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Who Can Screw the Shepherd Siblings Better? A Sex Bet Between Addison Montgomery and Mark Sloan.

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Who can Screw the Shepherd Siblings Better? 

A Sex Bet Between Addison Montgomery and Mark Sloan.


Who can Screw all of the shepherd siblings better? Addison Montgomery or Mark Sloan? And what happens when Addison ups the ante and adds the Grey sisters into the mix? Rated M.





Chapter 1: The Beginning.





Mark Sloan was Addison Montgomery’s very first kiss when they were four.


It was not Derek, but Mark she had pulled under the playset and cradled their lips together.


Addison kissed Derek next they were six. 


But she never told him that he was second for her before they were married.


Before they were married (Derek and Addison, that is).


Addison and Mark had a sex bet going on.


Who could screw all the Shepherd siblings first?


Who could screw them the most? 


And last but not least most importantly,


Who could screw them better than whom,


But without telling Derek or any of his sisters what was really going on between them.


When Mark took on this bet, he never realized he even had the potential to lose. 


Mark Sloan thought that Addison wouldn’t get very far at all.


Because women weren’t really her thing, now were they?


And that women weren’t even a Nancy or a Liz or a Kathleen or Amelia’s thing either.


So that in the beginning, Mark Sloan thought that he stood a fair chance of winning. 


And even on the off chance that he lost, that he still had something else to gain.


Thinking that if Addison won maybe she’d screw him again after. 


And that she’d leave Derek for Mark and they both could live happily ever after together.


When Mark took on this bet, he never realized the one reason he had the potential to lose. 


Which was that Addison had already screwed Derek and married him.


And that most of all, that Mark wasn’t about to get in bed with a boy. 


Even to win this stupid bet over Addison.


And Addison on the other hand.


Was just waiting to prove Mark Sloan wrong in any way she had. 


Including becoming a lesbian.


And flipping the Shepherd sisters into the same.