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Lesson One

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Link's cries echoed about the stone room, the pitchy, whimpering whine of them a sharp contrast to the thud of flesh on flesh. He was face down, pressed by unrelenting hands against the cold wood of the table as Ghirahim drove his cock deep into Link's ass with harsh thrusts.

At the other end of the table, Ganon had Zelda bent over as well. He held her arms behind her back, hair wrapped around his massive fist to force her to watch Link shudder under Ghira's attentions. She had tried to look away at first, but he'd dragged her back around by the hair each time until she gave up and watched. She made tiny, occasional sounds of protest, but her nipples were hard. Better, her cunt was soaking wet where it quivered only a bare inch away from his cock. That was what he watched, near oblivious to Ghira's pleasing himself nearby. Every time Link cried out her body clenched, the muscles of her pussy tightening with need and making Ganon's own body ache to give her satisfaction.

If Ganon was anything, however, he was patient. He could wait, wait for Ghira to force Link to the edge, shuddering and shaking and crying out as he spent himself on nothing, his come spattering the floor. Then and only then did Ganon spread Zelda wide and impale her on his cock, her wet heat spasming in protest around him as her scream shattered the air around them.

Ganon didn't care. He put a hand in the center of her back and held her down as he fucked her slow, forcing his cock to the greatest depth her small body could handle. She was crying, gasping, begging, tears dampening the wood of the table. That same rough wood rubbed painfully against her hard nipples as his thrusts moved her across the surface, dragging sharp whimpers from her throat.

Across the table, Ghira forced Link upright to see, pinning him between the edge of the wood and his own body. His hand wrapped around Link's limp cock and began to stroke while he kept moving slowly in him.

Link could only resist for so long. His cock began to rise again in Ghira's hand and the horror began to fade from his face as he watched Ganon brutalize the princess he'd been sworn to protect. His eyes flicked back and forth, from her breasts rubbed raw against the rough wood to Ganon's cock sinking repeatedly into her. His eyes dilated abruptly when Ganon reached out and hauled her upright by her throat, cutting her gasps off with a squeak for a moment while her breasts bounced from the force of his rutting and he squeezed bruises into her pale neck. Link was the one who whimpered loudest when Ganon let her fall forward again, gasping to catch her breath.

When Ganon beckoned Ghira to bring Link nearer, he obeyed at once. The hard length of his cock slid from Link's abused hole and he forced him up onto the table, crawling up after him. Link hardly noticed, eyes riveted to Ganon's withdrawing from Zelda to turn her over, planting her ass on the edge of the table and shoving her onto her back. Her cry this time when he split her open was hoarse and ragged, almost hopeless. Link could see the tears leaking from her eyes when Ghira guided him onto his knees over her, positioning his head directly above Ganon's cock where it stretched her painfully.

He didn't object to being held there, forced to watch the massive shaft drive into her harder, faster. He only tried to squirm away when Ghira forced his hips down, hooking a thumb into Zelda's mouth to force it open and Link's cock between her bruised and bitten lips.

Link couldn't make himself fight it anymore. Not when Ghira's cock stretched him anew and his thrusts began to drive Link's cock down into the heat of Zelda's mouth. Not while he watched Ganon pleasure himself in the tightness of her battered but still slick cunt. He went willingly when Ganon's hand forced his head down, mouth opening to lap indiscriminately at the massive cock and Zelda's neglected clit. He was feverishly aroused now in spite of her tears and trembling, as eager to rut into her mouth as Ghira was to thrust into him.

Ghirahim was the first to spill, burying himself deep in Link's ass and in turn pushing his cock deep into Zelda's mouth. He held Link there as he filled him with wet heat, leaning up and throwing an arm around Ganon's neck to pull him into a hungry kiss. Ganon kissed him willingly, forcing Zelda's knees up as he did so to take her more deeply right before Link's eyes and under his hungry mouth. It was too much for him as well and he came down Zelda's throat, seed spilling against the back of her tongue while she gagged and strained to contain it.

Ganon came last, the force of his final thrust pushing Zelda sharply against Link's knees. Ghira held Link's head down, forcing him to lick and suck at Ganon's throbbing cock as he poured into the princess's cunt, filling her so deeply that creamy liquid dripped out of her, over Ganon's shaft and onto the table. His orgasm was long, his cock still spurting when he pulled free of her clutching heat and held his cock against Link's face, the last of his semen streaking down Link's flushed cheeks.

They both thought that they were free, then. That for the moment, this trial was over, that they'd be given a chance at least to rest. Link found that he was wrong at once as Ganon's hand fisted in his hair and he pulled him roughly off the table and to his feet. He didn't understand at first, not even as Ganon guided his face down and between Zelda's bruised thighs. Ghira leaned close, then, agile tongue flicking out to clean Ganon's come from Link's cheeks and Link held still, holding his breath. Only when Ghira was finished did he issue the soft command directly into Link's ear.

Clean her.

Link, bent forward and helpless, obeyed. He closed his mouth around the swollen lips of her cunt and sucked, pressing his tongue between them and into her stretched opening. He lapped Ganon's seed from her pussy and swallowed, licked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. Her body, exhausted though she was, was responding. She clenched around his tongue, uttering weak little moans as he drank the come from her cunt, and when he could no longer taste the musk of seed she came with a little cry, her own creamy fluid flooding his mouth.

Before she had finished, Link felt the pressure of Ganon's hands between his thighs, the thick fingers spreading his ass as the blunt head of Ganon's massive cock probed at his ass. He was torn between despair and arousal as he was stretched again, this time enormously, the massive shaft buried so deep inside of him that he couldn't even move. It didn't matter – Ganon was pleased to put him exactly where he wanted him, steadying Link on his cock as he moved him forward, taking Link's half-flaccid shaft between his fingers and forcing it into Zelda's used body.

Ghira was already in her mouth, facing away from Link as he straddled her face. The muscles of his back and ass flexing as he rode her face, shaft sliding in and out of her mouth with obscene wet sounds as she tried to accommodate him time and again. Link again felt himself being used to fuck Zelda, his cock rising slowly to a hardness he wouldn't have believed he could achieve for a third time. Ganon's shaft stretched him to immobility and all he could do was lean back against the massive body and gasp tiny cries as he took the huge cock to the limit of his body. In spite of Ganon's ruthless use of her, Zelda's body gripped him snugly, squeezing and spasming around him as he was forced repeatedly into her her heat.

Link was used almost to his limit when Ghira turned to face him, cupping Zelda's breasts together in his hands and spitting between them before he set his cock against her chest and squeezed her up around him. Again, Link found himself fixated as Ghira thrust slowly between Zelda's breasts, one hand hooked behind him to support her head as she obeyed his order to tongue his ass. When he came, his come bathed her stomach in pearly beads. He moved back to let the last drops fall on her chest, smearing his hands through the white spurts on her stomach to collect his semen and rub it over her breasts. Link didn't have to be guided down to lap it up, doing so almost mindlessly and completely of his own accord.

Ghira was content then to sit back and watch, reaching out languidly to press his hands to Link's mouth so that he could bathe the remaining come from them. It felt almost natural to lick and suck at his fingers, and Link found himself whimpering when Ghira took his hand away and left him only to the sensations of being impaled on Ganon's cock and balls deep in Zelda's cunt. She let out tiny cries at his every thrust now, eyes closed and lips parted as she gasped. Link couldn't help leaning down again to lick and suck at her breasts, and Ganon rewarded him for his eagerness with a last sharp thrust that filled him with thick, heavy seed.

As the massive cock drew out of him, Link had to fight to not let all of the come drip out down his legs. He clenched tight, panting against Zelda and still hard in her. He was surprised by the quick pressure and thick swell of something sliding into him and lodging there.

A plug, Ghira whispered, cupping his face. You're such a good pet. His tongue flicked out over Link's lips, which parted for him automatically. Such a good pet that you get to keep his come. Are you happy?

Link could only answer him with a moan as Ganon pressed his fingers against the flared base of the thing, forcing it and his seed momentarily deeper – and with them, Link's cock into Zelda. Then Ganon grasped his hips and drew him back, Link's cock leaving her slickness with a pop and standing rigid against his stomach.

Before he could beg for relief Ghira had pulled him back up onto the table, guiding him over Zelda's tear-streaked face. Ghira knelt behind him, flaccid cock pressed to Link's ass while he reached around him to press the tip of Link's cock to Zelda's lips. Link started to move forward, into the welcoming embrace of her mouth, but Ghira held him back with an arm around his waist, whispering into his ear.

I'm going to milk you, the silky voice said. Hold you right here with your cock to her lips and stroke your seed out of her. Let her take just the tip of you into her mouth and drink your come down like the precious liquid it is.

Link couldn't stifle a groan. He held still, leaning back against Ghira but unable to tear his eyes from Zelda's lips and the head of his cock pressed there. Ghira's fingers were quick and clever, wrapping around him and teasing over him, stroking him until pre-come beaded at the tip of him and Zelda was forced to kiss – not lick – it away. Not until Link's orgasm struck him, leaving him shaking in Ghira's arms while he emptied himself into Zelda's mouth was she allowed to take him in her mouth and suck him clean.

Only then did Link realize that the cock pressed against his ass was growing hard again. Ghira's swift fingers plucked the plug from him, the thick head of his cock replacing it and keeping Ganon's come trapped inside of him, the slickness inviting Ghira to drive deeper into his stretched hole. He closed his eyes on sudden tears, his eagerness gone in exhaustion and the beginnings of despair. Behind him, Ganon spread Zelda's legs wide again and began to finger the tight pucker of her ass, hard and ready to claim them both as many times as it took to break them and make them his.