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Short Compilation of Very Short Fics

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When he thinks about it, Oikawa finds himself pretty lucky to wake up every morning next to the person he loves. Thinking of a together forever when you’re young is natural. You don’t actually think of it, it’s obvious to you. When you’re surrounded by people dear to you, you might fear the day you’ll go your separate ways, but you’d rather ignore it and live peacefully.
So they never talked much about it, being separated. It never felt right or even real. But it happened, after high school. They went to different universities. Both of them aren’t really the talkative kind when it comes to their feelings, they could easily get into fights when overwhelmed, mostly Iwaizumi. They did text and call each other but it was something like a formality, but they couldn’t say how much they’d miss the other or how they’d like to meet more often. At some point, it was draining so much energy of them to act casual and unconcerned that it became rare for them to contact each other.

Thinking back, university almost killed any relationship between them. They can both thank their moms for still being close friends for so many years and bringing the boys back together for events. Because even a few years after university, they were barely talking to each other.
They both had it hard, being persuaded they couldn’t get back what they had in their younger days, none of them tried to make the first step every time they would meet.
Unable to make that first step, it wasn’t even possible to think of becoming something more. Even though they both became aware of their feelings a few months into uni.
There weren’t any second thoughts when they realized it, thinking about it, it couldn’t have been anyone else.

Second thoughts came later. When after fights, doubts, fear, they finally managed to start anew and give the relationship they were seeking for a try. All those bad thoughts showed up in the worst ways, like when Oikawa suggested he’d quit his job to find one closer to Iwaizumi’s house, he suddenly cut off all contact. Even after they started living together, he’d leave the house a few days, insecure about being Oikawa’s happiness.

But now, reaching close to their thirties, Oikawa still had some worries, like how beautiful Iwaizumi kept becoming but other than that, he was so damn happy to see his sleeping face. To be able to just kiss him on the forehead and then take him in his arms was bliss.
Every morning, he can tell he fought a good fight that he overcame with patience and love. And if he had to, he would start doing it all over again, as many times as necessary.
Not so much luck, but hard work brought him where he is now.