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Louis has to admit he doesn’t know much about wolf biology. Cherryton taught him basics about sexual reproduction across the species. He has general information about carnivore reproduction, mammal vs reptile vs avian, that sort of thing but most of his sexual education was given in segregated, species specific, short classes. In first year some of habitat time was taken up by adult deer explaining things to Louis and his other classmates.

Interspecies romance is still absolutely taboo. Schools don’t entertain the idea at all in their discussions. Most info that exists? Well its populating sleazy internet chat rooms. Legosi is the product of interspecies romance and he’s got a predilection for it. Luckily for him he’s also got someone to talk to here. Gosha and Legosi’s grandmother might both have been carnivores but they were exceptionally different and Louis knows Gosha has attempted to give Legosi some friendly advice in the past.  

Louis isn’t so lucky. He’s feeling his way blind here.

He knows Legosi makes him hot, incredibly hot, but…

How do wolves even work?

Does he have to worry about Komodo reproductive tendencies too? Legosi does take after Gosha a great deal.

Louis spends more time then he would like to admit on an incognito browser looking up carnivore reproduction. Komodos sound very aggressive but wolves? Louis finds, unsurprisingly, a slew of things Legosi does regularly; soft wining, nose nuzzling, mutual grooming, tail wagging…  

Legosi’s acting weird today when Louis graces him with a visit.

Louis ignores his constant fussing as best he can.

They’re on Legosi’s futon, trying to watch a movie on the laptop, but Legosi can’t seem to sit still. He’ll start to relax into Louis, licking the fur behind his ears, and then he’ll get up and find some excuse to pace the room; drink of water, bathroom break, check the mail—

“Sit still.” Louis yanks the wolf’s meaty arms around him.

Legosi smells today, pungent.

Louis checks his phone while Legosi seems to waver against his instincts.

That makes sense.

“January to April,” Louis puts his phone down, leaning back into Legosi. “It’s wolf mating season, right?”

Legosi swallows audibly.

“You’re horny.” Louis deadpans.

“I’m sorry,” Legosi fumbles, burying his face in Louis’ shoulder from behind where he’s acting as the bigger spoon. “It’s normally not so bad but I’m restless this year and—”

“If you wanna fuck Legosi, you just have to ask.” Louis yanks him closer by his muzzle.

“Are you sure…?” Legosi whispers. “What if I get all--?”

“I can’t imagine you’ll be any worse than usual.” Louis shrugs.

“But you’re not…?”

“Rut is later in the year for deer. July to August. I’ll pay you back then.” Louis promises with a little snort. “I’m a right rough bitch in rut. I want to headbutt everything.”

Legosi laughs weakly, licking the fur on his neck, and Louis can hear his tail thumping against the mattress.

Louis shuts the laptop and puts it on the floor beside the futon. Legosi’s apartment is such a mess.

“Just try and keep it down,” Louis starts to slide down, pulling Legosi over the top of him. “Your poor neighbour seems like a nice lady.”

“Yeah, right…” Legosi isn’t listening, he’s looming over Louis, eyes flickering over every inch of the stag. His mouth is parted, just a little, lulling open and exposing the very tips of his canines.

Louis pulls him down by the curliest parts of his cheeks and slides his tongue into his mouth. Legosi moans, always vocal, and rests some of his weight against Louis’ chest. He’s so big. Insufferably big. It’s distracting. His fucking claws, his fingers--- every part of him is huge.

Even his tongue is big as it thrusts into Louis’ mouth.

Legosi’s a different beast when he’s horny. All that tenderness and resolve don’t evaporate but they crystallise into something firmer. Legosi is always careful. He’s never hurt Louis in any way Louis didn’t specifically ask for but he’s definitely less timid and apologetic when his dick is about to get wet.

Legosi kisses Louis hard. He only needs a little encouragement, a little permission, to take over. His chest presses into Louis’, one leg forcing it’s way between Louis’ snug thighs, and Legosi’s hand---

Louis doesn’t moan but his hips arch and give him away when Legosi touches his antlers.

Legosi has such a fucking fascination with his antlers.

Haru used to grab them in pure desperation when they fucked in the gardening club store house. Legosi likes to almost polish them; smooth his hands over them, tangle his fingers, give them a little tug…

Louis won’t admit he likes it as much as he does.

Legosi noses down his frame, hand slipping down his antlers and sliding over his neck. Louis arches up and helps Legosi force his top up. Louis actually removes it while Legosi curls both hands in his waist band and starts trying to slide down his jeans. He’s nosing his crotch already, inhaling audibly, and Louis snorts.

“Buttons.” He remembers, getting a hand between his crotch and Legosi’s muzzle to unbutton the jeans. “Buttons, idiot.”

Legosi whines but pulls and now the jeans give more easily and slide away.

Legosi’s big fat tongue is good for plenty of things. He’s not real keen to put any part of Louis in his mouth after last time, too tempting for all the wrong reasons, but he will swipe up Louis’ shaft with long, wet, licks.

Louis arranges both legs over his broad shoulders, hands in the fur on his skull, and Legosi buries himself in the smell. Licking, salivating, wet, hot—

Lego—!” Louis starts to yelp, berate him, but the sound strangles off.

He settles for shoving his knuckles in his mouth while Leogsi pushes his tongue into his hole. It always seems like such a bad idea but Legosi is always so enthusiastic about it and Louis can’t deny it feels… it feels good in a very wrong, wicked, way. No herbivore tongue would feel like that. Apparently anteater tongues are an experience but they’re not thick and broad and—

Louis is moaning again, fuck.

His heels dig in between Legosi’s shoulder blades but Louis doesn’t imagine he can bruise Legosi. He’s a fighter. Especially after all that training with Gouhin.

Legosi’s tongue curls—

“Ah—” Louis digs one hand into the sheet and stuffs the other in his mouth harder. That should not be possible. Not to mention—God, you’d think no one ever feeds this idiot wolf. You’d think Louis was a prime cut of beef. Dumb fucking—

Legosi lifts his head, tongue lulling, panting with glazed, happy, eyes.

His tail his thumping again.

Louis laughs, rubbing his face.

Why is he so easy to like?

“Can I—?”

“Get the lube.” Louis orders, untangling his legs from around Legosi.

Legosi scrambles.

Louis sits up, watching Legosi simultaneously fumble in the cupboard while ripping off his ugly tracksuit. Singlet goes flying over his head, abandoned on the floor, and he shucks his pants on the way back. Kicking them off his foot, cock bouncing—

He’s big everywhere.

Louis snorts, exasperated but not frightened. Never frightened.

Languidly Louis turns over, finding his knees and bending. Back extended, ass up. It’s not a position that comes natural to a male deer but its definitely the most comfortable way to take meaty wolf cock.

Legosi’s hands shiver up the backs of his thighs and the wolf is already moaning,

Legosi is definitely going to knot today, he’s too exited, and his brain interprets this kind of anticipation as some kind of sign he’s fucking a fertile female wolf. His brain is dumb like that. Dumb like the rest of him.

Louis buries his face, fingers finding purchase in the sheets just lightly but when Legosi’s finger slides into him he grips the bedding a lot harder.

“Oh fuck…” Louis groans.

“You okay?” Legosi murmurs, leaning over his back. Legosi is so keen to get into position.

“M’fine,” Louis promises.

Legosi did way too much research about interspecies sex before their first time. With an intense relief, borne of many nights jacking off no doubt, Legosi delightedly showed him the article about the elephant and hedgehog couple who conceived. Louis remembers being soothed by that but when Legosi got his pants off the scepticism came flooding back.

Louis knows now it’s not impossible but it’s always intense.

Legosi rearranges his guts.

His body shouldn’t love it so much, he shouldn’t love it so much.

Legosi’s fingers aren’t as broad as his tongue, not at first, but they’re longer. They hit deeper. Louis lets them spread him. Two, three… he’s got to endure this for the good part but he always finds this a little disorientating.

His body gets so confused in these moments.

His prey instincts start riling up, making him fret a deep pit of anxiety in his gut. They tell him he’s going to die. But a reinforced corner of his mind pushes back hard as he schools his breathing. Legosi would never hurt him. Legosi is an idiot but he’s one of the good ones. He doesn’t want to devour Louis, he wants something decidedly more obscene, and Louis will be alright. He just has to remind his stupid herbivore instincts of that.

Legosi withdraws his hand as Louis’ breathing steadies. Legosi has keen ears. He knows the exact moment Louis relaxes into the touch.

Then he’s there. The hot head, slick with lube and precum, is rubbing and pressing and—

Louis fists his hands tighter in the sheets and arches his hips back.

Taking Legosi always feels impossible at first but it’s wickedly delicious.

Legosi is over him, chest heaving against his back, and he’s molten hot inside Louis. Huge and thick and hot, hot, hot—

Louis moans and buries his face.

Those big, clawed, hands take his hips and Legosi pants, drooling, over his shoulder. Louis turns his face a little and they’re practically cheek to cheek as Legosi starts to set a pace.

The friction, the fullness….

Legosi looming all around him, sweaty, drooling, hot, muscled….

Louis brain starts to short circuit.

This is the highest order of pleasure.

No one else will ever feel like this.

Least of all some delicate, petite, herbivore.

Something about the danger of it makes it better.

They heave with each other, moving in a way that comes naturally regardless of species. This is seemingly universal. A language almost. Louis feels the heat building as his body adjusts to all the electricity. Legosi’s cock moves much easier in and out of him now, thrusting deep, Legosi squeezing his hips…

Louis starts to feel it then, the knot. It tends to start as Legosi is getting close and that suits Louis just fine. He’s not going to last much longer.

Louis pants, rubbing his cheek against Legosi’s muzzle.

He shifts a little, coming up on his elbows.

“Legosi,” he moans, “Legosi…”

Legosi is just a beast right now, well, almost. He pants, he drools, he fucks but Louis can reach into that tangled brain and twist the neurons if he’s clever. And if Legosi loves anything it’s knowing Louis is into it, into everything he does…

“Oh, fuck, Legosi…” Louis whispers hotly. “Just like that…”

Legosi moans, dazed eyes sliding shut. He’s listening now but he’s not thinking. It’s too late for thinking. Legosi wouldn’t bite Louis now even if Louis offered himself. Legosi is thinking only with his cock.

“That’s it…” Louis encourages as Legosi’s thrusts become shorter, shallower. “Come on, knot me.”

 Legosi moans, pressing his muzzle against Louis’ face, breath short and thick through his nose.

“Yes, like that,” Louis urges him on, “fuck me, come on…”

Legosi’s knot is starting to swell, so close, but it’s not quite—

Knot me, please…” Louis orders into Legosi’s muzzle, arching back and—

Legosi growls, yanks him back, and the swell of his knot pops in and—

Louis slumps forward, moaning gibberish.

Legosi almost howls. He loses all sense of himself. His hands squish Louis’ hips, holding fast, and his cock bubbles and bursts filling Louis’ insides with hot cum. Legosi always floods him. Louis can feel it and that, fuck, that’s always enough to make Louis lose it in trembling heap. Dumb deer legs.

Legosi, working the last of his orgasm out with tiny jerks of his hips, grinds them both empty.

Legosi moves, almost boneless, and pulls Louis to slump beside him.

This is another reason doggie style is definitely easier; because it’ll be a few moments before Legosi can pull out with his knot so swollen in Louis, that’s for damn sure.

Louis groans, utterly spent, and lets Legosi slump his heavy, warm, arms around him. Legosi bundles him close, tucking their legs up, and Louis’ insides are so full of cock and cum he’s going to start cramping from the fluid filling him any second. But he won’t complain. Never. Then Legosi might do something different and… god, Louis would kill him if he changed a single thing.

Legosi noses the base of his antlers, licks the sweat pooling there, and Louis laughs brainlessly.

Louis doesn’t alway know how this should work, interspecies and all that, but this?

At least this is easy.