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Double Team

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Harlan knew he shouldn’t have repaired his androids when SG-1 returned them to him but he did it anyway. He couldn’t maintain all the machines without help and besides, he was lonely without them, especially Jack O’Neill. His bad temper reminded Harlan of Wallace. He missed Wallace so much even after all these years.
Chapter One - We’ve Been Down This Road Before



Chapter 1 - We've Been Down This Road Before


“So where is our next mission, sir?” Carter asked, figuring that Jack usually knew before they did even though he often acted as if he knew nothing.

“We are going to a formerly Goa’uld ruled planet to check on their progress. Since they were an agrarian planet, we have some new hybrid seeds for them to be able to grow better crops.”

Sam grinned. Col. O’Neill was quoting exactly what General Hammond had said to him. She’d bet her last dime on that.

Daniel joined them as they readied their packs for the mission to P3X-113. “These are the people who grew that odd oat-like stuff?”

“Yep, the ‘even worse than our oatmeal’ planet. I don’t see how they’ve thrived on such an awful food!” Jack shuddered at the thought.

“I personally liked the food,” Teal’c said as they headed for the Gateroom.

“You would,” Jack mumbled with a tiny grin.

Within seconds, they exited the Gate on the planet. There was no one about but the Gate was in a secluded area so that was no surprise. Jack signaled for the team to spread out from the Gate and they did so. All was quiet.

Until the sound of staff weapons firing split the air around them. They all ducked for cover and began shooting at the same time.

“Dial the Gate!” Jack shouted at Daniel. “I’ll cover you.”

Daniel did as he was told, having done it more times than he could count. Soon they were back in Cheyenne Mountain, trying to figure out what had happened.

“We were there not a month ago and they were doing fine. No Goa’uld. No problems,” Jack said in their debriefing meeting.

“Indeed we were,” Teal’c added in his normal loquacious way.

“This reminds me of something…” Carter let her sentence trail off, not sure whether to finish the thought or not.

“It reminds me of the robot SG-1,” Daniel said, knowing that Carter had probably been thinking the same thing.

Jack slammed his fist on the table. “Harlan promised he wouldn’t make another set when we returned the remains of the last ones to him.”

“Harlan promised a lot of things but I suspect he repaired them anyway,” Jackson began.

And Carter finished, “Just like he did before.”

“And them being us, they couldn’t stand to stay at home and tinker on Harlan’s damned machines,” Jack added.

“Well, they are exactly like us. What would you do?” Daniel arched an eyebrow at Jack.

Jack had never been comfortable with his ‘double’ and knew they should have destroyed them when Harlan made them. But it was hard to destroy someone who was… you. It was kind of like committing suicide, in a way. Still, he wished he had done it.

General Hammond came in and sat down. “So what happened?”

“Harlan is what happened.” Jack fidgeted just thinking about it.

“Have you ever thought that maybe the Goa’uld might have returned?” Hammond asked.

“I don’t think so, sir. They already mined off most of the naquadah and enslaved a good portion of the population many generations ago. There was little of value left there.” Jackson was always the expert on the indigenous populations.

“Then what do you suggest?” Hammond directed the question to O’Neill.

“Looks like we might have to go to Altair again and shut Harlan down. He is an android too so it wouldn’t be like we were killing someone.”

“Jack, he is still the last remaining member of an ancient and advanced civilization. We can’t just turn him off,” Daniel countered.

“But he’s right, Daniel. Harlan is an android, not a human being and if he’s endangering innocent people, we have to do something.” Carter was almost always the voice of reason and this time was no different.

“I know but to kill him is a bit, well, it’s like murder.” Daniel wouldn’t back down even when he knew he was defeated but this time, he wasn’t anywhere near ready to declare defeat.

They all started talking at once. General Hammond raised his voice. “Everyone! That will be enough. Col. O’Neill, take the team back to the planet and talk to Harlan. Find out why he’s let them do this again. Tell him what will happen if he doesn’t stop those androids from impersonating SG-1 all over the galaxy.”

“But they aren’t impersonating us, sir,” Jackson said. “They are us and they are doing things that we do every day, reacting as we would.”

“As much as they look and think like you, Dr. Jackson, they are still androids and we can’t let them do things to endanger us or our allies. They must be stopped. You have a go to do that,” General Hammond said as he ended the briefing.

As they were gearing up to go, Daniel tried once again. “Jack, there has to be some way to make them stay away from planets that we’ve been to.”

“Is there?” Jack was pissed, both at Harlan and himself and he took it out on Daniel. “They are robots, Daniel. We have to stop them. It’s not debatable.”

Daniel was either brave or foolhardy but Jack had never been sure which one he actually was. He knew that in the end, Jackson would figure out some way to win. Daniel didn’t give up easily and he wouldn’t give this one up any easier than he did anything else. Maybe all the things he’d been through had made him this way. Jack wouldn’t have wanted Jackson to be any other way.

An hour later, they headed up the ramp to the Stargate.