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Young Justice (Harry Luthor Arc)

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“I’m going to kill her,” Dinah Allen muttered, leaning against his crutch. Normani looked down to the wound on her stomach. She looked over to Camila, who was standing off to the side. Her hands crossed over her chest, deep in thought. Normani wondered what was going through Camila’s head, knowing that Camila and Lauren’s relationship was different that Camila’s relationship with the other girls.

“Mila?” Normani questioned, taking a step forward.

The half kryptonian looked up, tears in her eyes. She shook her head and just closed her eyes. “Harry is still out there. We need to decide what we are going to do next,” Camila said, looking at the team.

“We’re going to need help,” Ally told the team, pushing herself up.

“Let’s open up the team.”



Camila walked into the training room, seeing a line of sidekicks. She felt her cape flap behind her. She smirked at the awe on the other’s faces. She felt Dinah swoosh next to her.

“Are we really going to join the team?” a girl in the black outfit asked, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

Camila looked to her left, and then to her right, seeing her team there. She just turned to the new potential members. “Let’s start.”



“Who should join?” Dinah asked, leaning back against the chair, her healing leg out in front of her.

“As much as we all hate Lauren, we will need someone to keep us grounded,” Normani said, looking thoughtful.

Camila grabbed a picture and placed it in front of the team. “The Green Arrow’s son. He’s level headed, human.”

“Doesn’t he have a sister?” Ally questioned, her eyes looking over the photo.

Camila nodded her head. She placed a picture next to the younger Arrow. “Daughter of the Green Arrow and Black Canary. She inherited her mother’s powers.”

“How do we know about them?” Dinah asked, looking at the girls.

Camila just stared at Dinah and the speedster huffed in annoyance. “I thought we were done with her.”

Camila’s eyes shifted away, looking at the photos in front of her. “Have you visited her?” Normani asked, getting the half-alien’s attention. Camila frowned, giving her a small shake of her head.

“Why not?”

“She needs to rest before she can talk to any of us. And I need time,” Camila said, her voice void of any emotion.

The other members nodded, knowing it was time to end the conversation.

“Who’s next?” Ally questioned, looking at Camila.

“The Lanterns have taken a junior, and the Martian Manhunter has found another Martian.”

“Is that it?” Normani asked, looking impressed.

“There are talks of another Hawkgirl, but no one has been able to find her,” Dinah told the group, nodding her head. She turned to Normani. “Maybe your fish can talk to her birds?”

Normani just glared at her.

“Let’s just get the word out,” Camila told them, before turning and walking off.

“Do you think she’s going to be okay?” Dinah asked, worry laced in her voice. She looked up at the quarter-mythical creatures.

“I don’t think she’ll be okay until she can talk to Lauren and get her closure.”

Dinah turned back to the direction Camila went, wanting to find Lauren and punch her face in.



Camila looked at the team, seeing the line of new potential members. She looked at each one of them, wanting to know if they would be good fits. She hoped they chose right.

But thinking of the team made her think of the member they had lost. Lauren was a founding member, she helped set up the systems and helped create a list of future members. Although the other three girls hated her, Camila would still see her as an honorary member. There wouldn’t be a team if it weren’t for her.

“Are we really joining the team?” the Junior Lantern questioned, her eyes filled with excitement.

Ally gave them a grin.

Normani looked over at the other girls. She turned to the first member in the line. “Blue Arrow.”

“Shawn Queen,” the boy in blue leather responded, his hood down, arrows in the quiver on his back, bow at hand.

“Blue? Why not green? Or Red?” Dinah asked him, zipping around the male teen.

Shawn shrugged. “Green is my dad, and Red is my Uncle Roy. I’m neither of them. I’m an Arrow, but not dad or Uncle Roy. I don’t want to be them. I want to be me.”

Normani gave him a nod. Camila looked at the female next to him. “Siren.”

“Hailee Queen. Legally, Hailee Lance, but really, Hailee Queen.”

“And you took your mother’s powers?”

Hailee turned to Shawn, shooting him a smile. “Yeah. Comes with being the eldest.”

“Two Queens. Green Lantern?”

The tall dark haired girl raised her hand. She gave everyone a grin and let them look at her green ring. “Dua Jordan. Adopted by Hal Jordan. Lantern in Training, but dad thought it would be great for me to be in a team.”

The team turned to the next person in line.

“The Martian,” Ally stated, grinning at the other male in the room.

“Kh’alid J’onzz,” the boy introduced himself, giving them a small nod.

“Can you phase through stuff?” Dinah asked, her eyes filled with excitement.

Kh’alid turned transparent, sank into the ground, and appeared behind the speedster. A grin appeared on Dinah’s face.

The team turned to the final teen. “Hawk girl?”

The girl with wings shrugged. “Yeah. Our parents aren’t really original. Sofia Hall.”

The four original members looked at each other. “We totally get it,” Camila said, shrugging. “I have the same superhero name that my aunt had.”

“I have my uncle’s name.” Dinah commented, laughing.

“Alright, so this is the team,” Ally said, smiling at each person.

Hailee raised her hand. “What about Batgirl? She’s not here.”

The original four looked at each other, frowns on their faces.

“She, uh, she hung up her cape,” Camila said, her voice letting everyone know that was all she was going to say. Camila looked away, her mind going to the other girl.



Lauren escorted Camila out of the house. The former sidekick could feel her heartbeat against her chest. The two girls stopped just outside the door. They turned to each other. Lauren smiled at the other girl. “So I’ll see you around?” She hoped the other girl couldn’t hear the desperation in her voice.

“Of course. I’ll take any chance to meet this new Lauren.”

“I’m glad you aren’t giving up on me,” Lauren whispered, feeling joy inside. She could never say how much hearing that meant to her..


“Until next time Camz?”

Camila looked at her with soft eyes and a smile.. “I’ll visit.” She leaned in and kissed the edge of Lauren’s lip. “See ya Lo,” she whispered and turned.

Lauren watched her walk away, before reaching up to touch the edge of her lips.

“You may never get this opportunity again,” Alfred said, moving to stand behind Lauren.

The young girl looked at the older man, who winked at her. Lauren turned back to Camila, who was still walking. “Camz!”

Camila stopped walking and turned. Lauren walked towards the girl, a smile on her face. Her hands started to get clammy. She stopped when she was right in front of Camila. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Camila just smiled, reached over and pulled her in for a kiss.

Lauren relaxed, as she leaned into it. The half-Kryptonian pulled away and smiled at Lauren. “I was waiting for that. I’ll be back.” She kissed Lauren a second time, before taking a step back and flying off. Lauren just watched her go. She turned to Alfred, who was smiling. She could feel her cheeks burn bright.

“It’s nice to see you smile,” Alfred told the girl, placing his hand on his shoulder.

Lauren shrugged. He led her back in the room, while Lauren just thought of the other girl’s lips on hers. She smiled, excited for the next time they would meet.



“Now that we have a team, we need to pick a leader,” Ally said, breaking Camila out of her thoughts. Everyone turned to Amazon.

“Do all of us vote? Or just you four?” Dua asked, twirling the ring around her finger.

The four looked at each other. Camila shrugged. Dinah and Ally nodded.

“Okay, we’re all voting,” Normani said, turning to the new members.

“Who wants to go first?” Dinah asked, looking at the originals.

Camila took a step forward. “When I visited, uh, Batgirl, (Dinah booed quietly, Normani slapped her arm) we talked about the future of the team. She told me about someone who she thought would be the perfect leader. She said that there was one person in the team that helped her see clearer.”

“I swear if you vote for yourself,” Dinah muttered, glaring at the half alien.

Camila smiled, shaking her head. “She was talking about Mani. So that’s where my vote is going. She was out leader, before this, but since she's been gone, you’ve stepped up.”

“We all agree,” Ally said.

Normani opened her mouth, before closing it. She turned to Dinah.

The speedster smiled. “I always thought you’d be the perfect leader. Even she saw it. My vote is for you. Aquaman’s too.”

Shawn raised his hand. “Me too.”

“I’m with my bro.”

Kh’alid’s eyes glowed red, before he nodded. “I’d be honored to work under your leadership.”

Sofia smiled. “Everyone is comfortable with you being leader, so am I.”

Dua nodded. “My votes for you.”

Normani smiled. “I guess that’s that.” She looked at the team. “Get comfortable. Tomorrow, we train.”

The team all nodded, walking off to their quarters. Camila and Normani stayed behind.

“She really thought I’d be the best?” Normani asked, looking at Camila.

The half alien nodded. “Yeah. She would pick you over herself anytime.”

Normani stared at her, while seemed to get lost in her thoughts.



Normani watched as Camila walked to them, her eyes vacant. She frowned, as she turned to the other girls. They were all still licking their wounds. Lauren, the only member without powers had wiped the floor with them. But she also had so much darkness, the other girls didn’t really want to hurt her.

But she had won. And she left. And the other girls didn’t know what happened.

“Mila?” Ally whispered, worry in her voice.

“Dick, he, uh, he’s the one who, he,” Camila stumbled, staring at the ground.

Dinah giggled. But stopped when everyone glared at her.

“What did he say?” Normani asked, taking a step forward.

“Jason is alive. He captured the Joker. That’s where Lauren was going. To end it. To kill him. Her father showed up, tried to stop her.”

“Did she kill him?” Ally asked, her voice a whisper.

Camila shook her head. She had tears in her eyes, as she stared at the three. “He stabbed her. They don’t know, she lost a lot of blood, and they-”

Normani wrapped the girl in a hug. Out of the four girls, she was the second least angry about Lauren’s ‘betrayal’. “She’s going to be okay.”

“They don’t know that. You don’t know that,” the shorter hero cried.

“It’s Lauren. She took us all down. A clown won’t keep her down. Look, why don’t you rest, and if I hear anything, I’ll let you know.”

Camila nodded, rubbing her eyes. She sped out of the room. She turned to the other two girls.

“I want to knock her teeth out, but I don't want her to die,” Dinah muttered, looking at her knee.

“Same,” Ally said, giving her a nod.

Normani sighed. “We can only hope.”



“Camila,” she heard someone say. She quickly turned, seeing a familiar face. A smile appeared on her face.

“Dick,” she greeted, taking a step forward.

Dick Greyson gave her a half smile as well as a quick hug. He pulled away, his face serious.

“I need your help.”

Camila frowned, feeling her heart start to beat quicker. The only other times she had seen him so serious was when he told her Lauren was in the hospital and it was serious.

Camila didn’t ask, knowing he would tell her otherwise. She could find her voice to speak either way. She just stared at him.

“Lauren is missing.”



Harry Luthor watched Lauren Wayne. She seemed unsuspecting. He smirked, knowing she would be an easy catch. He gave the signal and he saw the dart fly. It hit Lauren in the back of her neck. Harry saw her reach for it and pull it out. But the damage was done. He saw her sway in place and stumble. Harry placed his hands in his pockets and started to walk towards her.

He saw Lauren turn, only to fall in her knees. Harry stopped until he was in front of her, a smirk on his face. He could see the daze in Lauren’s eyes. The girl squinted. Harry looked down at the girl. “I have plans for you,” he told her.

Harry kept eye contact until Liam placed a bag over her head. Lauren kicked and struggled, but it was no use. He nodded to Leigh-Anne, who shoved a needle into Lauren’s arms. Once the contents were released, Lauren slumped against Liam. Harry looked at the other teens, a smile on his face.

“Let’s get her out of here.” Liam tossed Lauren over his shoulder and started to head back to the car. With a smirk, Harry followed behind.



Lauren opened her eyes, her vision blurry. She felt like her arms were being pulled out of her sockets. She opened her eyes and looked around.

Her wrists were handcuffed to the ceiling, her toes barely touching the ground. The room was bare, with blinding lights above. She felt something around her neck.

The door opened and Harry walked in. He smiled at her.

“I’m glad you’re awake. Now we can start,” he said, grinning at her. Lauren frowned when she felt like a thousand needles were piercing her neck. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming. Harry laughed, his thumb pressed against a button. Lauren screwed her eyes shut as she tried to think over the pain.

She had to figure a way out of there.

She just had to.

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Five year old Harry stared at the screen, his eyes filled with wonder. He was watching television coverage of Superman and Supergirl rescuing a group of people. He clapped his hand when they finished the rescue.

“Look daddy,” Harry said, pointing to the monitor.

Lex turned to the screen, before sneering at it. He turned it off, before turning back to his paperwork.


Lex looked at the boy, before rolling his eyes. “Get out of my sight.”

“Do not talk to him like that,” someone said, and Harry turned to see his Aunt Lena walking up to him.

“I offered you the project sister dear, but you turned it down,” Lex said, smirking at Lena.

Lena picked the boy up and hugged him. Harry leaned into the hug. She turned to Lex. “Maybe I should take it now.”

Lex raised an eyebrow, staring at his son and sister, before smirking. “C’mere son,” he said, and the little boy placed him on the ground. He ran to his father, who placed him on his lap. “I have plans for him.”

“Don’t do this Lex, it’s not right,” Lena said, shaking her head.

Lex just laughed.

Harry leaned into his father, a smile on his face. “I love you daddy.”

Lex didn’t repeat it, he just made eye contact with Lena, who glared at him.

Harry just drank in the affection, not knowing that what he would learn in a few years would change his life.


“Lauren is missing.”

“What do you mean Lauren is missing?” Camila asked, trying to wrap her head around the fact that Lauren was missing. That Batgirl was missing. “Sh-she probably went for a walk.”

“It’s been two days Mila, she hasn’t returned. Alfred said she went out to the yard.”

“Two days? You waited two days to tell me?”


“She’s been missing for two days Richard! Two days! Why hasn’t Bruce tried to look for her? Or you?”

Dick looked at the young alien. “Bruce is off world. I was hoping to find her, but she vanished. The cameras don’t show anything.”

Camila ran her hand through her hair. She closed her eyes, shaking her head. “We have to find her.”

Dick nodded. “I know you will. I’ll keep looking. You know how to get in touch with me.”

The young girl nodded, watching as he jumped off the building. She closed her eyes.

Lauren walked into her bedroom with Camila right behind her. Their fathers had set up a “playdate” for the two girls. Bruce because he wanted Lauren to socialize and Clark thought Camila would be perfect for that.

“How is it? Living with Bruce?”

Lauren shrugged, sitting on her king sized bed. “It’s different. With mom and dad…”she trailed off, a far away look in her eyes. Camila sat next to her on the bed and reached for her hand. She gave her a smile.

“If you ever want to talk about them, or if you need anything, I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere,” Camila whispered, giving Lauren a smile.

The taller girl nodded, her eyes shining with tears. She intertwined her fingers with Camila’s and the two girls just sat there.

Camila blinked her tears away. Her hands balled up into fists, and she glared out into the city. She was going to find Lauren. And no one was going to stop her.


“She’s missing, we have to look for her,” Camila told the founding members.

Camila had contemplated telling the newer members, but she decided it was something the founding members should discuss first. It was important.

“And her daddy will look for her,” Dinah said, rolling her eyes.

Camila ran her hand through her hair. Her eyes went to Normani.

“We need to find Luthor. We can’t get distracted,” Normani said, giving Camila an apologetic smile.

“Then I’ll do it myself,” Camila told the team, taking a step back.

“Mila, we have a mission, we can’t get distracted,” Ally whispered, frowning.

“And you don’t think this is going to distract me?” Camila asked, giving each member a look. “I need to find her.”

“Why?” Dinah asked, standing up. “Why should we look for her? After what she did to us? After what she did to you?”

“Because I’m falling in love with her. And whoever has her may be hurting her and I wouldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do anything to rescue her,” Camila said, her eyes on the speedster.

Dinah stared at Camila, but it was Normani who broke the silence.

“She was one of us. We were friends with her at one point. My vote is to search,” Normani told the girls, getting a grin from the group.

Ally gave a nod. “You said she changed, we shouldn’t let her down, not again.”

Dinah sighed, rolling her eyes, “Fine. I’m in too.”


Lauren’s eyes were unseeing, her neck was in pain, and her arms felt like they were being pulled from her body.

The door in front of her opened and Harry walked in. “Did you get any rest?” he asked, a smirk on his face.

Lauren just glared at him. “Fuck you.”

“No, I’m not into that. But thanks,” he said, laughing. He walked up to Lauren, placing his hand on the girl’s side, where she had been stabbed. He pulled her shirt up, seeing the scar. “You could have killed him, but you didn’t. Why?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything,” Lauren snapped.

Harry laughed. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a switch knife. His finger ran over the bump of the scar. He placed the tip of the knife on one side of the scar. “You don’t want to talk?”

Lauren glared at him, gritting her teeth as she felt the knife pierce her side. He ran the knife across the scar, opening it. Lauren looked down to see the blood oozing out, her mind going back to the moment she got herself stabbed.

“I’m already destroyed. I can’t stop hearing their screams. I can’t stop seeing their life leave their eyes. This fucker’s laughter is always in my head,” Lauren told her father.

“We’ll get you help,” Bruce tried, not wanting to get too close. “You can’t let this control your life.”

Lauren closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, turning to the Joker. Lauren gasped, feeling a sharp pain at her side. She looked down, to see the Joker free from the chair, standing in front of her. He had stuck something into her side. He gave it a twist and Lauren gasped louder.

Lauren shook her head to get out of her head. She glared at Harry.

Harry laughed, wiping the knife. He placed it back in his pocket, turning around. He stopped before exiting. He turned to Lauren, shoving his hand into his pocket and pulling out a button.

Lauren felt her the currents going into her neck, gritting her teeth. Harry winked at her, turning around and walking away, leaving the girl in the room.


Camila looked at the team, her fingers itching to fly out of the place and look for Lauren herself. But she knew she would need the team to rescue her. Especially if the person who had her was able to capture her.

Camila looked at her hand, seeing one of Lauren’s batarangs she stole. She stared at it for a second, when she heard someone walking towards her. She shoved the weapon into her pocket and looked at the person walking towards her.

“So you’re in love with her?” the leader of the team said, a tease in her voice.

“I’ve had a crush on her since I first met her. She, you don’t know the real her. She, she’s special,” Camila whispered, reaching into her pocket and pulling out the batarang.

“I always thought your fathers would make a cute couple. You and Lauren would be cuter.”

The half-Kryptonian laughed. “What about you and the Speedster? We all see the connection, even Lauren.”

Normani blushed, looking away. “We have to go talk to the team.”

Camila followed behind, a grin on her face. She saw the team sitting around, looking curious.

“Are we going to get the bad guy now?” Dua asked, her ring glowing.

“Nightwing visited me. He said that Batgirl was kidnapped,” Camila told the team.

“Batgirl? I thought she retired?”

“Lauren Wayne was kidnapped,” Dinah said, slumped in her chair.


“Bruce Wayne?”

“Oh shit.”


Harry snuck into his father’s lab. He looked around, seeing invention after invention. His eyes went to the computer on the desk. Harry walked to it and sat down, booting the harddrive. He sat back, watching it turn on. Once on, his fingers started to slide over the keyboard. He looked at his father’s projects.

He opened every plan, reading each and every one, wanting to get closer to his father.

All he wanted was his father’s affection. He didn’t want to be alone anymore. Which he had been since his Aunt Lena went missing.

He frowned, seeing a project he had never seen before. His hand reached for the mouse, letting the small arrow go to the folder. He clicked it open.

He saw the blueprints open. His eyes scanned over the words. He could feel himself become numb. Tears started to fill his eyes, just as his father walked in.

Lex’s eyes went to Harry, a small smirk on his face.

Harry clenched his teeth, opening his mouth to talk.


Ally watched Camila, seeing her restless. Her eyes went to the Robin memorial. She turned to Camila, the worry evident on her face.

She, and the other two girls noticed the relationship between Camila and Lauren.

She still remembered the first time she saw the younger Bat smile, or the closest thing to it.

Ally peeked into the training room, where she saw Camila and Lauren sitting on the ground, talking about something she couldn’t hear. Camila had the biggest grin on her face. Lauren was just staring at her, the smallest of smiles on her face while the Kryptonian gestured with her hands.

Ally couldn’t help but smile as she moved away. She thought the two heroes would make a nice pairing.

“Holy Shit, is Bruce Batman?” Sofia questioned, her eyes wide.

“Are there any leads of who has her?” Shawn inquired, his eyes on the original team.

“I have an idea of who it may be,” Camila whispered. “There is one person who would want to kidnap her.”

“Fucking Harry,” Dinah muttered, nodding her head.

“We are going to rescue Lauren, and to do that, we will have to be ready. Dinah and Camila will search the city. Nightwing will handle the tech side of the search. The rest of you will have to train, we need to be ready. If Harry took Lauren, we will have to be ready for anything,” Normani told the team.

Dinah grinned. “Will the fish do a sea search too?”

Normani glared at her, while Dua covered her mouth to laugh.

“Uncle J’onn has been helping me with my psychic abilities, maybe I can be of some help,” Kh’alid said, giving his leader a smile.

Normani gave him a nod. “We need all the help we can get.”


Harry walked up to Lauren, who was hanging limp. She looked at him with pain in her eyes. “Wh-what are you planning?” she asked, her face pale and lips chapped.

Harry grinned. He nodded for Leigh-anne to give the girl some water. Lauren fought against her, but the second the water touched her lips, her thirst won.

“You are going to help me kill Supergirl.”

“And why would I do that?” Lauren asked, glaring at him.

“You won’t have a choice.” He clicked the button and listened to the girl scream. “You are the key to destroying my dear sister.”


Harry looked at Superman, who was floating in front of him, his arms crossed over his chest. “Superman,” the young boy whispered, awe in his voice.

“Luthor,” the hero said, his voice flat.

“F-father told me about you. About who you are to me.”

Superman frowned at the boy. “And who am I?”

“You’re also my father. I have half your DNA.”

The Kryptonian’s arms dropped to his sides, as he stared at the boy. “What are you talking about?”

“I was created, in a lab. Using half his DNA and half of yours. I’m your son.”

Superman shook his head. He looked at Harry with disbelief.

Harry took a step forward. “Father?”

Superman moved back. “I-I have to go.” The so called hero turned and flew off, leaving Harry behind with a broken heart.