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Short Compilation of Very Short Fics

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Shiina’s complains wouldn’t reach Isana’s ears. No way, now how. With his hands tied together, grabbing or even reaching out to Isana was impossible and it was frustrating. But Isana wasn’t hearing any of it and kept playing with his body.
Seated, Isana’s hand had a full access to his back and it would slowly slide down to the bunny tail. This teasing would always mess Shiina’s head up, it was pleasurable as much as it was uncomfortable, but it never lasted too long and yet he would catch himself craving the touch. Not like he had actually anytime spare for thoughts though, Isana was skillfully taking care of his hard-on, his fingers not giving him any rest yet not relieving him either.
At this point, he even forgot why Isana got pissed and tied him up with his necktie. He flinched at the memory of Isana undoing his tie swiftly and tying him up with it.
However, Isana was receptive to his begging for kisses, but that too was probably because he really likes it, just like the teasing. Isana has this habit to bring his hand back from the tail up the neck, whether Shiina is naked or not, and it would always make the bunny boy shiver in pleasure.
Isana’s grip on his neck is never strong, but he would trust this grip with his life. Anytime he could feel his lover’s hand there, he would feel safe, besides other things.
For Isana, it was mostly the pleasure of feeling Shiina’s pulse under his fingers that made him so eager to always reach out for his neck. He likes feeling the pulse of his desire at the lower part of his body and the pulse of his heart at the top. Whenever Shiina’s ears catch wet sounds, his heart pulse jumps and rises a bit but then Isana would make him focus on something else either kissing his lips or biting his shoulders. But this was actually to feel more of Shiina’s pulse, contractions, and shivers.
To be honest, whatever anger Isana had at the beginning had flown out the window the very moment he started to be engrossed in Shiina’s body, but somehow that’s something Shiina still hasn’t realized.
More like he was trapped in his pleasure and the frustration of not being able to reach his climax since Isana would almost immediately draw off his hand and wait a bit before putting it back.
When he finally allowed it, it felt as if his whole energy left him and he sighed in delight as Isana was lying him down.
But as his last piece of clothing got taken away from him and Isana was now between his legs, he knew he was in for a new round.

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When you take a closer look, you notice as little as things can be, but you also get frustrated by things as little as they can be. Yuuki was experiencing it right now as he was lost in his observation of Kaname’s face. From the dim light of the room, his skin seemed more tanned than usual, probably the effect of the sun-setting. That made his lips more discreet even though their usual pink is what made anyone notice them. Yuuki could almost watch the television from its reflection on Kaname’s glasses.
But he couldn’t really focus on it or anything. A strand of hair was messing with him, hiding Kaname’s eyes. He tried glaring at it in hope it would go back to its place by some sort of magic but at the same time, this was the result of a fresh-out-off the bath Kaname. Drying his hair was enough of a pain for him so giving them even a bit of discipline wasn’t in his agenda. Unruly hair was a thing Yuuki grew fond of with time since the times he’d ran away to Kaname’s house back when they were younger.
So it was kind of a difficult situation, but it’s not like he can sit and wait for it to get better, he has to do something about it. As naturally as it became for them, he simply pushed away the hair, back to its place, also taking the opportunity to ruffle the still slightly wet hair.
Kaname got accustomed to this kind of touches and even started to crave for them at some point. He probably didn’t realize that Yuuki knows it, from how relaxed his face becomes and how he would always close his eyes for a bit.
Oh yeah, his eyes. That’s what started this. From Yuuki’s train of thoughts, it became obvious to get rid of the glasses as well to get a better look at the other’s eyes. It did make Kaname turn his face to him, slight anger showing with a frown while his eyes were asking for answers. Since Yuuki is quite the silent type, not everything he does find or come with verbal explanations, Kaname usually has to try to understand what’s going on.
Yuuki was keeping his face between his two hands now, squeezing his face. He tried to seize his wrists to free his face, awfully aware it was useless.
However, he got surprised when he actually succeeded in getting them away from him and his face lit up almost immediately. Blind from his success, he didn’t notice Yuuki’s smile nor his face getting closer to steal a kiss.

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Isn’t it a thing we say? The first one to fall in love loses? That didn’t sit right with Shiina. Losing is obviously not in his lifestyle. Yet here he was, completely missing out on the whole scenery before and around him just because he was love-struck. They’re not even there just the two of them, it’s one of those school trip things. So many people were around him, but he could only see one. Isana. The water tank lights were reflecting on that one peculiar pure white part of his fluffy black hair. His eyes were shining with awe whilst his body was stoic.
Everyone and everything around him was moving, so much that they seemed blurred out from Shiina’s vision. But that was from focusing solely on Isana. Voices slowly faded and sounds disappeared. He’s always been intrigued by the boy, his stance, his aloofness and disregard for everything around him. He’s been teasing him just to get some reactions out of him and so far, he’s been successful.
Was he? Didn’t he really lose there? Didn’t he lose the moment his eyes met Isana’s? Why? Why do you lose if you’re the first one to fall in love? To whom do you lose?
It took a smile from Isana and eyes calling, screaming, asking for the deep sea that gave him answers. You lose because you don’t get them to watch in your direction. It was so frustrating. How beautiful he was, standing there, amid the crowd. How hard he’s fallen.
Above them, a huge whale blocked all light as it was slowly swimming across them and for the first time since they got into this space, Isana moved. He reached out his hand to the whale, even going as far as tip-toeing like he was trying to touch it. Or to be taken away by it.
It lasted such a short time but Shiina stopped breathing for so long already that everything seems to go slow motion now. Even his own movements seemed slow. When did he start to move? Where to? It was so obvious, yet he was so confused. His legs were so heavy and each of his steps was so loud in his ears. His heart was obviously leading the way forward, he could feel it pushing out of his ribcage.
Before his thoughts could follow his heart, he had already catch Isana’s hand, still up in the air, in his, and fingers intertwined. He glanced quickly at their hands and then at Isana’s face. There, in Isana’s un-matched colored eyes, he could see his shadow.
Suddenly, all senses came back, sounds were crystal clear and the world was moving again.
That and his face was redder than his scarf.

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Look when you open your eyes first thing in the morning, you DON’T want to see Bakugou’s face, up close. Now, you don’t even want a taste of Sero’s tape on your mouth either. Denki could vouch for that. What was left was to understand what was actually going on. But to be honest, he was a bit too panicked to try to understand. He was pretty understanding of the fact that maybe they got tired of him somehow? Bakugou’s face was scary after all and there might have been once or twice Denki overstepped. What about Sero though? He’s always willingly charged his phone when needed!
Unlike usual, he had a hard time processing the events and his thoughts and well, being lifted like some heavy bag (or corpse) by two people doesn’t help. It does make sense, though, that it was actually the best way to carry him, with all the struggling he’s been doing.
Later, once they reached the first floor with the common living space, he could see Kirishima, stretching up his arms and hands, his hardening on. Denki was about to get beaten up by a smiling Kirishima and somewhere deep down he found himself to be okay with that. He’d take a beating by a smiling Kirishima over an angry Bakugou anytime. His smile brightened when he noticed the three of them coming and they all silently felt blessed by this smile.
Suddenly, his feet could touch the floor, Sero had disappeared somewhere. Bakugou’s grip didn’t lessen though. And he kept dragging the unwilling blond boy to the couch where he was gently (to Denki’s surprise, he got used to being jousted on the couch by now) seated.
Kirishima positioned himself behind his friend, slamming his hands on his shoulders with all the manliness he could (deactivating his quirk of course beforehand).
Bakugou sat beside him and ripped off the tape on his mouth, but before he could complain about anything Sero came back with a trolley, a huge cake on it and some presents around it.
Bakugou lit the candles once the trolley was close enough. Kirishima started to massage Denki’s shoulders.

- We wanted to be the first ones to wish you happy birthday since you’re always here for us…and stuff…

That was the best Bakugou could come up with, to Sero’s and Kirishima’s demise but at the same time it was very like him, like them and who cares anyway, Denki was already too damn happy to care about Bakugou’s shortcomings.
He still wasn’t sure as to why they went about it the way they did but they did it with all their hearts and it just made him all warm and fluffy inside.

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It had been a very long day. They somehow manage to get the same day off to go to this one theme park Denki has been bugging them to go. And one does not refuse Denki so easily. Yes, even Bakugou. He didn’t really have any reason to refuse either. Sero didn’t even try to refuse and Kirishima was actually the one who first talked about the park. So now, they were on their way back to the dorm, still being lively even though they were there from opening to closing time. They actually also stopped on their way to get food because when they actually made it to the dorm, all the other students were already busy showering or hanging out with each other.
The first thing they did was to go to sit on the sofas just so they could gather some energy before hitting the shower themselves. Since they were a bit noisy, some started to gather around them to ask about the park.
So, as if it was the most natural thing to do, Denki sat on Bakugou’s laps just to make sure everyone else could sit. But it’s not like he did it as gentle as possible, no, he launched himself on him, going on with the conversation. Of course, the explosive boy tried to push him away, a face on his hand but Denki had a back-up team. Sero and Kirishima sit next to them, taking whatever place was left.
Eventually, he gave up the idea. The room was noisy, everyone was talking right and left, it was even getting rowdy for some small groups. Some mocked Denki and Bakugou’s situation but no explosion occurred since he was too tired to deal with that. At least, that’s the excuse he came up with.
However, in Denki’s case, it was because he was getting actually really sleepy and following everyone’s conversation was getting difficult. He had been the one being the most excited all day, even giving Kirishima troubles to follow.
Loud voices started to slowly become whispers and some students were getting to their bedroom.
Denki had fallen asleep, his head simply dropped on Bakugou’s shoulder, face to his neck. The most observant ones noticed Bakugou froze a bit and then proceed to act all-natural, phone in his hand.
It took a few minutes before they were the only two left there, even though Kirishima and Sero, among others, proposed to carry Denki to his bedroom, Bakugou refused. Denki would wake up at some point, what was the harm to wait, the boy had to go showering too after all.
Or so he said.

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Putting everything together, it was just unfair.
That thought popped in Natsume’s mind as he was watching Natori tend to his injuries, scolding him without even looking at him. How do you get to be famous in the human world and the yokai world, but also be a capable man that you can rely on? Let’s not forget taking care of injuries. Natori was unfair. It has become such a big deal for the teenager to trust anyone since he inherited the Book of Friends, but Natori wasn’t respecting any of this. He was wary of him, yet he was also unable to stay away. After all, unlike Tanuma, they see the same world and he never showed any hostility towards him. He’s outrageously kind.
That would explain why his hands are cold, from that saying “cold hands, warm heart”. That or they were cold from the many times they had to rinse out the blood off the cloth from Natsume’s wounds. None were deep, but he learned that you don’t need a deep wound for blood to gush out. Natori’s voice didn’t fade, actually it was coming in very clear in Natsume’s mind without much of his consent. But he was exhausted, that yokai was a hard catch, so Natori’s words weren’t really reaching him.
And the lack of answers or even retort kind of worried a bit more the adult who drew his face a bit closer. At that moment, the salamander yokai on his body crossed over Natori’s nose. That caught Natsume’s attention, but Natori misunderstood it as Natsume paying attention to him.
It was still weird to see and Natsume wasn’t the most comfortable with it but he has surprised himself once or twice thinking that it was somehow lucky. When it walked to Natori’s neck, the teenager could sense these feelings coming back.
He’s always felt that Natori’s a reliable adult, from what he knows and experienced. But at a time like this, while looking at him closely, he’d think how comfortable it must be to rest against the same spot where the yokai is resting right now. He’d wonder if he’d feel safer in his arms. It was so hard to trust him but impossible to get away all the same. Of course Natori’s ways had to do with this, but Natsume’s lack of resolve wasn’t helping his case. Even Nyanko’s warnings weren’t enough.
Seeing the same world was a convenient excuse so far, but deep down, something else was growing. Something he had no control over. Something that was making him think that maybe he wouldn’t mind being this yokai. Being part of Natori’s body. Able to walk all over his body.
That’s as far as his thoughts went, breaking down a fever, they just made matter worse making him faint.
Facing Natori will be harder from now on.

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Classes were rough and boring today, but it was better than before. Now, Aoi has the zoo. She has something to look forward to at the end of the day. As much as it could be rougher than school, taking care of the zoo was obviously something pleasurable to do, even fun most of the time. Since – let’s be honest – Aoi is a kid herself; she gets easily dragged along with the playful atmosphere.
A bit more recently, she found a new reason to be unable to wait for the day to end. Not that she’s really aware of what was going on but for her, just the thought of seeing Uwabami would bring a smile on her face even in the middle of a lesson. You could put that on the fact that she started to work with a hero agency so she’s not always here, unlike before.
So yes, today was a day Uwabami would come to the zoo. They especially exchanged their contact information so they could organize a meeting. And she was now cheerfully going down the streets to meet her.
Wait no, she was going there to work. It just happens that she’ll also meet her there. Right? It wasn’t like she missed her that much, yeah, it has been a month since the last time it happened, but they do keep in touch. So it wasn’t that much, right?
She froze in front of the entrance.
No wait. She did miss her. A lot. All-day, Aoi was just so fidgety. She’d get to see her again! Hearing her voices, feeling her body warmth when she’ll hug her and Aoi would also be able to smell the nice fragrance coming out of her hair! Was it really coming from there? Wasn’t that… Just how Uwabami smells? The thought shocked her body and her heart dropped down her stomach.
At the same time, Uwabami appeared, a worried look on her face that disappeared as soon as she noticed that it was, indeed, Aoi that was standing in front of the zoo. Her cheerful smile, as soon as she saw the young girl, stopped every thought in Aoi’s mind. Oxygen was lacking and blood was rushing to her face, making it a bit more reddish than usual.
Being as happy as Aoi to get to meet again after so long, Uwabami didn’t give her much time to move or think, she was already capturing her in her arms, hugging her tight.
At that moment, the usual warm embrace became hot for Aoi.

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In front of Hori was a scene coming right out of a scary movie. He could see his own body being undressed excitedly. An out of body experience? Not quite but not that far either. After some sort of unfortunate event, Hori had to let his kouhai Kashima stay the night. It was only when they saw each other after waking up that they realized they weren’t in the right place. Or in the right body.
The usual cheek pinching happened but nothing returned to normal. While Kashima was actually super excited at the idea of running around in his senpai’s body, Hori was trying to figure things out. Was it a curse from working with Nozaki? Because he kept it a secret? Did the same thing happen to Sakura? Just the thought of the small girl swapping with Nozaki sent a shiver down his spine. Was he worried about Nozaki or Sakura, hell if he knew.
He had his own matters to attend to and that’s when he caught Kashima undressing his body. He was about to knock some sense into his way too thoughtless kouhai but stopped himself midway. He couldn’t actually hit his own body… But letting Kashima free to do whatever was not an option either, so before the last piece of clothing was removed, he tackled them to the ground, armlocking as hard as possible.
Which actually was an easy thing to do. Kashima’s body was pretty nimble to move around with and the lack of muscles can be compensated with their height. Kashima was already asking for forgiveness, but Hori was already lost in his Kashima-appreciation thoughts. He did, after all, wondered, once or twice, what it’d be like to be Kashima. He’s not especially hard on them for the kick of it, Kashima is attractive to almost anyone, even Sakura got charmed at some point! Having them is an asset even if dealing with them is an ordeal. Basically, a quiet Kashima would be perfect. He could be that perfect Kashima!
He finally released his trapped body, deep in thoughts, thinking of all the possibilities for the club. Thankfully, they didn’t have school that day so he had all the time in the world to think peacefully. Or so he thought. Kashima was having none of it, kept moving right and left, unable to stay still, hundreds of mischievous ideas in his head. Like getting an “I ♥ Kashima” tattoo on Hori’s body.
Hori finally snapped again and got Kashima to study for the rest of the day.
The next day, everything went back to normal.

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You can always count on your seniors to help you set a mood. Whatever the mood is. Daichi is especially good at making the mood very tense for example. You’d turn to Suga if you want a soothing and healing mood. And so on. However, the one they went for tonight isn’t one of the eldest, but one of the youngest. Indeed, it would seem that Tsukishima is the one to go to if you want to be terrified for the night. He’d even make you feel insecure in the most comfortable room.
Couldn’t they have spent their free time in this training camp doing something else? Sleeping early for example! For once, Hinata found the idea appealing. But it was too late. Tsukishima scared the crap out of him and he did it with sadistic pleasure.
You would think sharing a room with everyone would make him feel safe? Well, no! Tonight, he’s pretty sure there’s nowhere to be safe.
He kept tossing and turning around in his futon, eyes either tightly shut or wide open. He swore to get back to Tsukishima for that. Someone else next to him was thinking of plots to get back to Tsukishima.
Being the one next to Hinata, he was trying his best to sleep. Needless to say, it was useless. However, Hinata did stop moving when Kageyama suddenly hovered over him.
It wasn’t really easy to see each other in this room plunged in the dark but he could easily tell that his teammate was, in fact, pissed. But he didn’t stay above him that long actually, he moved so he could get their futons closer to each other. If there’s one thing that Hinata could get more scared of than Tsukishima’s stories, it’s probably Kageyama’s silent treatment.
When he was done with the futon, he held up Hinata’s blanket to join him under it. It took a few seconds for Hinata to understand what was going on but before he could say or do anything, Kageyama’s arm had already reached him, bringing him closer.
Just like that, Hinata was made unable to move. Being so close to him, he could feel and hear is breathing. That distracted him from his worries. It was reassuring to be aware of someone’s presence.
He brought himself even closer to Kageyama, his ear against his chest. The beating sound was so calm and composed, Hinata managed to fall asleep while focusing on it.
Ironically, he found a safe place in the guy who wouldn’t hesitate to threaten him in most obvious ways. But that same guy is also the one who gave him his place on the court, so it probably makes sense for them to work that way.

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It became a thing for them to hang out at each other’s house, like some sort of unspoken rule. They were both very welcomed in the two families like they were sons there. Today, it was Mihashi’s house. Actually, today should have been to study. Left alone, he could manage, but with Tajima around, it was close to impossible. Of course, with a blasting sun outside, how could anyone ask him to stay indoors to do something as boring as studying? Mihashi couldn’t, so he didn’t refuse him when he made changes in the plan.
First, it was a simple game of throws and catches. Tajima was his usual very supportive self, smiling brightly. It was probably contagious since Mihashi couldn’t stop himself from smiling either. They also went to the nine-sectioned practice net. There, Tajima was simply observing Mihashi, he was truly impressed and also wanted to learn. So Mihashi would make him throw a few balls too, helping him to the best of his ability, explaining to him how to hold the ball in his hand or how to put his feet on the ground.
He didn’t need to use complicated words, Tajima would nod at every indication and be frustrated at every failure in his throws, begging Mihashi to go again. It felt quite good for him to be relied on.

Later, they were playing with water after using the hose to water the plants, as asked by Mihashi’s mom. With how hot it was outside and how they were playing, water was more than welcome. A few minutes later, body fully drenched, his mom came back with watermelon. They ran so fast to her, Mihashi almost tripped. She sat down with them to eat the watermelon.
Mihashi really liked these moments with Tajima and his mom, she would always laugh so much, sometimes even to the point of crying. She even took part in the spit seeds contest they had.
When she left, they just both naturally fell asleep after going from sitting to standing up, to sitting again and then lying down, the nap was just bound to happen.

They were woken up much later to the sound of the front door closing, Mihashi’s dad was back. When he saw them, the first thing he did was to ask if they studied a bit today. He became accustomed to the boys forgetting everything they were meant to do if they ever started to play.
They both stood up so fast they got a bit dizzy and ran up to Mihashi’s room, but everyone in the house was perfectly aware that they would still manage to play instead of studying for the rest of the day. Guess Tajima would sleepover then! A promise for even more fun times and probably not a single study time.

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Today, he wanted to do something for his master. His options were a bit limited, adult work was still complicated to figure out, so helping to sort out the papers wasn’t possible. Cleaning was already part of the things he usually does to help when there are no customers. And anyway, Serizawa is also here to help Reigen now.
It wasn’t because of any special occasion or anything, he just wanted to show him that he is grateful for everything so far. Sometimes, it would seem like Reigen would get insecure, doing his best to try and hide it. But he couldn’t really fool anyone anymore and Mob just wanted to be able to tell him that everything’s going to be okay, that he’s here and won’t leave for a long time.

Before he could actually come up with anything, Reigen showed up sooner than expected. It didn’t surprise Reigen that much to see Mob early at the office. Since it’s a bit hot outside, he took off his vest and let it rest on the sofa. It’s when Mob saw Reigen’s hands that an idea popped into his mind. It wasn’t the best one and it might now convey the grateful feelings he wants to share but doing things one step at a time, a little every day, could be a way to do it. Or he hopes so at least.
The usual greetings and chitchat would live up the room until Mob made his suggestion.

- Today, I want to massage As a “good work” award!

Maybe that’s not how he should have come out about it, but it was done. Reigen didn’t answer right away but finally gave one of his actual sincere smiles. The attention was welcomed. He took a seat on the sofa.

- The shoulders will be just fine, Mob!

It was a bit presumptuous of Mob to offer a massage, thinking he could do a good job at it to the man who could actually give quite the professional ones. But Reigen wasn’t thinking any of this. He didn’t really know what brought this up, but he wouldn’t either think too much about it.

Mob brought his hands to Reigen’s shoulders and did his best to mimic the few movements he saw his master do on people coming here or even to Serizawa sometimes. He couldn’t really tell if he was doing a good job or not since he couldn’t see Reigen’s face, but he was putting his mind into it.
And actually it wasn’t that bad, his working out was rewarding and Reigen could tell that he was growing stronger.
It is nice, to be able to see your student growing.

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For some strange reasons, they were made to hold hands. Trying to escape and run away wasn’t an option, they were heavily guarded and if they were to separate as much as a few centimeters, they’d get another punishment. Up to their torturer’s imagination.
They both were thinking about what could have brought this sort of fate upon them but nothing came to their mind. They didn’t do any mischief, besides their usual ones. No one suffered that much? Nothing was destroyed to bits. So what?

It was getting difficult to think about what or why. You’d think holding hands was something random enough to be unnoticed. They thought that at some point they wouldn’t even realize their hands were linked together. But it was, in fact, quite the contrary. Kagura was the one to feel it first, that feeling of someone’s presence and warmth. Okita was probably too busy cursing his superior already thinking of vengeance, but it came to him at some point too.
They were steadily becoming aware of the other. Blood flowing in, making their hands warm. The softness of their hands was so eerie to them, especially knowing that their hands did more rough stuff than soft.

Slowly, they were getting used to it, so much that whenever they were allowed to separate themselves they would then go back to holding hands without having to be arm-twisted. No reluctant feelings. If they felt like their hands were losing each other, they’d tighten their grip, maybe more consciously than they’d rather admit. But that was what was happening, they were seeking the other’s warmth, touch. In such a short period of time.
Okita’s thumb would even slowly caress Kagura’s wrist for time to time. The first time, she drew her hand away so fast, it confused her so much and this reaction was such a delight for Okita. But she refrained from doing so again, her head may be strong but Gintoki’s hits are too.

It wasn’t unpleasant and that was confusing. She wasn’t against it? The shivers, the warmth, and softness just felt nice and right, somehow? It was so strange, yet she was smiling. Both Hijikata and Gintoki were proud of them. Zura was cheering for Kagura somewhere, not so far, with Eli.

However, this peacefulness got thrown out of the window. Even if he did his best to keep his composure, inside, he wasn’t doing much better than her. And so, just like a defense mechanism, he resumed being his usual teasing jerk and they were both back to act like cats and dogs.
And no punishments stopped them from fighting, finding relief in it, hiding their growing embarrassment. They were back to square one and swore to themselves to never let this kind of thing happen again in this lifetime.

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When he thinks about it, Oikawa finds himself pretty lucky to wake up every morning next to the person he loves. Thinking of a together forever when you’re young is natural. You don’t actually think of it, it’s obvious to you. When you’re surrounded by people dear to you, you might fear the day you’ll go your separate ways, but you’d rather ignore it and live peacefully.
So they never talked much about it, being separated. It never felt right or even real. But it happened, after high school. They went to different universities. Both of them aren’t really the talkative kind when it comes to their feelings, they could easily get into fights when overwhelmed, mostly Iwaizumi. They did text and call each other but it was something like a formality, but they couldn’t say how much they’d miss the other or how they’d like to meet more often. At some point, it was draining so much energy of them to act casual and unconcerned that it became rare for them to contact each other.

Thinking back, university almost killed any relationship between them. They can both thank their moms for still being close friends for so many years and bringing the boys back together for events. Because even a few years after university, they were barely talking to each other.
They both had it hard, being persuaded they couldn’t get back what they had in their younger days, none of them tried to make the first step every time they would meet.
Unable to make that first step, it wasn’t even possible to think of becoming something more. Even though they both became aware of their feelings a few months into uni.
There weren’t any second thoughts when they realized it, thinking about it, it couldn’t have been anyone else.

Second thoughts came later. When after fights, doubts, fear, they finally managed to start anew and give the relationship they were seeking for a try. All those bad thoughts showed up in the worst ways, like when Oikawa suggested he’d quit his job to find one closer to Iwaizumi’s house, he suddenly cut off all contact. Even after they started living together, he’d leave the house a few days, insecure about being Oikawa’s happiness.

But now, reaching close to their thirties, Oikawa still had some worries, like how beautiful Iwaizumi kept becoming but other than that, he was so damn happy to see his sleeping face. To be able to just kiss him on the forehead and then take him in his arms was bliss.
Every morning, he can tell he fought a good fight that he overcame with patience and love. And if he had to, he would start doing it all over again, as many times as necessary.
Not so much luck, but hard work brought him where he is now.