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Angels Working Overtime

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Frank looked up when Bart stopped talking, finally realising that Von hadn’t come back to their table.
“Where the bloody hell is she?”
“Von, she was getting the drinks in.”
Bart looked around and spotted her over at the bar, seeing Mike with her.
“Oh there she is, at the bar with Doctor Vlasek.”
Frank followed Bart’s gaze to see Von and Mike talking, shaking his head.
“Back in a minute.”
Frank got up and made his way over to the bar, Von laughing at something Mike had said.
“Not interrupting anything I hope?”
Mike looked up, Von following his gaze to see Frank giving him an annoyed look.
“Evening Frank?”
“Bart’s dying of thirst over there Ryan.”
“He didn’t ask for anything?”
“Al-right, I’m dying of thirst then.”
“Well god forbid you use your legs and get it yourself.”
“What the bloody hell do you think I’m doing woman.”
He gave her a raised eyebrow before turning his attentions to Mike again.
“I thought you were supposed to be resting Vlasek?”
“I’ve been resting for hours, I needed to get out of the house.”
“And the pub was your best idea?”
“It’s only orange juice Frank.”
“Mm-mm, are you coming back over?” He asked Von.
“When I’ve finished our conversation, yes?”
Frank grumbled something under his breath before he picked up his drink and made his way back to Bart.
“Well?” Bart asked.
“She’s having a deep discussion with Vlasek to worry about our drinks just now?”
“Your drink?”
“Stop splitting hairs Homer.”
Bart just smiled to himself before going back to his own beer.

The hours passes by, Gabrielle and Steve had already left, followed by Charlotte. Frank had made a point of going over to Von and Mike before he left, reminding Von that she was on the early shift, before he made his way out with Bart.
“It’s like being caught ditching school by the principal.” Von groaned.
“I suppose he just wants to make sure you get home safely.”
“I’m a big girl, he should know that by now.”
“Speaking of which, it is getting late.”
“Mm-mm, I should be making a move.”
Von got up, picking her bag up from the bar.
“I can give you a lift if you like…I’ve got nowhere to be tomorrow after all.”
“It’s in the opposite direction from you?”
“I don’t mind, happy to do it.”
“Okay then, thanks.”
Mike got to his feet, his hand on Von’s back as they made their way out to the car park. They walked quietly towards his car, Mike opening the door for her as she got in.

The drive to Von’s was quiet, the only sound was the jazz on the CD player. Von smiling to herself, which didn’t go unnoticed by Mike.
“What’s funny?” He asked.
“Go on, what?”
“You never struck me as a Jazz man, that’s all.”
“Don’t judge me by my t shirts I wear, I’m more than just a Rock man.” He smiled back at her. “Do you like Jazz?”
“Mm-mm, I do.”
“Anyone particular?”
“I like to listen to Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis…”
“You have very good taste.”
They lapsed back in to silence before Mike pulled up outside Von’s house. He turned off the ignition, taking off his seatbelt as Von undid hers. She looked up when he got out of the car, watching as he came around to her side and opened the door for her, extending his hand to her, which she accepted with a smile.
“You’re full of surprises tonight Doctor Vlasek.”
“Don’t believe everything Frank tells you, he’s just jealous.” He joked.
“Would you like some coffee, it’s the least I can do for giving me a lift home?”
“Are you sure, you have an early start remember?”
“I don’t go by Frank’s bloody schedule, come on.”
Mike gave a warm laugh as he closed the car door and locking it before following Von up the path and in to the house.

Mike closed the door behind him as he entered her home, the heat hitting him immediately. He came in to the kitchen and watched as she grabbed two mugs from the cupboard, before putting the kettle on.
“Take a seat.” She smiled.
Mike did as she asked, taking a seat at the kitchen counter, a small smile on his face as he watched her prepare their coffee, Von looked over at him and caught the way he looked at her.
“What’s so funny?” She asked.
“You’re laughing?”
“No, I’m smiling.”
“I don’t know really…you.”
“Okay.” She gave him an odd look before she went back to what she was doing.
Mike got to his feet, coming over to her. She could see him at the corner of her eye, her breath hitching as he came up beside her.
“I just don’t think I’ve ever really seen you smile as much as you have tonight, I don’t mean that to sound offensive.”
Von stopped what she was doing and looked up at him.
“I didn’t find it offensive.”
“You should smile more at work.”
“Working for Frank.” She laughed.
“Yeah, I mean it though. When you smile, it brings out the sparkle in your eyes.”
Von on impulse smiled up at him again, watching the way he moved slowly forward and placing a warm kiss to her lips. Von in her head thought she should say something, stop the kiss but instead found herself responding to it, her arms coming around his neck as he deepened the kiss, the kettle bubbling behind them.

To Be Continued…