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Wings of Fire Oneshots

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It was quiet in the halls of JMA. It was late in the night, and almost everyone was asleep already.

Well, except for Fatespeaker. She couldn't sleep, so she had decided to take a walk around JMA.

During her walk, she passed a few sleeping caves, and some classrooms, humming a quiet tune, until she reached her destination.

The library.

She hasn't visited the library in a while, and she didn't remember where everything was. But one place she did remember was the desk in the middle of the room.

Starflight's desk.

She looked over to where it was, and saw Starflight cleaning up, making sure everything was neat and in the right place. Fatespeaker smiled, remembering everything that had gotten them here in the first place.

She remembered meeting Starflight for the first time, on the Nightwing island, when she poked her head around the corner and saw his face for the first time. She quietly giggled to herself when she remembered telling him that she had a vision about him. Now, of course she knew that she didn't have any powers, and that the Nightwings were lying the whole time. But back then, she was just a dragonet, and she really thought that she had the power to see the future.

She remembered meeting the Nightwing queen, Battlewinner. Fatespeaker had expected herself to be terrified as she walked through the hidden tunnel she found behind the giant map. But she felt no fear. Instead, she felt excited as she walked through the tunnel towards where Battlewinner was.

Fatespeaker smiled to herself, when she realized that the reason behind that was because of Starflight. He just had that effect on her.

Fatespeaker's smile faltered a bit, when she recalled the memory of when they escaped the Nightwing island. She remembered staring up at Morrowseer with Starflight, Tsunami, and Clay by her side, as he was about to kill all of them with one fiery breath. Then the volcano exploded, and Fatespeaker remembered running for her life as the volcano erupted behind her, and jumping into the tunnel, where instead of running in himself, Starflight shoved Tsunami inside, and was about to shove Clay inside after. But he didn't get the chance to, as a fireball from the volcano came flying at him, flames from it stabbing Starflight in the eyes, blinding him forever.

In that moment, once she was told that he was going to be okay, Fatespeaker realized that she cared about Starflight, more than every other dragon in the world, and she made a vow that she would protect Starflight, and care for Starflight, for the rest of her life. She promised herself that she would help him throughout his life, to help him do things that he wouldn't be able to do alone.

She made a vow, and she intended to keep it for the rest of her life.

Until she failed.

She promised to protect him.

And she failed.

She looked towards the desk again. It was very dusty, not having been used in a while. There were old papers stacked neatly together, all in the right places. But the most important thing about the desk,

was that Starflight was not there.

"Why Starflight?"

"Why did you have to go?"