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Short Compilation of Very Short Fics

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Shiina’s complains wouldn’t reach Isana’s ears. No way, now how. With his hands tied together, grabbing or even reaching out to Isana was impossible and it was frustrating. But Isana wasn’t hearing any of it and kept playing with his body.
Seated, Isana’s hand had a full access to his back and it would slowly slide down to the bunny tail. This teasing would always mess Shiina’s head up, it was pleasurable as much as it was uncomfortable, but it never lasted too long and yet he would catch himself craving the touch. Not like he had actually anytime spare for thoughts though, Isana was skillfully taking care of his hard-on, his fingers not giving him any rest yet not relieving him either.
At this point, he even forgot why Isana got pissed and tied him up with his necktie. He flinched at the memory of Isana undoing his tie swiftly and tying him up with it.
However, Isana was receptive to his begging for kisses, but that too was probably because he really likes it, just like the teasing. Isana has this habit to bring his hand back from the tail up the neck, whether Shiina is naked or not, and it would always make the bunny boy shiver in pleasure.
Isana’s grip on his neck is never strong, but he would trust this grip with his life. Anytime he could feel his lover’s hand there, he would feel safe, besides other things.
For Isana, it was mostly the pleasure of feeling Shiina’s pulse under his fingers that made him so eager to always reach out for his neck. He likes feeling the pulse of his desire at the lower part of his body and the pulse of his heart at the top. Whenever Shiina’s ears catch wet sounds, his heart pulse jumps and rises a bit but then Isana would make him focus on something else either kissing his lips or biting his shoulders. But this was actually to feel more of Shiina’s pulse, contractions, and shivers.
To be honest, whatever anger Isana had at the beginning had flown out the window the very moment he started to be engrossed in Shiina’s body, but somehow that’s something Shiina still hasn’t realized.
More like he was trapped in his pleasure and the frustration of not being able to reach his climax since Isana would almost immediately draw off his hand and wait a bit before putting it back.
When he finally allowed it, it felt as if his whole energy left him and he sighed in delight as Isana was lying him down.
But as his last piece of clothing got taken away from him and Isana was now between his legs, he knew he was in for a new round.