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The Inanis of Night Raven

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Chapter 1: In Which being Pulled into a Mirror isn't Fun

Sitting in a darkened room in front of a floor length mirror, knees pulled to their chest was a dark figure breathing heavily as they had just started to have a small panic attack, remembering their breathing exercises they took a deep breath in then held it for five then let it out for five. They repeated the process a few more times before they heard something echoing round them.

“Ahh.. My dear beloved. A lovely and noble flower of evil.” 

The figure lifted their gaze from their knees as their wide doe brown eyes looked around to see where the voice was coming from.

“Truly, you are the most beautiful of all.”

The figure stiffens that after what they had been through they rather not be seen as beautiful or they rather not be seen at all, they can still feel the ghost the hands that of the person who made them feel unclean and tainted.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the..” 

the voice is cut off after that, but the figure in the dark room knew the rest of the words.

“The fairest of them all”

The figure spoke in a small hush as if afraid to be heard, which seems to have done something to the mirror they were sitting in front of as green fire rose from within the mirror.

“Those who are guided by the dark mirror. As long as your heart desires. Take the hand that appears in the mirror.”

The voice spoke again after the flames died down a hand started to reach out from the mirror. The figure startled by the appearance of the hand reaching out towards them, but then stopped to think for a moment and decided that they were dreaming from falling asleep after a trying day, then slowly got on their hands and knees and reached for the hand coming from the mirror.

‘Oh well might as well see where this dream goes.’

They thought as they started to be pulled into the mirror once they were completely through the mirror they were left in darkness to the point they couldn’t see anything in front of their face, not even their hand. The voice spoke again, this time it sounded like it came from all around the figure that stepped through the mirror.

“For me, for them, for you. We are all running out of time. No matter what, never let go of my hand.”


The figure opened their doe brown eyes they feel like they had a very strange and bizarre dream, they gave a small quite giggle at their silliness and stared up at their engraved white floral ceiling with a smile, but then gasp realizing that they weren't seeing their ceiling in their bedroom confused and afraid they start to panic when a noise could be heard and it sounded very close to them. Trying to figure out what it was they soon heard a voice that sounded a bit high in pitch but still gives off that of a man’s voice the figure listens closely to what it's saying.

“Crap, people are coming. Gotta get a uniform while…”

Grunting could be heard next like this person was trying to move something heavy.

“The lid is too heavy.”

‘Lid? Lid to what?’

The figure asked themselves in their head.

“Time for my secret move”

More grunting could be heard after the person said that a ‘woosh’ sound followed by a ‘there!’ from the person. Sudden blue fire appeared in front of the figure who all but screeched in fright by the sudden appearance of the fire. As the person who was lifting lids said something about ‘gotta get’ whatever it was the figure didn’t really care at all to find out as they shot up from their lying position starling the other person who must have started the fire.

“Why are you up!?!”

The figure looks to the person who asked that an was about to snap at them when they notice the person wasn’t really a person but a strange looking greyish cat with blue eyes that matched its blue fireish ears and had a black pitch fork tail. They also noticed the room they were in was filled with floating coffins which was a bit creepy and morbid as they looked around the room.

“I’m in a room with floating coffins?!” 

The figure asked a bit of fear and confusion, mostly confusion, cause they don’t remember reading or watching any horror before bed then again this dream was made from the stress of their day so floating coffins could be interesting they supposed. They then looked at the cat...racoon creature which they must have said that last bit out loud for the creature yelled at them.

“Just who are you calling a raccoon!! I am the ‘Great Grim!’”

The figure goes to speak to try and calm the creature, but Grim’s glare made them lose their words as he rants some more.

“Well, whatever. Hey human! Hurry and gimme me those clothes, otherwise I’ll roast ya.’

The figure blinks in confusion until the words to which they just said fully processed. Giving a horrified look and fear they wrapped their arms around themselves as if to shield them from the cat thing, but then remembered that this is just a dream.

“Dreaming about getting roasted by a cat-racoon, that's a new one.”

They make a small giggle kind of enjoying the silliness to the dream.

“Sorry, but I'm afraid i need these clothes even if it is just a dream made by my tired and stressed out mind.”

The figure said with a good natured tease to their voice as they went to pet Grim, who did not like that answer whatsoever as he made blue fire shot up out of nowhere startling the figure again.

“I said I'm not a freaking raccoon!” 

Seeing the fire rise with Grim’s ire and being a bit afraid even if it was a dream the figure turns and runs away from the fire, the floating coffin room, and Grim. They ran out of the room and into what looks to be a hallway to a courtyard, but hearing Grim and his fire coming after them they didn’t stick around for too long to even know for sure as they just kept running. Passing classrooms, courtyard, until finally they could run no more as they found themselves trapped in the library.

“Okay I’m done dreaming can I please wake up now! I’ve had enough excitement for one night!”

The figure huffs out trying to catch their breath looking for a way out when Grim’s blue fire blocks their escape route.

“Did you really think you’d get away from my nose? Dumb human!”

Grim’s fire gets pushed closer and closer the more Grim spoke

“If you don’t wanna get roasted, better hand over.”

Suddenly something appeared wrapping around Grim cutting off the rest of his sentence.

“Ow! What’s with this cord?”

Grim asked, as the figure looked at what bound Grim and it was indeed a cord of some sorts. As a strange man with a top hat and fancy clothes wearing a ravens mask appeared.

“This is no mere cord. It is a lash of love!”

The man explains which made the figure hold back their retort and snark about it being a whip.

“Ah, found you at last. Are you one of the new students? You shouldn’t do things like that. Leaving the gate on your own!”

The man said, looking at the figure who was just starting at him like he has no idea what he was talking about.

“Not only that, you have yet to tame your familiar which has broken a number of school rules.”

The figure was about to speak up, but Grim beat them to it.

“Let me go! I’m not their freaking familiar!”

The figure nodded as an agreement with Grim, but the man seemed like he didn’t believe him.

“Sure, sure. The rebellious one always says things like that. Just quiet down for a moment.”

And with that the man then gags Grim which makes the figure kind of sweat and fear what was about to happen to them should they annoy this guy.

“My goodness. It's unprecedented for a new student to leave the gate on their own.”

He said turning his attention back to the figure who all, but straightens their back and stands at attention stiff as a broad as the man sighs

“How impatient can you be? The entrance ceremony is already well under way. Let’s head to the Hall of Mirrors.”

The figure blinks and speaks in a quiet voice to ask the man a few things that has them confused about.


“It's the room you woke up in with all the doors. All students who wish to attend this academy must pass through one of those doors to arrive here.”

The man answered them then continued to speak.

“Normally, students wake up only after the door is opened with a special key, but.”

“The fire must have blown the lid off then.”

The figure thought out loud making the man look to Grim who was still bound and gagged.

So in the end the culprit appears to be this familiar. If you’re going to bring it with you, you have to take responsibility and properly take care of it.”

He scolded the figure who went to say something but was interrupted by the mask man.

‘Oh my! Now isn’t the time to be long winded. The entrance ceremony will soon come to a close. Let’s get a move on.”

Before the figure went anywhere with this guy they needed one more question to be asked quickly finding their voice they spoke out

“Just wait a second, where exactly am I, and who are you?”

Then man just looks at them in confusion

“What's this? Are you still dazed?”

He asked, giving them a concern look.

“It appears the teleportation magic has left you disoriented. Well it's fine, it happens often enough. I shall give you an explanation as we make our way there.”

He then did a strange weird bow-like pose with both his arms out wide as he bowed and said that he was ‘gracious.’ and with that he takes the figures hand and drags them along with Grim being carried like a sack of potatoes. One thing the figure knew for sure they were having a very interesting dream.