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The distant island they knew now as the moon hung over them almost as if it was a lamp on the street. The city they were visiting wasn't dangerous or anything. But Zeta decided that if she wanted to keep the tradition of White Day, they needed to be discreet from now on.

Although... there was a limit for that, having Vaseraga as her companion and everything, “Can’t you get smaller?” she asked.

“Can’t you wear something less bright?”


At that point in their lives, they were used to all that banter. If anything, it was a relief after everything that had happened to them. It would make Zeta feel calmer and give her a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life while they are on the run.

“Let me see, we need chocolate, milk, a bit of flour…”

“Zeta,” called Vaseraga upon looking at her grocery list, “We are buying chocolate, not baking a cake.”

“Aw, we could at least try!” A memory came to her, “Or rather, better not. Bea tried to bake once and it was a disaster.”

“Then, let’s just ask Siero for chocolate and give it a day.”

“You could be a little more romantic around this time of the year, y’know? Aren’t you excited?”

“I’m more concerned over Society finding us because of some explosion from a cake.”

They didn’t stop though. The banter kept going, with some citizens looking at them from time to time and asking themselves if that was supposed to be a lovers’ quarrel. It was difficult to know, with the way they were behaving.

After all the ingredients were bought, Zeta gave a sigh of relief and stretched her arms, “It feels good to not have many responsibilities, at least! Do you think Bea and Eustace are doing fine?”

Vaseraga turned his head from the bag of chocolates to his partner, “We’re talking about them. They will be fine.”




On another island, distant from Zeta and Vaseraga, another pair was on the same mission of buying ingredients for White Day. This time, however, they were less successful than their other comrades.

“As I said, we need more flour, Eustace!!”

The erune sighed at the energy of his companion, “We are not baking anything, Beatrix. That’s final.”

“You’re such a joy killer! A cake would be so good at those times…”

“We don’t have enough space to carry a cake with us.”

Bea pouted, “We could ask Captain to give us a day in the Grandcypher, and then everyone would have cake.”

He sighed again. That was becoming more and more common after splitting up from the other former Society members, “Why are you buying so much anyway?”

She paused. For the first time on that day, Beatrix looked serious, “I want to buy enough so we can have a lot of sweets once Cassius is back from the moon. I don’t know how the food is over there, but I bet they don’t have chocolate!”

Eustace chuckled at that, “I bet they don’t.”