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The Inanis of Night Raven

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Chapter 16: In Which the Inanis Withheld a Name from a Fae 

A loud ‘SMACK!’ rang throughout the lunchroom making the whole room stare at what went down at the table where the two Ramshackle students and four Heartslabyul students and the newly arrived at the table a Diasomnia student who got slapped by the only magicless student at the whole school.

“Oi Raca you just hit an upperclassman.” Deuce whispers, looking slightly worried as he looks to Lilia who just has a surprised look on his face as his red eyes look at the copper hair magicless student.

“Well he shouldn’t sneak up on people. That's the downside: there are some people who will come out swinging when they get surprised.” Raca says huffing at the bluenette in a very country accent. Lilia chuckles at Raca 

“Well that was quite a fun new reaction” he says smiling “Quite fearless aren’t you” Raca shrugs but squints her eyes at the man’s(?) ears and notices they were pointy ‘A fae?’ They thought they also just noticed the green haired boy looking very furious at Raca, even glaring at them Raca decides to just ignore them and goes back to the conversion at their table. 

“Lord, for why do you care to know my age?” Lilia asks “I know I resemble a charming lovable young boy. Precisely, as the man in glasses said I am not a child”
“Well no duh you're probably thousands of years old given the fact you're a fae” Raca says not looking impressed, as Lilia just chuckles as he seems to find Raca entertaining to speaking with them. 

“Tell me, can I have your name?” Lilia asked, smiling at them, making the magicless student glare at the fae 

“I’m sure your hearing isn't that bad that you didn't hear Deuce say my name considering the fact you were able to hear our conversation halfway across the room.” Lilia chuckles, really enjoying how interesting Raca was. 

“I suppose you're right then Raca was it not?” he asked smiling “Anyways it's not as fun to observe from a distance. We are all colleagues attending the same school, we at the Diasomnia  dormitory welcomes you anytime.” Lilia says looking very pleased while the green haired man does not look very happy and Deuce kind of voiced his thoughts on that. Lilia chuckles softly “Well pardon me for appearing from above and disturbing your meal. We’ll see you soon” with that Lilia makes his way back to his table once he was gone Ace comments softly about how it was creepy that he heard them from 20 meters away 

“Well he's a fae they have good hearing” Raca says sipping their water.

“Well that’s Diasomnia alright. The dorm is filled with very special students.” Trey says as he keeps looking at Raca kind of interested in what their reaction would be to what he says next.

“The dorm leader Malleus Draconia is said to be one of the five greatest sorcerers in the world.”
“Malleus? Isn’t he the one that didn’t get informed of the ceremony and basically missed it?” Raca asked, remembering what was said as Trey and Cater look a bit sheepish by this.

“Well he’s kind of very hard to approach and he’s kind of scary but our dorm leader is pretty dangerous too” Cater said which sets off Ace.
“Really! He put a collar on me because I ate his tart? He is the absolute worst!” Ace rants which Raca notice durning Ace’s rant Riddle approaching which they tried to warn him to no luck

“Hmm? I’m the worst huh?” came the voice of the red head who didn’t sound pleased at all, Ace keeps going on his little rant not know that the one who spoke was they one he was bad mouthing which makes Raca face palms
“You're an idiot Ace” Raca says as Ace was about to yell at them before Deuce informs him on who was behind him making Ace pale as he turns around to face the wrath of his dorm leader, while Cater tries to smooth things over which didn't go well.

“Cater if you keep talking it will be off with your head too.” Riddle says not looking the least bit amused

“Ah! That’s the guy who put that weird collar on me during the entrance ceremony.” Grim exclaims as he sits perched on Raca’s shoulder who looks at the fire cat before snapping back to attention when Riddle spoke to them.
“You two are the freshmen who almost got kicked out of the school yesterday, please refrain from calling my unique magic ‘weird collar’” he says crossing his arms looking annoyed “Honestly, the headmaster is always too nice. If you allow others to violate the rules, eventually everything will collapse and crumble”

“Well that’s kind of a pessimistic way of thinking. Sometimes a little bit of madness in life is always refreshing because normal is overrated” Raca says, running their pointer finger around the rim of their glass of water. Riddle just glares at Raca and says.

“All those who violate the rules should be decapitated” Raca glares back at him as Ace mutters to himself.

“The headmaster may have forgiven you, but if you break any rules again I will not forgive you.” Riddle continues
“That’s okay, it really doesn't matter to me if you forgive me or not, that's your choice I don’t care.” Raca says out of boredom from this uptight boy as Ace tries to smooth talk his way out of the collar which didn’t work since he did hear Ace shit talk behind his back. He also told Ace that he shouldn't worry since the first years lessons are mainly lectures of them learning the basics of magic and not practicing it. He then tells them to hurry an finishes eating an get to their next class then says something about not spending more than fifteen minutes after eating which Raca finds weird since people like to visit other people even when they are finished eating Raca snaps back to the present when they hear Ace and Deuce yell ‘Yes Dorm Leader’ and then Trey saying he would take care of the two which Raca was wondering what all they missed.

‘I really need to pay attention to long winded conversations when people are kind of sort of talking to me.’ they thought as Riddle huffs and says.

“You are the Vice Dorm Leader. Do your job properly” that got Raca to look at the green haired boy in shock, missing the rule about lemon tea with something about sugar cubes before he leaves.

“You're the Vice!” Raca asked Trey as he chuckles nervously

“Yes I am, is that really a shock?” he asked

“Yes! Well I guess we couldn’t have known since we didn't ask I suppose” Raca hums in thought as they kind of listened to bits and pieces of the conversation that the Heartslabyul boys and Grim were having to help Ace with his collar problem. Raca hears them bad mouth Riddle mostly from Ace, Deuce and Grim and how he became the dorm leader a week after the start of school his first year which Trey praises Riddle which made Raca hums with a thought in mind but doesn't say anything, but deicide to ask something else. 

“So what is unique magic?” which all of the Heartslabyul boys begin to explain that it is a type of magic unique to a person that only they can use which the copperette hums when they explains Riddle unique magic and how it seals someone's magic for a certain amount of time and that its called ‘Off with your Head.’  While they were explain Raca heard other Heartslabyul students muttering about their dorm leader an how unhappy they are with him which made them kind of blurt out 

“If the people are pushed too far they will revolt against the queen and said queen may end up losing her head”
“Uh Raca what are you talking about?” Cater asked nervously making the magicless student blink at them

“Oh I was just saying since I heard more people sounding unhappy with Riddle that when the queen’s subjects are being pushed beyond their breaking point they will revolt and it won't end well for the queen she may end up losing her head from her people. I mean it happened before in my world where the people revolted and captured and imprisoned the royal family then beheaded them all.” Raca says casually but kind of horrified the other seat mates “What? People have free will and have a choice to not be treated like pawns.” Raca says pouting before Ace tries to steer the conversation elsewhere.

“So I’ll be kicked out again if I don't bring back a tart?” which made Cater laugh saying yes

“Riddle was looking forward to trying the first slice, he most likely won’t forgive you if you don’t bring a whole one” which Ace complains that Cater not cutting him any slack

“Hey you reap what you sow Ace” the copperette says drinking the last of their water as they listen to the rest of the conversation as Deuce mentions a whole tart is expensive.

“Why not make a tart then?” Raca asked throwing an idea out to help out which got Cater to nod

“Yea those tart were made by Trey after all.” Cater confirmed making Ace gawk at his upperclassmen.”

Trey you made those?! That’s amazing, they are way better than the one at the store!” The red head praised the greenette making him chuckle as he says he believed he has everything to make a tart but won’t offer his help for free making Ace freak out thinking he had to pay making Raca sigh.

“I think he meant us helping in the making of the tart since he knows you don't have the money to buy a tart from the store.” Raca says as Trey laughs and confirms what the magicless student says and tells them that they needed to gather chestnuts for the tart which the first years agreed to do after school.


Lilia watches the copper haired magicless talk an plan on making a tart after school and picking chestnut making the fae chuckle causing the two boys sitting next to him to look at him

“Sir Lilia, what's so funny?” asked the loud green hair boy before the small man smirks

“Oh nothing Sebek I just find our new magicless classmates very interesting is all.” he hums in as he watches the group leave as the bell rings for the students to return to class “I wonder when their paths will cross.” he says out loud making Silver and Sebek look at him in confusion.