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Harry’s POV.


To put it simply, he was worried. He didn’t remember much of what had happened during the school year.

He remembered finding the diary in Myrtle's bathroom. He remembered how it talked to him when he wrote in it.

Well, more accurately it wrote didn’t actually talk and he’s getting off track…


He was worried for Lora. He may have been the one who had had their magic and life forced used, (He had known what the dairy was doing he just wanted to try and give it a chance to be a better person), but Lora was the one that was knocked out from magical exhaustion for the last week of the school year.


And her talk with Dumbledore left her in a bad mood on the train ride home. 

Perhaps the Headmaster had tried to convince Lora that they should go live with the Dursleys again…? 

He didn’t ask. He didn’t want to push Lora into speaking when she didn’t want to.

But that didn’t make him worry any less!


His worries were not put to rest when they actually did get back home. Lora had practically buried herself in work!

Yes he was glad she wasn’t taking naps… but she wasn’t actually sleeping at night either! He could tell!

He had lost count of all the times he woke up to her screams from a nightmare. All he could do was go snuggle her and calm her down… as long as she wasn’t having a panic attack that was.

He had learned her panic attacks could be...dangerous.


Lora no longer had a bed frame to go with the mattress… that poor bed….


He still did his best to be the best brother he could be! He cleaned and cooked. He always kept an eye on Lora as she practiced the patronus charm to make sure she didn’t overdo it and collapse from exhaustion. He would always come up with excuses as to why he needed her for some non magical activity when he thought she was doing too much.

Lora didn’t catch on to it though. 

There was a reason the Hat considered him for Slytherin after all.


He was worried for her overall health…. But when she finally mastered the Patronus he was immensely proud of her. His twin was the best!


He clearly remembers what had happened the day she mastered the charm….

He had been making sandwiches for lunch while Lora was practicing outside. Then there had been a sudden increase of light that filled the kitchen and blinded him momentarily. 

The light had come from the kitchen window.

He paused his sandwich making and went to see what the light was.

When he looked outside he nearly jumped out of his skin! (And No Lora, that was NOT a skeleton pun! So don’t you dare tease him over it!) 


There in their front lawn was a giant skeleton ghost dragon! It was about the size of the cabin, and it’s skull looked similar to the Blaster things his sister could summon.


Yes he knew of her Blasters, Bone magic and Blue magic. She never kept it secret from him.


It was some time later when Lora told him that the dragon was not a ghost she had summoned from the dead. (He often believed that Lora might one day commit necromancy because of her unhealthy obsession with skeletons. So this was a legitimate worry!)

Turns out the dragon was her Patronus! It was awesome! 

And When he the Amazing Harry Potter, learned how to cast the Patronus his was going to be just as awesome! He knew it!


That was also the day Lora brought in a dog that had wandered into the yard shortly after she casted the Patronus for the first time successfully. 


Though what he didn’t understand was why she wanted to call the dog G of all things. Just WHY would she name a dog after a letter?!




“Well, G stands for something.”




“That’s for me ta know and the audience to figure out.”




“Nope. I’m not sick bro. Promise.”




Lora shuttered. “Yeah bro. I know. If I lie I get grounded from ketchup…”




She sighs, “And I have to clean my room and get rid of my trash tornado….”




Yeah… He knew Lora hated that punishment. But on the bright side she has only had to experience it once before! 


Needless to say, His summer was pretty normal after that. And as far as Lora’s nightmares went… After she was able to cast the Patronus charm the majority of them stopped completely.

Maybe it had something to do with what was needed to cast the spell…?


Eh. He wasn’t a Ravenclaw like his sister. Answering every question that popped into his head didn’t really concern him much.


The only thing he worried about was how did his sister plan to take care of her new dog while she was at school…

She better not be planning to sneak G onto the train with them!