucked at you. He moved his mouth over to your other nipple and groaned even louder. When Tom pulled back, his lips were slick and his eyes were wide. “So gorgeous. Such a good girl.”

“Oh my gosh...”

“Hush, baby. Let me take care of you,” Tom murmured, dropping all the day down to his knees. He pressed a flat hand to your stomach and pushed you back, forcing you to fall backwards onto the bed. Tom hooked his thumbs into your panties and dragged them down your legs. “Such a pretty little pussy. And it’s all mine, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Oh, wow, yes,” you whimpered. This This wasn’t the dominance that Tom exhibited over you before. This was a softer sort of dominance and his praise was making your head swim. Was this what he decided you liked - praise and protectiveness? You had to hand it to him, he was hitting the nail on the head so far.

Tom lifted your leg, kissing up it and leaving little bites along the way. He kept his eyes locked on you as he spread your legs ever so slightly. He bit his lip upon seeing your glistening cunt and he decided that he had made a solid realization tonight. Not only was he feeling the power of dominance but he could see how much you were already enjoying this. 

“Be a good girl and spread your legs for me,” Tom instructed. You nodded quickly, a whine in the back of your throat as you opened yourself nice and wide for him. Tom suppressed a moan as his cock jumped even more violently in his pants upon seeing you all spread out for him. Tom whispered your name, capturing your attention as he ran his hands up your inner thighs. “What do you want me to do, baby girl?”

“Touch me, Thomas,” you moaned, your hips bucking upward into the air. Tom clicked his tongue, his hands resting just over your weeping core.

“You need to be more specific,” he whispered. “Please, baby. I want to touch you so badly. You just need to tell me what you want.”

“Touch me! F-fuck me with your fingers, please,” you begged. “Taste me.”

“You’re so good. I love you so much,” Tom moaned before swiping two fingers up your core. You gasped and rocked your hips to meet his touch. Tom was amazed - you were so responsive. Slowly, he pushed two fingers inside of you and you cried out his name, your head falling back onto the bed. Tom coaxed his fingers in and out of you slowly, admiring the sight of his digits disappearing inside of your eager body. “There we go. Rock yourself down on me. Show me what you want.”

You listened easily, grinding yourself against his hand. Seeing your face twist in pleasure and watching your body writhe boosted Tom’s confidence and fed his need for control. He was controlling you, making you ask for what you needed and praising you in return. And as he told you how much of a good girl you were, he watched that beautiful blush cover your cheeks and your breasts. He heard your breathing pick up and felt your cunt clench around him. He figured it out and it made him so thrilled, he tossed his head between your thighs and swiveled his tongue around your clit.

“Tom! Woah, oh my gosh,” you gasped as Tom licked you up. His fingers were moving faster within you, bringing you closer to your orgasm with every thrust of his strong arm. His lips suctioned around your clit and sucked a bit harshly - it felt amazing. “How are you so good at this?”

Tom lifted his head and winked. “I just want to make you feel good. Let me take care of you…”

Tom dove back in, his eyes crazed and wild as he ate you out. Your hands flung down and buried themselves in his hair, tugging the short curls at the root. Tom moaned what sounded like your name into your pussy as he curled his fingers inside of you.

“I n-need to cum,” you whimpered. Briefly, you thought back to something you knew that Tom loved. You bit your lip and flushed red. “May I cum?”

Tom stopped all movements on you and in you. He lifted his head, his lips red and his eyes wide. He nodded slowly, a grin growing on his face.

“Yes, baby girl. Cum for me. Be a good girl and soak me,” Tom said before licking your clit again. His fingers continued their curling and pumping and before you knew it, you were being tipped over the edge and tossed into the throes of pleasure. You rocked yourself against him, holding his face against your center as you came harder than you ever had before. You fell back against the bed with a heavy sigh as Tom removed his fingers from you and stood over you. His cock was tenting in his pants dramatically. “You’re so perfect.”

“That was amazing,” you said through your ragged breathing. You gave Tom a coy look before sitting up and undoing his belt. You pulled his pants down just enough to free his cock. You wrapped your hand around him and began pumping him slowly. “What is this called?”

“A cock.”

“No! That’s not what I meant,” you said with an eye roll. Tom snickered but it was cut off by a moan as you ran your thumb over the head of his cock. “I mean, this is like...really hot. What is what I like called?”

“I-It’s called a praise kink,” Tom said, taking your hand off of him. “And you’re going to make me cum before I can explain it.”

“Sorry,” you giggled. Tom chuckled as he stripped himself from his shirt and pants, leaving him naked in front of you. You ran your hands up his abs, a bit desperate to get his cock in your mouth but Tom just grasped your chin and kept your gaze on him.

“In short, you like being praised in bed - being complimented, showered with affection, called my good little girl.” You whimpered, only solidifying Tom’s point. “And as a dominant, my job is to bring that out in every way. Protect you, take care of you, put you at the center of attention so you know how much I want every part of you.”

“And what do you gain from this?” you asked. Tom smirked and flipped you over onto your hands and knees. He crawled onto the bed behind you and pushed your legs apart. 

“The more I lavish you, the more submissive you become. The more you want to be called a good girl, the more you’ll hand over control to me. You’d beg to be good for me, and think about it, you’ve been begging ever since we started,” Tom purred, his cock lining up with your hole. You thought about it for a moment and realized he was right. You were never one to give into begging but he had brought whimpers and pleas from your lips all night. The thought gave you a shiver and you found yourself spreading yourself wider for him. Tom rubbed himself against you and grinned. “So, tell me, what do you want, little girl?”

“I want your cock in me,” you begged, your head falling backwards. You backed up further, tempting him to enter you. “I want to be good for you.”

“I know you do,” Tom said. “And you are good for me, baby girl. When you spread your legs for me like this, it’s perfection.”

You spread yourself wider, your shoulders falling forward on the bed from the lack of balance. Tom took this as his opportunity to slide his cock into you. You moaned out his name, your hands fisting in the sheets. Tom hissed as he bottomed out, and while he wanted to draw this out, he needed to fuck you, claim you. He was thriving off of your begging and your submission. He wanted you to be good. He wanted to praise you because he knew you truly were perfect. 

And so, he fucked you with heavy snapping of his hips and rough thrusts of his cock. His hand found your hair and grabbed it, steadying himself as he rocked into you. You were a screaming mess as you pushed back against him, begging him for more.

“You like that, baby girl? You want my cock? Take my cock, take it all. That’s my good girl,” Tom groaned as he pushed himself in as deep as he could. 

“Tom, oh my gosh, you feel so good in me,” you babbled, eyes rolling to the back of your head with desire. Tom wanted to see you, he wanted to see your pleasure. He tugged you up by your hair so your back was resting against his chest. He released your hair so he could fiddle with your breast with one hand and tease your clit with the other.

“You take my cock so well,” Tom groaned, staring at your pleasure-twisted face. He kissed your neck, biting your skin as he thrusted inside of you. “You’re mine. Every part of you. I’m the only one who can fuck your cunt like this.”

“Yes! Oh, yes, I’m yours, Tom,” you whimpered as his fingers tapped at your clit. 

“I love this pussy. I’m tempted to stay inside of you all night, not letting you off of my cock for hours,” Tom said, biting your collarbone. Your cunt tightened and you gasped. Tom raised a brow as he lifted his head to look at you. “Do you want that? Did I find something else you like?”

“I-I don’t know. Maybe we should t-try it,” you stuttered through your moans. Tom smirked and turned your face to him so he could kiss you. It was a sloppy kiss of lips and tongues and teeth but it had Tom’s cock swelling within you. You tightened around him as your orgasm approached you. Tom pulled back and moved one hand up to your neck, squeezing it ever so lightly. 

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Tom whispered. 

“I want to cum,” you said, eyelashes fluttering. “Please let me cum.”

“Yes, baby. Cum on my cock. Do it,” Tom groaned, losing control of himself. He circled your clit faster and you came, your thighs spasming as you shouted his name. Tom bit down on your shoulder as he came inside of you, his cock shoved so far inside of you to plug his cum in. You sighed happily at the feeling of his release inside of you. Tom unclamped his teeth from your shoulder and instead, began kissing your skin softly. “Good girl. Such a good girl. You were so good for me. I love you so much. You did so good.”

You shivered. “Yep, you’re right. I really fucking like that.”

Tom laughed, his body shaking against yours as he slipped his cock from you. He maneuvered you so you were both lying down. He ran a hand along your naked skin and smiled at you.

“I love you so much,” he murmured. “My good girl. Congratulations on the promotion, baby. You deserve it.”

“I love you, Tom. Thank you for everything,” you yawned. “There’s only one problem.”

“What is it?” Tom asked.

“My legs feel like jelly. I can’t even think about fetching that champagne.”

Tom laughed and hugged you closer to his body, quietly admiring your warmth and softness while thanking whichever deity was watching over him for sending him such a perfect woman.