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Time... His Script is You and Me

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*Journal Entry*


January 14th, 2017.

David travelled to the present.

A lot has happened since I last had to write, sorry. In the year since my last entry, I hadn't travelled to the 70s, or seen David. I have to say, every day further from him brought me deeper into the depths of sadness.

But yesterday he showed up on my floor, in the present. It was shocking, but over the day we had to ourselves, we bonded more. It was the first time he had ever time travelled himself.

Towards the end, he said he loved me. And I said so too.

After this, he vanished (presumably) back to his time.

I'm now guessing the whole reason we travel back and forth is because of some sort of cosmic connection between us. I came to him when he was in need most, and he came to me when I needed him most, too.

Now that the world has opened up, and I am officially David Bowie's inter-dimensional girlfriend, I don't think my life will ever be the same. I'll never know when or if I will see him again, but all we can do is wait.


*Journal Entry*

February 1st, 2017.

Travelled to: October 20th, 1972.

This time, it was I who went back to the 70s again. Apparently, when David had returned last to his time, no time in the 70s had passed at all. He told me that he landed back in his room and not even a second had passed, though he had been in 2017 for over a day.

But it had been months for both of since he had time travelled. And now I was back in his time once again. The encounter confirmed my thoughts: that we travelled when the other person needed us. I could tell, because David was anxious: he was about to go on stage for his largest concert yet.

But in October 1972, David's hands were clammy and his brow furrowed when I landed in the dressing room. Luckily, none of the Spiders From Mars noticed me.

I managed to help ease some of David's nerves, and was sure to stand to the side of the stage the whole time to comfort him. His mismatched eyes flitted at me throughout the show, with a little acknowledgement and pride. I have to say, seeing Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars live was the best experience of my life.

When he sang "The Prettiest Star" he brought me on stage, twirling me about whilst I fumbled, trying not to look too awkward. We were greeted with applause when he pulled me into a kiss at the end of the song. By the end of the concert, behind the stage, I could see his smile as I faded away.


*Journal Entry*

April 30th, 2017.

David had travelled to the present.

I don't know what exactly caused David to appear in a brightly coloured jumpsuit, his hair in a spiked mane, outside my local McDonald's this morning. I was just on my way to school, and felt a bit dazed myself. I looked to the grass beside me, and he was there: sitting, confused, and waving sheepishly.

But in all honesty, things haven't been going so well in my life, and that's probably why he appeared. It had been almost two months since I had last seen David, and it did certainly feel like about time to see him again. The school therapist was brought up to look at my attention difficulties. Though there was no clear diagnosis, I at least was pretty sure of the reason.

It seems like the only moments I am every truly happy is when I am with David, or when he is with me. Today, we just sat in my room watching old movies, and Melanie came over as well to see me and 'Jack'. It was one moment of happiness, and when he left, I was hoping for once I could try and remain that way.


Spoiler alert: I didn't remain happy. Though I guess that was probably expected.

It was almost another month by the time I saw David again. Every day I had desperately wished to look into his eyes and kiss his lips once more. It was so tough with these long absences.

I wished we could be like a normal couple, where I could see him whenever I wanted to. But I guess if I was 'normal', then I wouldn't be dating David Bowie.

It was the end of May, and the second-to-last day of school when I dropped into 1973.

I landed butt-first on the concrete of some grotty carpark. It was lit only by a distant streetlamp, and splattered with different retro-looking cars here and there.

The parking lot was situated next to a large building, where lights streamed from the front and people were mustering and waiting outside. After dusting myself off, I walked over to them. Many were wearing DIY Aladdin Sane lightning flashes and Ziggy haircuts.

I think I knew where I was.

And if so, it meant David was nearby. And it meant he needed my help somehow. Now the question was: how do I find him?

From the hordes of Bowie cosplayers, I guessed I was outside the venue of a concert. And obviously, he was inside. Probably applying his makeup and eyeliner before the show, or doing a soundcheck with the Spiders From Mars.

I pushed past some Ziggy wannabes and made my way to the ticket kiosk. But before I could even ask anything, the man said in a stern voice, "sold out ma'am. Ages ago. Better luck next time."

"No. You don't understand, I know him. I'm David's girlfriend." I said, but the man simply scoffed and pulled down the teller's curtains.

It seemed like this was going to be harder than anticipated.

I walked away from the teller and sat on the curb, thinking about how I could see David. I must have travelled for some reason. He obviously needed me in some way, but I could only help him if I found him. What other way could there be to get into a concert? Specifically, backstage?

At that moment, I saw a group of half a dozen scantily-clad girls, with 6-inch heels and faces of makeup walk around the side of the venue. They said hello to a security guard, gave him a peck on the cheek, and he let them in the back door, near the edge of the carpark.


Then, an idea popped into my head... and I hated it. But, as I looked at the last of the girls file in, I realised this was my only way to find David.

I looked down at the clothes I was wearing: denim jeans, sneakers, and a tank top with a sweater. Along with my frizzy hair and makeup-free face, I was the furthest from a groupie you could imagine. How could I do this?

It was then that I looked to the other side of the street, where luckily a small thrift shop stood. Surprisingly, the neon light outside still said 'open'. So I walked over, determined to quickly transform into a groupie and find David.


It was very uncomfortable, buying clothes almost as revealing as a bikini. I was certainly out of my comfort zone when I went to the public restroom and got ready. When I had finished, I looked in the grimy mirror and saw a completely different girl.

This was one with teased hair; deep mascara and eyeliner; bright eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush; chunky red platforms; and a skirt that I would hate to bend down in; alongside the smallest crop-top known to man.

I waddled out of the bathroom and towards the concert hall, around the side, where I had seen the other girls enter. However, there was a slight issue that occurred before I even neared the door.

I should have expected it, but dressed like a tramp, I got a lot of stares as I walked along the sidewalk. One man, dressed shabbily with a messy beard, yelled out "Hey lady! I've been looking for one of youse!"

I tried to ignore him, and walk past, but he grabbed my arm and looked me up and down, growling, "I'm willing to pay, you know. I'm interested in your... services."

After that, I was rather frightened. I pulled away from him and quickly sped up to get lost in the Bowie crowd, and then paced around to the side of the building. He shouted some curses, but I was pretty sure I had lost him when I turned around to the side of the building.

There, waiting outside the side-door as before, stood the tall and muscly security guard. When he saw me, I made sure to attempt to act as groupie-like as possible. Rather unfortunately, however, I managed to trip on a stray rock of gravel and fell hands-first onto the concrete of the carpark. The guard came over to me, trying to stifle a laugh, and helped me up.

Okay. This was the time to convince him. Though that accident was not a very good start.

I began my introduction by attempting a terrible accent of who-knows-what, "Hello, darlin'. Thanks for that. I was wonderin' if you could let me inside?"

I started to fiddle with my hair, and turn my head: the first (and probably the worst) attempt at seduction ever. The man just shrugged, as if he didn't care, and said, "Hey, look, honey, we only let the professionals in for the band."

"But... I am a professional. Done it for all the best. Um - Zeppelin, The Stones - um, yeah. Groupie style... they love me."

The man looked at me oddly. I was definitely not the normal girl who would waltz in those doors. "Um... David's expecting me. Please let me in, or see him. Just tell him Florence is here, his Star." But the guard just laughed, and pointed towards the queue outside the building.

At that moment, the creepy man appeared on the side of the venue, looking at me. The one who wanted my 'services'. He started walking towards me, and at that point, I decided I really needed to get inside or a missed concert may be the least of my troubles.

I pleaded to the guard, "Please sir. Please. You see, David really does know me, and you can ask him yourself. But for now, please just let me in. Please, I'll give you some peace, I swear."

The security guard looked to the man by the edge of the building, gave me a look up and down, but then let me in through the door. I breathed a sigh of relief.


Inside, there must have been almost fifty people, all crowding about. Some were doing jobs, some were running about, and others were just sitting or laying down amongst the chaos of amps and wires and roadies. It was very easy to tell when I saw another groupie: they would be wearing a similar outfit to mine, or be lip-locked with some other person. Generally both.

After a while of walking about, I managed to find the dressing rooms. There were two doorswith large gold stars attached to the backs. One said "Ziggy Stardust" and the other "The Spiders".

I went to David's door and got a flash of excitement and nervousness. I don't exactly know why. I was David's girlfriend, after all. I had kissed him, seen him play, he had even saved me from drowning. Nonetheless, when the doorhandle turned and the door opened, butterflies invaded my whole body.

But they soon fluttered away as I saw David on a stool in the centre of the room. There was a line of cocaine ready to be snorted on a nearby table, but that wasn't the worst part.

David was busy making out with one of the groupies I had seen entering through the back door earlier.