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Okay, so if you read the chapter 9 update on My Home is Yours, you know that I've got another major work in progress. I figured I'd post the read order and give a little explanation to each so you know what you're getting into. I'm not sure how much I should say about the contents of the fics themselves, since some people may want to be surprised. But heads up, these aren't going to be small. And there will be song references aplenty. Some of these titles are still in flux though, so keep an eye out for that. Also, I'll be sure to add in notes the songs referenced, because in some cases, the chapter was inspired by or happened to be related to the lyrics.

Episode: Doppio
This is about Doppio/Diavolo's childhood, though I'm sure you could infer.

Stand Tall
Bruno's birth, to his recruitment of Fugo. Or, thereabouts.

Episode: Fugo
Fugo's backstory, in preparation for the next fic. The pattern generally goes backstory>join, but that's going to deviate in a little bit.

Fugo is recruited into Passione.

Episode: Narancia
Narancia's backstory.

Chemical Switches
Fugo and Narancia meet, but Narancia isn't yet inducted into the gang.

Episode: Abbacchio
Abbacchio's backstory.

The Night Me and Your Mama Met
Abbacchio joins the gang.

It's Been a Long, Long Time
Narancia is recruited into Passione.

Episode: Mista
Mista's backstory.

Double-Crossed Fool
Mista's recruitment.

Oh! Darling
The heavily modified version of My Home is Yours, tailored to better fit the rest of the universe.

Death On Two Legs
The originally planned sequel to My Home is Yours, a stand battle meant to shake the foundation of Fugo and Narancia's newfound relationship. I shouldn't say much more.

Episode Giorno
Giorno's backstory, including his stand awakening.

Yume no Tsuzuki-Plastic Love
Yume no Tsuzuki covers all of Vento Aureo canon and goes into post canon as well. Plastic Love is a specific chapter within it. Trish is introduced here, and because she doesn't have the luxury of having a joining fic like everyone else, I have to stop the story briefly to explain her.

Episode: Trish
Trish's backstory.

And then, predictably, finish Yume no Tsuzuki.

That's the game plan. It's already decently far along, but I'm not very good at writing things chronologically, so it may take a while for the content to get to you. I also frequently go back to add new chapters or change things, so I think releasing what's meant to be read first should give me some room to tinker in the back end and bide my time. Just today, I added a new chapter into It's Been A Long, Long Time that I hadn't even thought of beforehand.