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Not Your Story

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Little footsteps got louder and closer, until MZD turned around to see the source of them. A little tan alien girl skid to a halt now that the god had noticed her, and looked up at him with bright blue eyes.

"Hey, Tran," the god chuckled and pat her head, "What's up?"

Tran happily accepted the head pats and looked up again, tilting her head as she eyed the many screens on the wall behind MZD. MZD took noticed and glanced over too with a grin.

"I was checkin' out some places to visit. Wil and I are goin' crazy with nothin' to do," the god laughed. He watched as Tran walked past him, only for his smile to drop as she focused on one particular screen just above the floor.

"Nonono- Tran," he reached a hand out. Tran was already fixated on the scene before her, watching another version of her talking to another...MZD? What was this?

The girl turned and narrowed her eyes slightly at MZD, her way of saying she had plenty of questions, and wanted answers.

"Jeez... Alright, alright," MZD rubbed the back of his head, "It's...another world I'm lookin' at, okay? Wil and I screwed up on a portal one day and next thing we know, we saw 'us.' Like, different versions of us."

Tran kept still for a moment, before she placed a closed fist under her chin.
"...I just like to check in once in a while. That's all," MZD crossed his arms, "That 'me' and that other Wil have really great lives. They're surrounded by people who care about them. They have families for cryin' out loud...!"

He stared at Tran, who kept his gaze on him still, and looked away, rubbing his arm.

"Yeah, yeah... I know I sound kinda bitter," MZD huffed, "What I'd give to switch places, sometimes..."

"I see you're hung up over our alternate selves," a deeper voice made MZD jolt.

"A-Ah! Jeez, Wil, scare the hell outta me, why don't ya?"

"MZD, I give you the solution, and you keep opening the wound," Wil sighed, "If you still can't handle seeing that other world, seeing 'her,' you need to close that screen off and stop fretting over it."

"Wil, it ain't that simple," the god averted his gaze like a child getting scolded, "I just...wanna walk around in there. I wanna see what's it like to be around so many people-"

"I also know you wish to see that woman again," the demon leaned back against a pillar, "I can read you like a page of a book, MZD. You know it will cause complications. It's best to leave things alone until you can mature in that sense."

"I'm already mature, dammit," MZD spat a bit. Tran put a small hand on his fist, and MZD looked down at her.
"Shit... Forgot you were here," the god muttered, "...Sorry, Tran. You didn't need to witness this."

"MZD, you know I am not trying to strike nerves," Wil crossed his arms, "But if you keep dwelling on this, without doing anything healthy for yourself, you'll regress into bitterness."

"...You're right," MZD sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "I just gotta chill... I'm gonna go see Pa'o and Fo'i."

Wil nodded and glanced over at Tran, who looked back at him in return.

"...Thank you for looking out for him and being by his side," Wil spoke. Tran nodded and turned to follow MZD, who was heading into a portal.