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champions of her heart

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“Heo Yoorim has the Quaffle. Hwang Yeji and Son Chaeyoung are close on her tail. Son Hyejoo about to hit Heo with a Bludger…”

“AND SHE MISSES! Oh, dear, and Hogwarts’s best Chaser Heo Yoorim scores, narrowly being blocked by Slytherin Keeper Kim Doyeon. Ravenclaw leads 120-70.”

Jungeun bit her lip. Quidditch season was back in full force after wrapping up the second task. Luckily, Gryffindor wouldn’t be playing Hufflepuff until next week, so Jungeun had plenty of time to prepare her team. Really, she was only watching this match to determine how many points Gryffindor would have to beat Ravenclaw months later during the May match. Slytherin was severely slacking this game. It was almost embarrassing.

She was sitting with the rest of the Gryffindor team and Jinsol, who was way too excited to tag along, saying something on the lines of, “Wherever Jungeun goes, I go.” 

“You are so corny!” Yeojin had mocked in reply.

Usually, they all sat together during Quidditch matches so they could learn from what was unfolding in front of them. Jungeun also wanted to get a better idea of how many points they needed to beat Hufflepuff next Saturday to maintain their first place position in the House Quidditch Cup.

Currently, Gryffindor was leading with 260 total points, followed by Ravenclaw with 230. Then Slytherin with a measly 30 points, and finally, Hufflepuff with 20 points. Ravenclaw was the team to look out for this year.

“If Ravenclaw catches the snitch now, they’ll be in first place in the tournament with 500 points,” Jinsol remarked. “You guys would have to win your match against Hufflepuff by at least 240 points.”

“Oh, look at her, she can do math,” Yeri said dreamily, “she’s so hot when she talks all nerdy. Hey, Jinsol, start talking about those skeleton horses again!”

Before Jinsol could even open her mouth to explain anything, Sooyoung turned around and glared at the pink-haired girl. “Shut up.”

Jungeun squeezed her girlfriend’s hand gently. “Babe, she’s just joking-”

“Jealous that she called me hot and not you?” Jinsol smirked, looking at Sooyoung over Jungeun’s head.

The celebrity snorted and rolled her eyes playfully. “You wish.”

“So for us to pull this off and have any chance of going to the Quidditch finals,” Heejin said, shooting daggers at Sooyoung and Jinsol for interrupting their team strategy talk, “we have to flatten Hufflepuff, which should be easy and all except that Jo Serim plays dirty, and I know she’s going to try and jump on my broom. Remember two years ago?”

“She was literally about to rip the straw off your broom,” Yeojin chuckled. “And when you weren’t here last year… Oh, man…”

Lisa smirked. “Oh, yeah, that was the game where Jungeun let you play Seeker after your childish whining. Serim caught the snitch in one minute.”

Yeojin turned bright red while the rest of her teammates and Jinsol burst out laughing at her. She hid her face in her hands and groaned. “Yeah, yeah, laugh at me all you want. I will have my revenge!”

Jungeun turned her attention back to the game. The score hadn’t changed much since she last checked. She shivered quietly. She hated how cold March weather could be and wanted nothing more to curl up by the Gryffindor common room fire with a mug of hot chocolate. Hopefully, the game would be ending soon. She turned her head to look at Sooyoung and then at Jinsol. They had both turned back to the game. Sooyoung’s brows furrowed in concentration, and Jinsol’s lips protruded into a pout.

One thing Jungeun had noticed since the end of the second task was another shift of behavior in Jinsol and Sooyoung. It wasn’t like after the Yule Ball when Jungeun thought like she was waiting for a time bomb to go off. It was almost like the fiery spirits of Jinsol and Sooyoung had dimmed a little bit. Had they finally stopped wanting to rip each other’s throats out? Jungeun almost didn’t want to trust it.

Sooyoung told Jungeun in confidence that Jinsol saved her life during the second task. That was something Sooyoung could never forget and was eternally grateful for. Maybe that had something to do with the shift in behavior. And, well, Jungeun wasn’t complaining at all. If things were going to change for the better finally, then so be it. The last thing she wanted was to break up another one of her girlfriends’ stupid fights.

Still, she was curious to see whether this budding amicability between them would go anywhere. They had a long few months before the third task, and a lot could happen in that time.

“Kim Dahyun and Lee Donghyuck are neck and neck, edging dangerously close to the snitch,” Yerim announced. “This is a test of pure skill now. Both Lee and Kim have Nimbus 2010s.”

“Now, Yves, when are you gonna get us all Firebolt Supremes?” Yeri asked, sticking her head right in between Sooyoung and Jungeun. “We have a Quidditch All-Star playing with us. You can’t make us all look like clow-”

Jungeun glared menacingly at the pink-haired girl. “Will you stop harassing my girlfriends?” She turned back and rolled her eyes. “I’m so sorry, you two. She just needs to mind her business.”

“That was kind of hot,” Sooyoung said bluntly, putting an arm around Jungeun. “Putting her in her place like that. Don’t you agree, Jinsol?”

Jinsol grinned and planted a kiss on Jungeun’s cheek. The poor sixth year’s ears were now redder than her house colors. “Totally agree with you there, Sooyoung.”

Jungeun groaned in annoyance despite wanting to do a happy dance at the lack of aggression in either of her girlfriends’ tones.

“Lee Donghyuck about to grab the snitch…”

Just then a green blur spiraled into the air, whacking a Bludger right at the Slytherin Seeker’s arm. Jungeun’s eyes nearly bulged out of the sockets. There was only one Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch Team who would be reckless enough to attack her own teammate, and it wasn’t Chou Tzuyu.

“I- I-” Yerim stuttered. “Professor Young, am I allowed to say this because I’m about to say some very nasty curse words-”

The Hufflepuff commentator screeched when Professor Young tried to grab the microphone out of Yerim’s hands.

“SON HYEJOO JUST ATTACKED HER OWN TEAMMATE WITH A BLUDGER!” Yerim screamed. “...Kim Dahyun catches the snitch? Ravenclaw wins the game!? 270-70, final score...” The microphone crackled a bit when the notorious sunshine Choi Yerim started bellowing, “SON HYEJOO, WHAT THE FRICK FRACK IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

Jungeun couldn’t believe what had just happened was even real. Had it not been for her teammates roaring with laughter behind her and Jinsol’s expression so shocked she looked like she was going to faint, she would’ve believed that Yerim was trying to trick all of them.

The stadium was in an uproar. The Slytherin section was outraged. The Ravenclaw section’s applause was thunderous. Jennie was so furious that her head looked like it was going to explode. Hyejoo had her head bowed while her teammates screamed at her on the pitch below. And poor Lee Donghyuck was screaming in pain while being put on a stretcher and taken to the Hospital Wing.

“Had this happened at Durmstrang,” Sooyoung chuckled, “Hyejoo would’ve been jinxed into a cherry tomato.”

“Had this happened at Beauxbatons,” Jinsol added on, “nobody really cares much about Quidditch at Beauxbatons. She probably would’ve been shunned for a day, and that’s it.”

Jungeun sighed in disbelief. “Why did she do that!? God, I’m so mad at her, and I’m not even her Quidditch captain.” She let out a dramatic huff and lay her head on Jinsol’s comfortable shoulder. Jinsol smiled giddily at her and stroked her hair.

Out of the corner of Jungeun’s eye, she could see a familiar head of blonde hair exit the stadium from the Ravenclaw section with the most distraught expression Jungeun had ever seen. Out of all the reactions to Hyejoo’s strange stunt, Chaewon’s was the most heartbreaking.

It hit Jungeun then, watching Chaewon wipe the tears from her eyes as she turned back to look at Hyejoo in pure disappointment that she couldn’t ignore her friend’s worries anymore.

Something had been wrong with Hyejoo and Chaewon for a while, and the situation was too dire for Jungeun to ignore it anymore.

Two days after the Quidditch game on Saturday, Hyejoo had been basically shunned from Slytherin house. Jungeun heard from Lisa, who heard from “her source on the Slytherin team” (no doubt Jennie), that Hyejoo was temporarily suspended from the team until they could find a replacement Beater. Good luck with that. Hyejoo was one of the best Beaters in the school. No way anyone could replace her.

Jungeun, Jiwoo, and Heejin left their morning Double Charms period, a very interesting yet chaotic lesson. Professor Son taught them the Water-Making spell, and a few students, not naming names but Jiwoo was definitely involved, ended up nearly flooding the classroom. Jungeun and her friends made their way to lunch soaked and disappointed. Only Hyunjin had managed to cast the spell perfectly on her first try. What a show-off.

“Did you know they’re starting up Apparition lessons next week?” Heejin asked on the way to the Great Hall.

“What’s Apparition?” Jiwoo asked with wide eyes, running her small hands through her sopping wet hair.

“Wizard teleportation,” Jungeun explained, “I wonder how they’re going to do it though since you can’t apparate on Hogwarts grounds. Maybe the Ministry is lifting the restrictions for us?”

Jiwoo beamed excitedly. “I wanna learn how to teleport!”

“Apparate,” Heejin corrected sharply. “It costs twelve galleons, and it’s a twelve-week course. Remember when Haseul took it last year? She splinched her ear during the first lesson.”

“S-Splinched?” Jiwoo stuttered.

Heejin smirked. “Oh, you know, when you accidentally leave a part of your body behind when you apparate.”


“Merlin, Heejin! Don’t make her faint,” Jungeun hissed.

“Will you at least talk to me, Chaewon!?”

“I have nothing to say to you, Hyejoo.”

Jungeun, Jiwoo, and Heejin halted in their steps and sent each other knowing looks. Chaewon and Hyejoo. Knowing how reserved both girls were, this was the only way Jungeun could get a good idea about what was going on between the two girls. She ushered her two best friends behind a gargoyle statue. Slowly poking her head out, she watched the Slytherin and Ravenclaw argue as they made their way down the corridor.

“I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong,” Hyejoo said desperately. “I blew the previous Quidditch game for you at the risk of everyone hating me, and somehow that makes you angrier?”

“Because you didn’t need to do that!” Chaewon shot back. “What made you think I wanted you to break Donghyuck’s arm?”

“I…” Hyejoo swallowed the lump in her throat. “We’re usually so in sync. It’s you and me, and me and you, but lately I feel like I’m losing you.” She bowed her head. “I don’t know what you want from me, Chaewon. You know how much I love you…”

Chaewon sighed. “I know you love me, and I love you too, Hyejoo. So much that I hate when you do dumb things without thinking. There’s just…”

“What will it take for us to finally be together?” Hyejoo blurted out. “What will it take for you to say yes to being my girlfriend? I’m doing everything I can, Chaewon. I-It doesn’t feel like it’s enough. It doesn’t feel like I’m enough.”

Chaewon let out a soft noise and moved to wrap her arms around the taller girl. Hyejoo stiffened in shock but eagerly reciprocated the hug. “You are doing everything right, Hyejoo. I know I’ll be happy with you, but something is holding me back.”

“Why?” Hyejoo sounded so heartbroken. “It doesn’t make any sense!”

“Your family, Hyejoo,” Chaewon said firmly. “Your family will never love me, and I can’t stand to drive a wedge between you and them.”

Hyejoo’s breath hitched, and she pulled away to look at Chaewon. “That’s not for you to decide! Because I would choose you over them in a heartbeat! My feelings for you are real and so, so strong.”

“But I don’t want you to choose me over them.”


“I need space, Hyejoo.”

Hyejoo frowned. “Space!? We’ve been distant for the past few weeks!” Her eyes widened, a look of pure panic washed over her features. “A-Are we ending things?”

“I don’t know, Hyejoo.”

“Chaewon, please think about this,” Hyejoo begged. “Are you even listening to what you’re saying? To what I’m saying?” She shook her head. “I don’t even get why you would think my mother wouldn’t like you. I think you’re the most amazing girl in the entire world. There’s nobody like you. You’re the only reason I want to smile these days.”

Chaewon’s brows furrowed. She looked guilty but not enough to reconsider what she was doing. “It’s not about me. It’s about the blood that runs through my veins. All pureblood families are the same.”

“This is about blood status? ” Hyejoo barked in disbelief. “Who gives a shit about blood status these days? Society has surpassed the need to give a shit about blood status!”

The blonde quivered at Hyejoo’s loud voice. She bit her lip and shrugged. “You can’t blame me for being scared,” Chaewon said quietly. “I’m sorry, Hyejoo.”

And with that, she turned on her heels and walked off, blonde hair cascading over her face to hide the evident tears beginning to form.

“Chaewon, wait! Wait! Don’t- I’m-” Hyejoo called after her. “Chae…” She brought her hand up to her mouth and sobbed. 

The sight was heart-wrenching for Jungeun. She knew things were bad between Hyejoo and Chaewon, but she didn’t think they were this bad. How long had this been going on? At the beginning of the year, Chaewon had mentioned they weren’t exclusive. If she didn’t want to commit to Hyejoo, then why did they act like they were inseparable?

“I love you. I’ll keep fighting for you,” Hyejoo whispered before taking off in the opposite direction.

After a few moments of silence, the three girls climbed out from behind the gargoyle. Jungeun felt like they definitely shouldn’t have overheard that conversation, but it gave Jungeun enough information for them to try and mend their relationship. Jungeun knew it was wrong to meddle, but it stroked her motherly instincts and her strong urge to fix every problem she came across. She felt like she had a moral obligation to bring together the two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

“So, what now?” Heejin asked, looking at Jungeun like she would know what to do.

“We fix this,” Jungeun said simply.

“Babe, do you think your family would hate me if you introduced me to them?” Jungeun asked, swinging Sooyoung and hers joined hands as they walked across the bridge to the school grounds.

It was a quiet afternoon, a little too cold for people to be outside, but it didn’t take much convincing for Sooyoung to accompany Jungeun to the Owlery. Convincing Sooyoung to do what she wanted she learned was way too easy. And honestly? Jungeun knew she could use this power for a lot more evil than good. Jinsol was the same way. Both pretty girls were wrapped around Jungeun’s little finger. Oh, the things she could do with that power.

With great power comes great responsibility, and Jungeun liked to say she was the most responsible in her group of friends.

But back to the topic at hand, considering they had just been talking about Quidditch maneuvers, and Sooyoung was complimenting her endlessly, this was a bit of a weird topic change. But Jungeun needed to get a second opinion about the Chaewon and Hyejoo situation, and who better than her own girlfriend?

“Why would they?” Sooyoung asked. “You’re my hot, sexy girlfriend. I don’t think anyone could dislike you.”

“Sooyoung, this is serious.”

Sooyoung let out a soft whine. She batted her eyelashes innocently and gave Jungeun the most adorable look. “I’m being serious! I don’t think anyone could dislike you, like, ever. You’re perfect.”

Jungeun’s cheeks flushed. The compliment made her roll her eyes as she bashfully squeezed Sooyoung’s hand. This girl was so charming for absolutely no reason. “Baby, stop it. You’re embarrassing me.”

“Just being honest!”

She sighed gently and looked up at Sooyoung. “I was just asking because I wonder if your parents care about blood status. I know there’s been a significant shift in the past few decades ending the stigma against blood status, but you never know with old wizarding families,” she explained.

“Wait a minute…” Sooyoung’s brows furrowed. “You’re not a pureblood?”

“No, Sooyoung,” Jungeun said, raising a brow. “I was literally explaining to you yesterday why I hate that you can’t get a cell phone signal at Hogwarts.” She narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend’s dumbfounded expression, suddenly feeling a lot more defensive. “What? Is being a half-blood going to be a problem for you?”

“No!” Sooyoung quickly said. She shook her head rapidly. “No, darling, not at all. I just had… no idea.” Her nose scrunched up, and her eyes darted side to side, almost as if she was trying to hide something or lie. Jungeun had a strong suspicion that Sooyoung’s family would care about her blood status suddenly.

Jungeun snorted disappointedly. “Figured as much.”

“Hey,” Sooyoung said, stopping in her tracks and making Jungeun look at her. “It’s like you said. The stigmatizing of blood status has gone down a lot, and I’m kind of the black sheep of the family,” she explained. “It’s all because I don’t wanna follow in my parents’ footsteps and would rather play Quidditch. My parents are real assholes. Once I’m done with the school year, I’m moving out. I don’t give a fuck if they don’t like our relationship because you’re not who they want me to date. I have the most amazing girlfriend in the entire world, and they’re morons if they don’t approve of you.” She gently cupped Jungeun’s cheek. “I don’t need my family and their stupid backward ways, not if I can have you instead.”

Jungeun felt like she was going to melt because of Sooyoung’s words. She always knew exactly what to say. And unlike Chaewon, she actually believed Sooyoung. Because Sooyoung cared a whole lot about what people thought of her. She could imagine that she held her parents’ opinions up as the highest. So to risk everything, defy her parents’ wishes for a girl like her… That was why she never once doubted Sooyoung’s feelings for her. Nobody was braver than Ha Sooyoung.

She stood on her toes and pecked Sooyoung’s lips. “You really mean that?” she asked softly with wide eyes. “So, would you say it’s plausible that many purebloods feel the same way as you? They’d be willing to reject their family’s values?”

“I think so,” Sooyoung nodded. “I rejected them at a young age. I don’t think it’s impossible.” Her eyebrow shot up, and she ranked her teeth over her lower lip. “Why are you asking all these heavy questions?”

As they trudged up the hill to the Owlery, Jungeun went on to explain to Sooyoung the argument she witnessed between Chaewon and Hyejoo. Sooyoung nodded gently as she listened to Jungeun speak, eyebrows furrowing while she tried to formulate a proper conclusion. She couldn’t help but think Sooyoung looked adorable when she was concentrating. Sooyoung wasn’t the type of person to sit down and ponder things, but when she did, Jungeun wanted to kiss the creases on her forehead.

“I think Hyejoo is being genuine,” Sooyoung concluded, “but Chaewon has a right to be worried. Isn’t she a Muggle-born?”

Jungeun shook her head. “That’s a common misconception. She’s actually a half-blood and a quarter Veela,” she explained. “Did you know she’s distant cousins with Jinsol?”

Sooyoung laughed, but it sounded a lot more like an exhale like it did a laugh. “Of course, she is.” She rolled her eyes then actually laughed. “You know how Jinsol’s hair kind of dances and glows while she walks or whatever? Kind of saw that with Chaewon, but I wasn’t sure.”

“You’re so poetic,” Jungeun mocked, “describing Jinsol’s hair like that. It’s almost like you think about Jinsol’s hair all the time.” She held in her laughter when Sooyoung’s face turned beet red. Yeah, Jungeun could be really annoying on purpose sometimes. “I didn’t even know jocks had that brain capacity.”

“Didn’t you get all perfect OWLs?”

Jungeun refused to answer that.

“Almost perfect OWLs?” Sooyoung tried again with a shit-eating grin.

She rolled her eyes at the celebrity. “Okay, yeah, I did. What does that have to do with you thinking of love poems about Jinsol’s hair?”

Sooyoung groaned agitatedly. She yanked on Jungeun’s hand and whined. “Stop teasing me,” she pouted. “It’s not funny.”

Jungeun relented only because Sooyoung was being too adorable. She tangled her hand in Sooyoung’s soft hair and pulled her down for a gentle kiss. Sooyoung relaxed into Jungeun’s hold and reciprocated the kiss. “Sorry,” Jungeun apologized against her lips, “it was just too tempting.”

Sooyoung hummed gently and pecked her lips once more.

“And for the record, I do think about Jinsol’s hair a lot. Definitely one of the most magical things about her,” Jungeun remarked.

They climbed the stairs of the Owlery tower. Jungeun usually didn’t like coming out here because of the atrocious smell of owl poop, and nine out of ten times she would find Yeojin and her friends scheming. Sooyoung, being the gentlewoman that she was, kindly opened the heavy door for Jungeun. And luckily, this was one of the rare times she didn’t find the loud-mouthed Gryffindor hanging upside down from the stairwell.

Instead, Jung Jinsol with her hair shining in the dim lighting was feeding Pierre owl treats.

“Well, speak of the devil,” Sooyoung said, closing the door behind Jungeun and her, “nice straw hair, Jinsol.”

She facepalmed. Didn’t you literally romanticize her hair like two minutes ago? Jungeun wanted to yell. Sometimes she could not understand what went through Sooyoung’s pea-sized brain.

Jinsol accidentally dropped one of the owl treats on the ground and yelped in surprise. “Sooyoung! And Jungeun, too! Hi!” She bashfully reached down to pick up the treat on the ground. “Ignoring your dumb comment, Sooyoung. Because my hair is not straw, and you know it too,” she chastised, turning to face Jungeun. “I gave Celeste treats too, sorry. If I had known you were coming here…”

“No, it’s okay,” Jungeun cut her off reassuringly. She turned to Sooyoung, who was staring and Jinsol’s hair. She snickered quietly. Sometimes she wondered how Sooyoung could even say she hated Jinsol when she always looked at her like that. And no, she wasn’t jealous. Jealousy never even crossed her mind when she knew how devoted Sooyoung and Jinsol were to her. She just found this interaction so amusing. “Soo and I were just having a nice stroll, talking about life, y’know…” She awkwardly made a finger gun hand signal and clicked her tongue.

“Oh?” Jinsol’s head perked up. “Anything interesting?”

“Yes,” Sooyoung answered. “Jungeun has some very interesting friend drama. Chaewon doesn’t wanna date Hyejoo because she’s afraid Hyejoo’s family will hate her. That’s so last century, right?”

“Shut up, Sooyoung,” she huffed. “Can you give me more context, baby?”

Jungeun went to explain the story for a second time. How she had been worried about Chaewon since the beginning of the year. How the past few weeks Hyejoo and Chaewon had seemed distant. How she caught Hyejoo and Chaewon arguing in the Charms corridor, and how Jungeun’s heart ached for her close friend.

Jinsol gently stroked Pierre’s head and nodded sympathetically. “Oh, those poor kids,” she said softly. “I just want to pull them into my arms and give them a soft hug. I wish there was a way we could magically make them understand each other. Is there anything we can do?”

“I want to try and get them to talk to each other,” Jungeun explained, “but I’m worried Chaewon will refuse to try and hear Hyejoo out.”

“Then you find a way to lure Chaewon to Hyejoo or vice versa… or corner them,” Jinsol suggested. “Nicely, of course, but I think you should try and get Chaewon’s side of the story. There might be a lot more to Chaewon’s rationale than we know of. You did, after all, only overhear her conversation.”

Sooyoung’s eyes lit up brightly. She leaned against the wall of the Owlery and hummed in thought. “Wait, now, what if we slipped them a love potion…”

“No,” Jungeun and Jinsol said.

Jinsol’s nostrils flared. “Are you crazy!?”

“I don’t even know how to make a love potion,” Jungeun added on. “Professor Kang hasn’t covered that.”

“Geez, tough crowd,” Sooyoung muttered, gaze moving to her feet.

“I’m not trying to call you stupid,” Jinsol started to say, “but I really think you should consider why you thought a love potion would be a better idea than… I don’t know… communicating?”

“Thank you for your criticism, but I’ve decided I will not take it,” she merely replied.

It was exchanges like these that made Jungeun wonder why Sooyoung and Jinsol had to act like they hated each other because Jungeun thought they had rhe potential to be really, really good friends. Such a shame. They were hilarious. So, Jungeun didn’t even bother holding back her laughter.

“What’s so funny, baby?” Jinsol asked. God, she loved it when Jinsol called her baby. She always felt like she was floating.

Jungeun shrugged, making her way over to Jinsol. “Mmm, nothing, I just think you guys are really cute,” she mused. “It’s a nice change. I’d like it to stay.”

“Did you miss the part where she nicely called me stupid?” Sooyoung asked incredulously.

“Yeah, well, you guys are bantering. There’s a difference. There’s no malicious intent behind your words, right?” She narrowed her eyes and looked at the two girls who gave each other nervous looks. Jungeun could be intimidating when she was serious. “Right?”


“Of course.”

Jinsol clung to Jungeun and brought her lips to Jungeun’s. Jungeun gave Sooyoung a side-eyed glance to see how she would react to Jinsol kissing her in her presence. She had said before that she was worried that Jungeun would favor Jinsol over her, and Jungeun never wanted to make her girlfriend uncomfortable. Her relationships worked because they were all willing to adapt. If that had not been the case, Jungeun obviously wouldn’t be standing here now.

To her surprise, Sooyoung didn’t seem that bothered. She saw that Jungeun was looking at her and gave her a reassuring smile as if to remind her that everything was okay.

“Mmm,” Jinsol hummed, running her tongue over Jungeun’s lower lip teasingly. “You’re wearing that lip gloss I like again. The green apples.”

Sooyoung brought her fingers up to her own lips, eyes widening. Then, she cackled loudly.

Jinsol broke the kiss at lightning speed, glaring defensively at Sooyoung. “What’s so funny, huh?”

“Nothing, nothing, it’s just…” Sooyoung clutched her stomach and used the stone wall for support. She was about to fall over from laughing so hard. “Jinsol… that’s my lip gloss. I wear green apple lip gloss.”

Jinsol’s breath hitched. She looked at Sooyoung, then at Jungeun, then at Sooyoung again. “Y-You mean- This entire time-”

“If you want a better taste, come give me a kiss, Jinsol,” Sooyoung purred.

Jungeun started laughing like Sooyoung was the funniest person on earth, and she was. She always laughed at Sooyoung’s jokes even when no one else did, so she assumed that meant that Sooyoung was the funniest person to ever walk the planet.

The blonde’s ears turned bright red. She stammered and sputtered, trying to formulate a proper sentence, but both Sooyoung and Jungeun were laughing so hard that her embarrassment was amplified.

“I- You- Goodbye!”

Jinsol rushed out of the Owlery swiftly, slamming the door behind her. Jungeun and Sooyoung grabbed each other’s hands again and followed after her.

“Wait! Jinsol! You didn’t give me a smoochie!” Sooyoung called after Jinsol, who was marching down the hill with her fists balled up.

“I should’ve let you drown, Ha Sooyoung!”

“Yeah, you should’ve!”

Watching Jinsol’s retreating figure, she chuckled and shook her head. “Why do you wanna kiss her so badly?” Jungeun asked, raising her eyebrow.

Sooyoung shrugged indifferently. “For shits and giggles.”

Jungeun rolled her eyes. “Right,” she muttered under her breath. 

This was territory that Jungeun was unfamiliar with. Obviously, Jinsol and Sooyoung always bantered. Bantering was one thing. But bantering and borderline flirting? She never thought she would ever witness something done so unabashedly, but Ha Sooyoung was relentless. Yet, she wasn’t jealous or threatened by it. Call it her brilliant intuition, which her friends would argue that she had none, but something told her that this would become a new reality.

Last time she thought something would change, they broke out into a duel. This time, she hoped her optimism wasn’t misplaced. 

It better not be, Jungeun thought. Because I don’t want to look like an idiot again, and I think I’ve looked like an idiot enough this year.

Jungeun relayed the advice that she got from her amazing, beautiful, perfect girlfriends to Heejin and Jiwoo in the Gryffindor common room. The three of them together weren’t exactly the smartest when it came to formulating actual good plans. For example, Jiwoo suggested about five times that they try to break into the Ravenclaw common room. 

First of all, even with the combined brainpower of all three of them, there was no way they could ever attempt to solve the Ravenclaw common room riddle. For a better comparison, their combined brainpower was the equivalent of a small preschooler. Second of all, if the Ravenclaw Quidditch team found out Heejin and Jungeun tried to break in, they wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Then, Heejin suggested they try and break into the Slytherin common room. All Jungeun had to say was, “What is everyone’s obsession with breaking into other people’s common rooms? We can’t go in them for a reason!”

“It’s true,” Jiwoo replied. “I once tried to follow Haseul into the Hufflepuff common room and got doused in vinegar.”

“Amateur,” Yeojin laughed loudly, clearly overhearing their conversation as she sauntered across the common room. “You have to tap the barrel in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff.’”

“I thought Hufflepuff had two syllables!”

This was why Jiwoo was a Gryffindor.

“If you’re trying to corner Hyejoo, you definitely won’t find her in the Slytherin common room,” Yeojin informed them. “They’ve essentially shunned her. It’s really messed up. Yeri says that Joy told her that it’ll only last a week, but it’s crazy what her own house has been doing to her.” She plopped down on the armchair near the notice board that had an unflattering drawing of Professor Byun with a troll’s body. Jungeun believed the artist was sitting right next to her artwork. “They’ve found a way to trick the door to not open even when Hyejoo says the correct password.”

“So then what does she do?” Heejin asked.

Yeojin shrugged. “Waits for another person to let her in. You know what’s crazy? Donghyuck apologized for being in the way of Hyejoo’s Bludger! I guess he feels bad. If only Hyejoo actually talked to Chaewon about what’s bothering her… Man, my friend group is fucked.”

“To me, it sounds like Slytherins are a lot more proud than Gryffindors,” Jungeun remarked. “Who would’ve thought? Unless, of course, you’re exaggerating. I wouldn’t put it past you to make up lies about Slytherins, Im Yeojin.”

The fifth year winked and stuck her tongue out.

“If we’re being fair,” Heejin hummed, “I think the Slytherins’ reactions are sort of justified. Imagine sabotaging your own teammate!” She swung her feet off the couch and hugged one of the velvet pillows close to her chest. “Jungeun, what would you do if Yeojin smacked a Bludger at me and cost us the game?”

“Laugh, to be honest.”

Heejin threw the velvet pillow at Jungeun’s face, causing the other girl to screech at the collision.

“Also, very bold of you to assume that it’d be me that sabotages the team,” Yeojin said, narrowing her eyes at Heejin. “Both Lisa and Yeri are sleeping with the enemy-”

“Sleeping with the enemy? Where is that energy for you and Yerim?” Heejin growled defensively.

“Yerim is a Quidditch commentator, not a player,” Yeojin corrected her with an eye roll. “Jiwon and Eunji are on thin ice too, just so you know. I’m not totally biased.” She glanced towards the stairwell to the dormitory as if she was expecting for any of her teammates to make her way downstairs. “And if I’m being totally honest, I’m not just worried about Lisa and Yeri because of their entanglements with Slytherins. I’m worried because they’re simps too.

Heejin’s eyebrows furrowed. Her expression gave Jungeun the impression that gears were turning in her head. Very slowly, of course. Heejin wasn’t the brightest of the bunch. “What does simp mean?”

“Muggle slang,” Yeojin huffed. “I hate purebloods.”

Heejin scowled, clearly offended at the mention of her blood status. Suddenly, Jungeun felt like this conversation was hitting way too close to home but in a reverse sense. “Jungeun, so help me, I’m going to get replaced on the team for beating this girl up with a Beater bat.”

“And then Yves will replace you as Seeker! Exactly!” Yeojin shouted gleefully.

“Alright, that’s it! I’m hexing you!”

Jungeun had to hold Heejin back while the two of them broke out into an argument insulting each other’s intelligence and Quidditch abilities.

“Can we stop talking about Quidditch?” Jiwoo squeaked. “Anytime I’m around you three, I swear, the conversation always turns to Quidditch!” She pouted and crossed her arms. “Shouldn’t we focus on saving my two children Hyejoo and Chaewon? That’s not going to happen when we talk about Quidditch and fight like children!” 

She stood up agitatedly, fixing her robe and looking down expectantly at Jungeun. “So, Heejin and Yeojin, apologize to each other now.”

Heejin’s eyes widened in confusion. “Huh?”


All three girls jumped at Jiwoo’s loud voice. The girl was always loud, but it was a rare occasion when she was furious.

“I’m sorry,” Yeojin mumbled.

Heejin nodded slowly. “I’m sorry too…”

Jiwoo seemed satisfied by that answer. “C’mon, Jungie, let’s go.”

“Me? What-” 

Before Jungeun could finish her protest, Jiwoo yanked Jungeun out of her seat and dragged her to the portrait hole.

Jungeun furrowed her brows and cleared her throat. “Jiwoo, where are we going?”

“We are going to hunt down Hyejoo and Chaewon and facilitate a conversation!” Jiwoo said as they exited the common room. “The best way to fix everything is to confront them. We must take things into our own plans.”

“And where the hell are we going to find them in this big castle?”

“We will search every nook and cranny until we do. Mark my words, Kim Jungeun.”

Jiwoo’s impulse plans usually ended in failure, but at this point, Jungeun was desperate. She was sure her entire friend group definitely couldn’t go another day watching Hyejoo and Chaewon stare at each other longingly across the Great Hall, neither of them willing to make the first move to speak to each other. Chaewon asked for space, after all, but she seemed to have regretted that decision greatly judging by her glassy, red eyes.

This worst thing that could happen was Hyejoo and Chaewon’s relationship being ruined forever. That wasn’t so bad, right? Right? 

Oh, who was she kidding… Jungeun was very worried about the events about to unfold.

Finding Chaewon and Hyejoo were much easier than Jungeun expected. Or maybe time seemed to pass by faster when Jiwoo was dragging Jungeun around the castle with unbelievable strength and speed. Jungeun wondered why she had never asked Jiwoo to join the Quidditch team.

They found Hyejoo first. She was making her way up from the dungeon, no doubt rejected from entering her own common room when Jiwoo screamed, “Son Hyejoo!”  Poor Hyejoo, she must have had a rough week. Jungeun wondered if the Slytherins were taking it a little too far.

Jiwoo clung to Hyejoo like a koala, screaming at her loudly about how she will never escape her grasp. Hyejoo was way stronger than Jiwoo though, and Jungeun was sure she was about to throw the smaller girl onto the ground. Luckily, Jungeun quickly intervened and explained to Hyejoo that they were trying to get Chaewon and Hyejoo to talk to each other.

“But she… she doesn’t want to talk to me,” Hyejoo said sadly. “I don’t know how to get her to listen. Why won’t she listen?”

“Don’t worry,” Jungeun assured her, patting the younger girl’s shoulder. “We’re going to make her listen to you.”

The Great Hall in the mid-afternoon wasn’t very occupied. Most students studied in their common rooms or in the library during their off time or roamed the castle with their friends. Jungeun wasn’t too worried about people overhearing their conversation,

They led Hyejoo to the unoccupied end of the Gryffindor table and sat her down. Hyejoo’s nose scrunched up. “Of course. I mean… I’m being shunned from my own house, might as well just sit me down right here to humiliate me more,” she remarked.

“Make sure she doesn’t leave,” Jiwoo said, glaring at Hyejoo. “I’m going to find Chaewon, and then we’re going to sort you out. You will kiss, kiss, fall in love!” Jungeun covered her mouth to hide her laughter. Some of the things that came out of Jiwoo’s mouth… truly extraordinary.

When Jiwoo skipped out of the Great Hall, Hyejoo looked down at her hands nervously. “She’s kind of scary,” Hyejoo said quietly, “but don’t tell her I said that.”

Jungeun agreed. Five years of being her best friend had created high tolerance for her intensity if that even was the right word for it, but there was no person more valuable to Jungeun than Jiwoo. She believed they would be best friends for life. So, she took even the slightest of insults to heart on her behalf. “Hey, don’t be mean,” she said firmly.

Hyejoo furrowed her brows then shrugged in defeat. “Just a joke…”

Then without much warning, which was either a brilliant or awful idea depending on Hyejoo’s receptiveness at that moment, Jungeun slipped into interrogation mode.

“How long have you and Chaewon been fighting?” Jungeun asked.

“Just this week…”


“Are you sure it was just this week?” she tried again.

Hyejoo shifted uncomfortably. “Why are you in my business?”

Jungeun shrugs meekly. “Well, uh, I overheard you and Chaewon on Monday…”

Hyejoo’s nose scrunched up, and her shoulders visibly tensed.

“Of course you did,” the younger girl said quietly, voice wavering slightly, “as if I’m not already the laughing stock of the school.”

“You’re not,” Jungeun quickly corrected her. “You’re not at all. There’s nothing… There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She reached out and grabbed the younger girl’s hand, frowning slightly when she flinched under Jungeun’s touch. “We’re going to fix this, okay?”

“There’s nothing that can be fixed. She doesn’t trust me.”

Then, the girl burst into tears. And in the four years of knowing Hyejoo, Jungeun was sure she’d never seen her cry openly and willingly in front of her. If she wasn’t sure that Hyejoo was suffering before, this screamed it louder than Hyejoo actually saying it herself.

Hyejoo was helpless without Chaewon. She needed her more than she needed air.

The Great Hall doors swung open suddenly. Hyejoo snapped her head towards the door. “Fuck me,” she swore under her breath then hid her face in her hands, trying her best to recompose herself. Jungeun furrowed her brows and followed Hyejoo’s gaze. Jiwoo had found Chaewon, and it was safe to say Chaewon was no better looking than Hyejoo.

Her eyes were red and blotchy and had a look of pure terror. Whatever Jiwoo did when she tracked her down, it was enough to frighten Chaewon’s normally apathetic self. The blonde sniffled and looked over at Jiwoo, muttering an angry aside to the girl. Then, Chaewon wiped a few stray tears on her sleeve and finally looked over at Hyejoo.

That was enough to make the girl start crying again.

“Jiwoo, no, I want to leave,” Chaewon mumbled, yanking her hand out of Jiwoo’s grip.

Jiwoo shook her head and grabbed her arm again. “No! Don’t be a chicken! Go talk to Hyejoo!”

“Look at her, Jiwoo,” Chaewon snapped. “She’s miserable.” Her breath hitched as she looked back at Hyejoo again. “I did this.” Her hand covered her mouth, gaze moving to her feet while Hyejoo cried softly into her hands. “I did this,” she repeated.

Jungeun couldn’t honestly stand it anymore. It was like trying to make two unmatching puzzle pieces fit together. She hated how easy she could make that comparison because when it came to Hyejoo and Chaewon, they had always been puzzle pieces that did fit together.

She made eye contact with Jiwoo, silently directing her to bring Chaewon over to them. “Hey, Chaewon? It’s not the end of the world yet,” she reassured her. “Come over here. Let’s sort this out.”

“Sort this out!?” Chaewon guffawed. “You’re out of your damn mind. There’s nothing that can be fixed! I’ll bet you five galleons that Hyejoo doesn’t want to talk to me.”

At that remark, Hyejoo started crying harder.

“Oh my god,” Chaewon groaned agitatedly. She sounded more angry at herself than Jiwoo or Jungeun. She strode over to Hyejoo, soft look already forming on her features. “Hey, Hyejoo…” she said unsurely, gaze briefly moving to Jungeun nervously. “Please don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry.”

Hyejoo’s shoulders sank, and she took a shaky breath. Her nose scrunched up as she looked back up at Chaewon. “You’re crying too!” she pointed out. “You stop crying first.”

“Ugh!” Chaewon let out a frustrated groan. “You’re so annoying, Hyejoo. You never listen to me.”

“Never listen to you!? Are you even listening to yourself?”

Oh, no, this is not good, Jungeun thought.

“No! I mean, yes! I just don’t understand why you’re upset. You’re supposed to hate me.”

Hyejoo let out a frustrated sigh. “Chaewon, when did I ever make you feel like I hated you?”

“Well… Well… I- You-” Chaewon stammered. “Your family hates me. That’s the most important thing. I’m not good enough for you.”

“I don’t know how many times I have to explain this, but-”

“But nothing! I don’t want to hear it!”

Jungeun had enough. This conversation was clearly going in circles. She wondered if all of Hyejoo and Chaewon’s arguments were like this. Well, if they actually argued. Before the past month or so, Jungeun was certain that Hyejoo and Chaewon had never ever fought. And in some ways, selfishly, she was glad she didn’t have to deal with this before. 

“Stop it, both of you!” she yelled. Both girls nearly jumped in surprise at her loud, commanding tone. She ran a hand through her hair and shook her head in annoyance. “You both keep talking to each other about not listening. And I agree, I don’t think you both are actually listening to each other.”

“Yeah,” Jiwoo chimed in agreement. “It’s like you’re both talking to a wall.” She tilted her head to the side. “Or you’re both old and have hearing problems.”

Chaewon grimaced. “I am young, healthy, and beautiful, thank you very much.”

Hyejoo broke out into a small smile at Chaewon’s comment then quickly composed herself. “So… then, what are we doing wrong?”

“You’re both not communicating your thoughts and feelings and shutting the other down. That makes a very hostile environment!” Jiwoo explained. “You can’t listen and understand each other if you don’t actually make an effort to…”

Chaewon and Hyejoo exchanged looks.



“Really? You’ll agree? Simple as that?” Jiwoo asked with a big grin.

Hyejoo shrugged. “Well, to be honest, I’m more scared about what will happen if I don’t agree.”

“Yeah, Jiwoo,” Chaewon agreed with a nod. “Your efforts to get us here are very… frightening.” She slid into the seat next to Jungeun, opposite of Hyejoo. The blonde bit her lip and looked down at her hands before looking up at Hyejoo. Though, she couldn’t maintain eye contact for long without flinching

The redhead looked proud, grinning at both girls triumphantly. “Then I consider this a job well done.” She laughed gently as she sat down next to Hyejoo. “Ah, well, not yet at least! But you’ll thank me later at your wedding.”

Jungeun thought Jiwoo was spewing nonsense again. “Jiwoo, shut up,” she hissed. “Why are you talking about marriage when they are clearly… ugh.” She shook her head in frustration.

Neither Chaewon nor Hyejoo had attempted to interrupt Jiwoo and Jungeun as they probably wanted to prolong talking to each other as long as possible. Idiots, Jungeun thought. If this happened between Sooyoung or Jinsol and me, I would’ve confronted them immediately.  

Okay, no, she wouldn’t have because she liked to pretend everything was fine, but Jinsol and Sooyoung would’ve confronted her. Perhaps being frustrated by Hyejoo and Chaewon’s inaction was a little hypocritical on her end.

“Okay, um, do you want to talk first?”

“I… um…” Hyejoo bit her lip. “Don’t you want to talk first?” Her eyes widened when Chaewon opened her mouth to protest. “I just need a better understanding of why you’re upset. Without you yelling at me.” She folded her hands together on the table. “I hate it when you yell at me.”

Chaewon’s breath hitched. A look of pain flashed across her features. “I’m sorry… I really don’t mean to yell. I just get so frustrated,” she mumbled. “Not just with you but with myself too.” She looked at Hyejoo then at her two friends. She seemed too nervous to explain what was wrong with her. Jungeun knew she never liked to be vulnerable. But if it meant getting Hyejoo back, Jungeun was sure Chaewon would make exceptions for the younger girl.

“Hyejoo, when you told me about what happened with your dad after he was put in Azkaban, I couldn’t help but feel so guilty. Losing your father like that… I wouldn’t know what to do if I were in your shoes,” she mumbled. “If I found out my dad was a werewolf and did all those horrible things to those people and then got shunned from the family, I would’ve defended him.”

Hyejoo raised a brow and let out a dry laugh. “Seriously? I’m beginning to question your morals here, Chae-”

“No, I mean- Obviously, I wouldn’t defend a murderer!” Chaewon protested. “I just- I wouldn’t want to lose my dad.” She took a deep breath. “And just by judging by how fast your family is to disown people, your own father. What would happen if they found out their daughter was dating a half-Muggle, quarter-witch, and quarter-Veela? I’m like a whole stew pot. Not very pure.” She laughed at her own joke. “The last thing I want is for you to lose your family because of me after you’ve already lost so much, Hyejoo…”

“But Chaewon,” Hyejoo said softly. “I don’t care about what my family thinks of me! And contrary to your belief, I’m not super devastated that my dad’s in Azkaban! He deserves it.” The younger girl brushed a bit of her hair behind her ear. “They’re right to disown my father. They’d be wrong to not accept you as the love of my life.”

“I-I’m the love of your life?” Chaewon stuttered in disbelief.

Hyejoo nodded slowly. “You are, Chae. You’re my soulmate.”

Chaewon gasped, hand moving up to cover her mouth. The blonde’s tears started coming back. “But- But-”

“You know, the more I hear you talk about blood status and worrying about being accepted by my family when I have continuously told you I would risk losing my family for you… I’m starting to think you’re using this as an excuse to not be with me,” Hyejoo said quietly.

Chaewon’s breath hitched.

“If you don’t want me, then just say it.”

Jungeun felt like Hyejoo was being a little harsh with that, but she kept quiet. She knew better than to possibly ruin their communication.

“I do want you. I’m just so, so scared,” the blonde breathed out. “Scared of losing you. Scared of not being enough. Scared of not making you happy. I just keep looking at all the things that could go wrong.” Her lip quivered as a silent tear fell down her cheek. “I want things to be easy. It’s hard when I see so many things that could make our relationship not easy.”

“Then maybe… maybe you should stop thinking about the complications and start thinking about the positives?” Hyejoo suggested, tone laced with uncertainty. She seemed scared that she was going to cause Chaewon distress.

Chaewon’s eyes widened slightly.

“You love me, and I love you. That should be enough, right?” Hyejoo asked slowly. She tentatively reached her hand across the table and took Chaewon’s into her own. “All I’m asking for you to trust me and believe me when I say I don’t care about who you are or what my family thinks of you. I only want you, Chaewon.”

A sad smile broke out on her lips. “You’re my first and only priority.”



Jungeun would think this was an adorable yet bittersweet moment, had it not been for Jiwoo looking on the verge of squealing again. She glared at her best friend silently telling her to remain silent or else. Jiwoo had a tendency to interrupt sweet moments. 

A specific incident in her fourth year involving Jinsol and Jungeun on their way back from Hogsmeade left Jungeun scarred. She had never screamed so loud when Jiwoo jumped on her back while Jungeun was trying to kiss Jinsol’s cheek. The worst thing about it was both Jinsol and Jiwoo brought it up and joked about it years later. Her revenge would one day come; she swore on it.

“I’m so sick of being away from you, Hyejoo,” the blonde mumbled. “I think this week more than anything taught me how much life sucks without you. I can’t stop the pull between us.” She slowly intertwined their fingers. “I’m still worried. I think I always will be worried because I want to be perfect for you, but you’re right, I need to trust you.”

Hyejoo bit her lip, and her smile grew to a much more pleased one. “So, does that mean you don’t want to break up with me anymore?”

“Of course, you crazy idiot,” Chaewon laughed, “I never wanted to.”

“I’m your crazy idiot though,” Hyejoo smirked. “Fuck blood status.”

“Yeah, fuck blood status.” Chaewon giggled cutely and leaned in over the table to kiss her. Jungeun quickly averted her gaze. No offense to Chaewon, but she really didn’t want to see that.

Hyejoo cleared her throat awkwardly. “Um… Chae… Jiwoo and Jungeun are still here.”

The blonde squeaked and jumped back into her seat. She glared fiercely at Jungeun and Jiwoo. “You both have five seconds to leave before I grossly kiss Hyejoo in front of you.

“Leave!? Why do we have to leave!?” Jiwoo protested. “We brought you here in the first place!”

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have eavesdropped on us a few days ago!” Chaewon shot back, crossing her arms over her chest. Jungeun opened her mouth to question her, but Chaewon shot her down with a piercing look. “You really thought that I couldn’t hear Jiwoo’s loud breathing behind the gargoyle?”

“I breathe loud…?”

Chaewon nodded. “Yeah, you do.” She gave Hyejoo a look, and the two girls stood up. Smiling gently at Jungeun and Jiwoo, she scratched behind her head. “Um, I guess I have to thank both of you. So, thank you for being nosy and, um, staging an intervention.” She looked down at her feet as if she was nervous about what she was about to say next. “You guys really are the best friends I could ever have.”

“We love you, Chaewon, seriously,” Jungeun replied. “Don’t ever hesitate to ask us for help with whatever you need.”

“Yeah! Or we won’t hesitate to track you down again,” Jiwoo threatened teasingly.

Chaewon rolled her eyes and took Hyejoo’s hand. The two girls walked out of the Great Hall literally attached at the hip. Suddenly, Jungeun felt just like the clouds had parted and the sun had peeped through after Hyejoo and Chaewon finally sorted things out. Things suddenly felt right in the world.

She couldn’t help but smile proudly as the doors closed behind the two girls.

“So…” Jungeun said softly, looking over at her best friend. “What now?”

Jiwoo shrugged. “We’ve got a lot of time to kill before dinner.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I really don’t feel like studying.”

“Yeah, me either.”

The two girls stared at each other in silence. The awkward moment caused Jungeun to burst out laughing, and Jiwoo followed suit. It was so easy to laugh at nothing when she was with her best friend.

“Wanna go bother the giant squid?” Jiwoo asked.

“Hell yeah, let’s do it.”

“Awww,” Jinsol cooed. “Look at them! They’re sharing a scarf!”

Jungeun glanced up the hill ahead of her. Sure enough, Chaewon and Hyejoo had their arms around each other as they trudged their way to the tunnel through the mountain that led to the Quidditch pitch. She couldn’t help but smile proudly at her friends. She was right about things slowly becoming right in the world again after Chaewon and Hyejoo made up. Chaewon didn’t even explode a cauldron during Potions on Friday, and the Slytherins started letting Hyejoo into the common room again. 

Around her, groups of students were also making their way into the tunnel, decked out in red or yellow for the highly anticipated Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff Quidditch match. However, Jungeun had no doubt in her mind that their team would win today’s match. She just had to make sure they won by a large margin.

“Okay, team,” Jungeun said firmly, turning around to look at her team members behind her. “Remember the plan. Know that Serim is going to do whatever the hell it takes to get the snitch. We gotta be above that. Momo and Jeno are also to watch out for. They’re like you two, Yeojin and Lisa, they prefer to beat to their own drum when it comes to hitting players with Bludgers. Jungwoo is a pretty bad Keeper, no offense to him, so I’m not too worried. As for the Chasers, Chaeryeong, Sana, and Chaeyoung-”

Lisa chuckled quietly. “Don’t you worry about Chaeyoung. We’re cool.” She licked her lips, and somehow Jungeun understood her innuendo.

“Man, are you fucking Jennie Kim and Park Chaeyoung at the same time? It’s getting weird,” Yeojin scoffed.

“It’s none of your business, kid.”

Yeri snorted. “Didn’t I see you flirting with Kim Jisoo too? Dude, you’re like collecting the Infinity Stones or something.”

Lisa recoiled slightly and then clicked her tongue in disapproval. “I did not expect to be slut-shamed by my own teammates. I’m just exploring my options. They all know that.”

Jungeun cleared her throat, annoyed by the interruption from dumb, dumber, and dumbest. “So if the Hufflepuffs try anything, do not stoop to their level.” She gently patted Sooyoung’s shoulder next to her. “So, what are you doing, Sooyoung?”

“Not catching the snitch,” Sooyoung mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Not catching the snitch,” Sooyoung grumbled a little louder.

Jungeun smirked while Jinsol giggled next to her quietly, causing the Durmstrang girl to glare at the blonde. “One more time?”

Sooyoung groaned. “Baby, seriously?” 

Jungeun gave her a pointed look.

“Not catching the snitch!”

She smirked triumphantly. “There we go.”

Jinsol snickered a little louder, gently nudging Jungeun’s side. She wasn’t the only one who found the exchange amusing because Yeojin and Heejin kept making kissing noises behind them. Jungeun nudged her back and gave her a look that warned her not to make Sooyoung more annoyed. Not that Jinsol would care anyway. Sooyoung and Jinsol always found ways to get under each other’s skin even if it was much more playful now.

“I can’t believe you went for the snitch like that,” Jinsol remarked, throwing her arm around Jungeun’s shoulder. “You’re a professional Quidditch player. This might be child’s play to you, but you made yourself a fool.”

Sooyoung hummed in thought, also throwing her arm around Jungeun’s shoulder. Her hand rubbed against Jinsol’s forearm, causing the blonde to squeal and move her arm away. Sooyoung cackled but then recoiled when she noticed Jungeun’s bewildered expression. “I wanted to show off and get Jungeun’s attention, duh.” She pressed a kiss to Jungeun’s temple. “I obviously don’t need to do that anymore.”

“We don’t need to do that,” Jinsol corrected, moving her arm back over around Jungeun’s shoulder. Sooyoung once again rubbed her forearm. “Will you cut that out!?” she growled, snatching her arm away again.

“No,” Sooyoung said sweetly. “I think it’s funny.”

Jinsol’s nose scrunched up in disgust. “Stop touching me. It’s weird.”

“I’m wearing your favorite lip gloss by the way.”


Jungeun sighed gently and wrapped her arms around both of their shoulders to try and ease their quarreling. “Chill out, you guys,” she said. She pressed her lips to Jinsol and then Sooyoung’s cheeks and squeezed their shoulders gently. “Save your playful aggression for the game. I know Haseul’s going to need to be subdued once we cream Hufflepuff.”

“Hey, Jinsol, technically you just kissed my cheek because Jungeun kissed yours then mine.”

“Why? Why? Why are you like this, Sooyoung?”

Behind them, their teammates were far from impressed by the disgusting displays of affection.

“I miss the days where Jungeun was useless around Jinsol and didn’t know how to talk to girls,” Yeojin said tiredly. “Although, I don’t know if single Jungeun or taken Jungeun is more annoying.”

“Remember when Jinsol left for Beauxbatons and Jungeun curved her for a cheek kiss when Jinsol definitely wanted to kiss her?” Heejin asked jokingly.

“Remember when she almost fell off her broom flying around the training grounds trying to do a flip for Jinsol?” Lisa teased. “She called it the Yves flip, like the one Yves did during the World Cup.”

“Remember when Jungeun’s side of the dormitory was filled with Yves posters, and she used to kiss them every night?” Jiwon snickered.

“Remember when Jungeun found out that both Yves and Jinsol were coming to Hogwarts, and she used to ask anyone who would talk to her what day it was?” Yeri finished off.

Jungeun’s face suddenly felt so hot. She turned around and glared at her teammates. “Cut it out. You know I can hear you.”

Sooyoung grinned. “But they’re right, aren’t they?”

“Sweetie pie, Jungeun,” Jinsol cooed.

She groaned loudly and rolled her eyes at Sooyoung and Jinsol’s teasing. Then, she had a brilliant idea to include her own teasing. Give them a taste of their own medicine. “Oh, yeah, if you’re just gonna keep agreeing on things, why don’t you two just date already?”



“Kidding!” Jungeun giggled. No, she wasn’t, but she hoped she didn’t take things too far.

Sooyoung and Jinsol halted in their tracks and looked at each other, letting Jungeun walk ahead of them. Jungeun stopped when she realized that both girls were no longer by her side. She turned back to look at them, trying not to laugh at how funny they looked looking at each other.

“What? Did I strike a nerve?” Jungeun asked seriously.

Jinsol quickly snapped her attention away from Sooyoung. “No, you didn’t. Everything’s fine,” she muttered.

Sooyoung was still staring at Jinsol.

Jungeun took the blonde’s hand into her own and raised a brow at her other girlfriend. “Soo? You coming, baby?”

Finally, Sooyoung stopped looking at Jinsol. She flashed Jungeun a weak smile and grabbed Jungeun’s hand. “Yeah, babe.”

The three of them walked to the Quidditch pitch together in peaceful silence, but Jungeun couldn’t help but notice Sooyoung kept sneaking glances at Jinsol. Jungeun bit her lip to stop herself from smiling.

She was right about them. Something had shifted and changed for the better, and she had a strong feeling Sooyoung was the one feeling it the most.