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Angels Working Overtime

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Frank Campion was in resus with his team when Jo and Steve came through the doors of emergency, trying their best to keep their boss Miklos Vlasek upright. Von was at the front desk, placing some files on the counter when she spotted them. She made her way over to them, signalling to Frank who was preoccupied.
“Frank…problem.” Was all she said.
“Bloody woman.” Frank murmured under his breath as he got Charlotte to take over from him.
He made his way out in to the corridor, to see what all the fuss was about. The first thing he saw was the blood coming from Mike’s side, then the cut on his head.
“What the bloody hell happened to you?” He stated.
“Oh you know our boss, always trying to play the hero.” Jo relied.
“Cubicle two.” Frank said, as Von followed them.
Mike made a pained noise when he sat down on the bed, Von rolling her eyes at him.
“Don’t give me that look.” He said to her.
“Well, no wonder. What happened?” She asked.
“It was a burning car, a young woman. The car was close to exploding, what the hell was I supposed to do?”
“Wait for backup.” Steve added.
“Don’t you two have somewhere else to be?”
“Fine we’ll go and do the dreaded paperwork.” Jo said.
As the two still remained behind them, Frank turned towards them.
“Well go on then, what are you bloody waiting for?” Frank bellowed.
“Frank.” Von warned.
“Well, it’s not a spectators sport for crying out loud. Right Vlasek, lie back.”
Mike did as he was told, the pain hitting him for a moment. He watched Von put on some gloves before gently lifting up his ruined t-shirt to have a better look at the injury, some blood seeping out.
“That’s going to need stitches.”
“Easy job then, you free?” Frank asked.
“I thought you were doing it?”
“I need to get back to resus. Only if you have the time?”
“Thank you. Vlasek, you behave for Von.”
“What do you imagine I’d do exactly?”
Frank raised his eyebrow as he took off his own gloves and walked away, closing the curtain behind him.”

Von turned her attentions back to Mike as she took some antiseptic and cleaned up his wound before carefully applying the stitches.
“So, what in the world possessed you to risk you life like that.”
“It’s my job.”
“No it’s not, your job is to save lives the best you can, not get yourself killed in the process, a burning car for christ sake.”
“She was a young girl Von, what was I supposed to do, let her die.”
“I’m sure back-up would have arrived in time.”
“Ah well that’s where you’d be wrong.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just as I grabbed her, we got a few inches away and then the car went up. If we’d waited for the so called back-up, she’d be dead right now. I did the right thing in my eyes and I won’t apologise for it.”
“Okay, fair enough.”
“Are you seriously telling me you haven’t risked you own life in the past to save someone.”
“Not the way you just did.”
“That’s right, you were in Vietnam right?”
“One upon a time, a very long time ago.”
“Bad memories?”
“Just a few.” She sighed.
Mike saw Von’s expression change at his question.
“Sorry, bad topic for you?”
“It’s okay, we all have a past we don’t like talking about. I’m sure you do too.”
They went quiet as Von finished stitching him up before cleaning up his head wound.
“Well, that’s you all done.”
“How’s our patient?” Frank asked, pulling back the curtain.
“Yeah, he’s all done.”
“Good, right Vlasek, home.”
“What, no I’m going back to work.”
“Like hell you are. I don’t want to see you back here for a few days at least.”
“It wasn’t a request, off you go.”
Von and Frank watched as Mike got up slowly from the bed before making his way out.
“Thanks for stitching me up Von.” He said as he went.
“You’re welcome.”
Von gave a warm smile as he walked away, Frank shaking his head.
“Frank?” She asked.
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s a bloody idiot.”
Von gave a chuckle to herself as Frank went to his office, as she stayed behind and cleaned up the cubicle.

Von was at the bar that evening with the others, Charlotte and Jo in a deep discussion. Steve and Gabrielle over at the corner booth, chatting about old times. Frank was complaining to Von and Bart about a new issue Admin had placed upon him, Von rolling her eyes at him as she got up from her seat.
“Where are you going?” He demanded to know.
“To get another drink…if that’s okay with you Frank?”
“Not a problem, another scotch for me and Bart?”
“I’m okay, thanks Von.” Bart smiled.
Von nodded as she made her way over to the bar, ordering a red wine and another scotch. She handed the money to the barman, before it was handed back to her by the tall figure that appeared beside her.
“Here, allow me.” He smiled.
Von looked up to see Mike looking back at her.
“What are you doing here, you’re supposed to be resting, Frank will kill you.”
“Stuff Frank, I don’t do resting.”
“Well I hope you’re not drinking? He’s right behind us?”
“Orange Juice please.” Mike smiled at the barman. “Satisfied?”
Mike took a seat beside Von, a pained look on his face as she watched him closely.
“I know, I know. Just one drink please, I needed to get out of the house.”
“Just the one then.”

To Be Continued…

I have absolutely no idea where this is even going, or even if I do continue…we’ll see.