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A Witching Happiness

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“Where exactly are you right now?”

Gareth Mallory had not been too long the director of MI6, but even he knew that this situation was highly irregular. He had never heard of a child saving a double O from their captors, less while he was in a completely different country. And he knew that there was more to this young girl than what met the eye. But he could ask questions later.

“I don’t know exactly. We’ve been flying from Calais over the English Channel back to England. And we’ve passed Dover on our way. I landed somewhere where not many people would be to not be found out, but I really don’t know where we are right now.” The young girl explained, throwing anxious looks back to her father every few seconds.

Before he could say anything however, he was interrupted.

“Excuse me, but who are you. Or better what are you?” 007 asked, staring at the mirror in distrust. “And how did you find him?”

The young girl startled and stared back in confusion before processing it. “Oh. I’m Mildred Hubble. I’m his daughter and I got his message earlier today. Maud and Enid helped me sneak out of school and I followed his compass.” She held her arm up which showed said compass with the needle pointing stubbornly in the wounded agents’ direction. “And I’m a witch.” She added absentmindedly, seemingly not caring or not realizing what she was saying.

All around him were surprised gasps and many confused questions, but Mallory shut them all up. They had more important things to do.

The girl startled suddenly when 006 started to cough. She immediately turned around, not caring if anyone saw her and tried to tend to him by giving him water and whispering calming words to his ears.

“It’s gonna be alright dad. Help is going to be on their way.” She murmured, but he could hear the worry in her voice.

Mallory realized what situation they were in, so he took a deep breath and called her for attention.

“Is there any way we can find you?” He asked and the young girl turned around in surprise before shaking her head.

“I don’t know. I don’t know where we are, except somewhere close to Dover. And you have to hurry. I don’t know how long my stasis spell is going to last and he was bleeding so heavily.” She answered.

“Do you have a phone or anything on you?” He asked and Mildred nodded.

“Yes. But I didn’t know your number and dad passed out before he could give me yours.” She replied.

Mallory turned to Q, who hadn’t said anything the whole time but had been paying rapt attention. “You need to track her phone.” He told her and Q nodded before sprinting away to get his Laptop.

Just a few minutes later he burst through the door, laptop ready for work. “Please tell me your number.” He requested, his voice calm with the barest tremor underneath, the only hint that he was not as calm as he seemed.

Mildred turned back to the mirror and told him her number and a few seconds later they had her location. They were a few miles south of Dover.

“I can send you a helicopter now.” He told her and Mildred nodded in relief. Then she seemed to get an idea.

“I can fly to your direction and you can collect us while we’re in the air. It’s faster that way, isn’t it?” She replied and they all stared at her in confusion, before Mallory got himself together and nodded. He decided it would be best to just go with it.

“Sure. If you can, it would be easier as we wouldn’t have to land.” He answered and Mildred nodded. “Q is going to send you a map to your phone, so you just have to follow it and we won’t miss each other, okay?”

Mildred nodded and stood up. To their surprise she held her hand up and a broom, which they hadn’t seen before, now hovered in the air. The girl whispered something to her father, before she grabbed his arm and laid it around her shoulders to help him stand up. Then she looked at the broom and it flew right behind them into the perfect height for 006 to sit down. Mildred whispered something to him before she let him go and he leant against the rock again. The girl grabbed her back and the mirror and sat next to her father, putting his arms around her shoulders and letting him lean against her. Then she turned back to them.

“I’m ascending back into the air. Please hurry up, okay?” She pleaded and Mallory nodded.

“We’ll be on our way. See you soon.”

The girl threw him a weak smile, before she held her hand up and waved. She murmured a silent: “Banished be.” And the mirror cleared. They were all now staring at their own reflections. For a few seconds the room was absolutely silent.

“What the hell just happened?” Eve asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

Mallory sighed. “I have no idea.” He turned back to the group. “But whatever it was, we can ask questions later. For now saving 006’s life has priority. Q.” He turned to his Quartermaster who looked more determined than ever. “I want you to track down her location and send her the map like I said. Lead her back to London while we send a helicopter her way.” The young man nodded and was now typing furiously.

“Don’t want to be rude, but I don’t think sending a helicopter is a good idea.” 007 interfered and Mallory threw him an angry glare. Before he could yell at him however, he clarified: “No one knows what exactly is going on. This girl said she’s a witch. And even though I don’t think she is dangerous, that doesn’t mean that whoever is going to meet her doesn’t think so. And I’m not sure if she was supposed to declare the fact that she is a witch to everyone present.”

Well, he had a point. In the end Mallory nodded. “Okay. Bond, Tanner, I want you two to fly the helicopter and collect her from the sky. Q, make sure no one knows about this. And Eve, make sure medical is ready when we come back.” They all nodded at his orders. “I’m coming with you two.” He told his chief of staff and Bond and while they did raise some eyebrows, they nodded. In a few seconds they cleared the room and ran to fulfil their duties.


Mildred had been flying for maybe half an hour and was really getting worried. She had disabled the invisibility spell and flew high enough that no one would be able to see her from the ground. A few seconds into the air and her phone screen had changed into a map, locating where she was and telling her via arrows where she had to go. A few minutes later the map became clearer and there was another arrow coming to her from the opposite direction. Mildred knew that this would be the help she so desperately needed. She sighed and pushed her broom to fly faster.

A few minutes later she could hear the wings of the helicopter and soon she saw it coming closer. She breathed in relief. Careful to not dislodge her father she put her hand up and waved.

“Here!” She yelled, hoping that they saw and heard her. Immediately the door on the side opened and the man she recognised as Mr. Mallory put his head out.

“Fly into the helicopter!” He yelled at her and Mildred nodded. It stopped in the air and Mildred thought for a second how to best do this. Then she flew a little lower to avoid the wings and the air circulation and came closer before she came from the downside. Carefully she flew into the entrance and landed as softly as possible as to not shake her father.

Immediately two men helped her getting her father from the broom and laid him down onto a cot. The other man who had helped closed the door and the two immediately ripped his shirt open to assess the wounds. They both cursed as they immediately pressed bandages on it.

Mildred stared at them fearfully, not knowing what this now meant. The wounds were currently not bleeding as she had prevented it, but she didn’t know what this meant.

“Is he going to be alright?” She asked, holding her father’s hand. The two men looked at her and their gazes both softened.

“His wounds are dangerous. I don’t know what you did, but they aren’t bleeding right now, so it’s probably going to be fine.” Mildred nodded and supressed a sob threatening to come out of her mouth.

There was silence for a few minutes before the man – Mallory – her brain told her, cursed again.

“Shit. He’s starting to bleed again!” He yelled and he and another man with dark hair pressed the bandage against the biggest wounds. “If we don’t do anything, he’s going to bleed out in minutes!”

Mildred was starting to panic again. “The spell has stopped working! Dad! Dad!” She could only yell, hoping that he would wake up. She shook his hand, hoping for any kind of reaction. But there was nothing.

Mallory looked up at her. “You stopped this before, didn’t you?” Mildred looked up, barely comprehending what he said but nodded. “Then do it again!” She stared at him in confusion. “I don’t know what you did to stop this, but you need to do it again!”

The young witch stared at him before she nodded. She held a hand over the biggest wound and with a tremble in her voice she chanted:

“Tempus of time, be not my opponent,

Stop the flow in this moment.”

She stared at her father’s wounds, hoping that it worked. But it didn’t. The blood was soaking through the bandages fast and turning everything it touched into a deep red. Mildred choked in desperation.

“It’s not working,” She whispered, shocked and still not comprehending, “Why isn’t it working? It worked earlier! Why isn’t it stopping?!” She was working herself into a full blown panic attack now. Her breathing accelerated and her heart beat like crazy. There was a beeping noise in her ears and she started to lose focus.

Suddenly someone grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to look into the other’s eyes. It was Mallory. He stared at her with urgent eyes.

“Calm down!” He ordered her. “You did it once, you can do it again. Your father needs you right now and you are the only one who can help him. Your father is a strong man and he is depending on you. Get a grip! So take a deep breath and concentrate. You can do it!”

Mildred didn’t know why, but there was something about this man that calmed her down. She nodded and just like he said took a deep breath. Her heart calmed down and with new determination she turned back to her father. She pressed her hands against his wounds and with surer voice she repeated her spell.

“Tempus of time, be not my opponent,

Stop the flow in this moment.”

There was a small glow around her father and it was like he could breathe easier now. He stopped bleeding and Mildred sat down with relief. The man threw her a small smile and nod and Mildred returned it with a weak smile of her own.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. Mildred held her father’s hand and even though she knew that they would be able to make it, every minute that passed felt like hours. She ignored the questions of the three men around her, one blond man was flying, and in the end they all decided to leave her be until they landed.

After what felt like an eternity they arrived in London somewhere she had never seen and she could see a medical team already waiting for them with a stretcher. Mildred, for the first time since she heard the painful message, felt like a mountain had lifted.

They landed and in minutes they had transferred him onto the stretcher and stormed him through the building into the emergency room. Mildred had run with them, but they refused to let her enter the emergency room.

In the end she stood in front of closed doors, hoping with her whole being that she had made it.

She had stood there for quite a while without moving, still inside her head when she felt soft hands on her shoulder.

“Come,” A soft female voice said to her. It was a beautiful woman with dark skin and wild dark hair, smiling sadly at her. “Let’s get you washed up.” She wanted to lead her away, but Mildred shook her head. She would not be leaving this corridor until she knew what had happened to her father.

The woman sighed. “Okay. Then at least sit down, yeah?” Mildred nodded and she led her to the chairs waiting on the side.

Mildred sat down and drew her knees closer. She wrapped her arms around them and buried her face into her knees, huddling into herself and making herself as small as possible. Finally all the stress, fear and panic of the day washed over her. And with a first choke all broke out of her. She cried into her arms, tears and snot flowing freely down her face and ruining her dress. She couldn’t care less. She sobbed pitifully and just let everything out, the hand on her shoulder barely a comfort.

Mildred cried and cried while deep in her heart she prayed desperately for her father to be alive.